Lord of Chalma

We thank the Lord of Chalma for saving our daughter Dionicia from dying when she was bitten by a rabid dog on her way out the butcher shop. We entrusted her to his mercies, and he protected her.

The Flores G. family
Toluca, Mexico, 1999

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We offer this retablo to the Lord of Chalma thanking him for saving us from a shameful and dangerous situation. The week-end had started very cheerful and lively, so the devil in person appeared to us. Thank to the protection of our defender we managed to find our way home quickly and without problems, leaving all the evil behind.

Mr. Felt and Mrs. Bone
Mexico City — February 2008

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe and the Lord of Chalma because I survived after being stubbed by my buddy who thought that I was flirting with his girlfriend.

Luis Manuel Plata
Mexico City — December 12, 1997

Lord of Chalma, thank you for helping me to survive the accident.

Mariano Torres
La Paz, Baja California Sur, 1964

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I thank the Lord of Chalma, because Joaquin managed to escape before my husband entered the room. So he avoided troubles. I dedicate this retablo, asking for forgiveness and repenting. I swear I wouldn’t have cheated on my husband, because he loves me and doesn’t deserve it. I’ll always be faithful to him until death tears us apart. I fell for Joaquin’s youth and words, but it really helped me to appreciate my husband as a man and as a human being.

Rosa H. J.
Condesa, Mexico City
February 14, 1990

Gustavo Diaz thanks the Lord of Chalma for saving him from a lightning and brings him this retablo.

Huichapan — August 9, 1940

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Alfredo Gutierrez thanks the Lord of Chalma for giving him a strong diarrhea, because of what he was late for his work as a waiter in a restaurant in the Twin Towers in New York. So he was saved from dying.

September 11, 2011

Rosita Carbajal had 10 dolls that came to live and attacked her. She prayed to the Lord of Chalma and managed to save herself. She thanks for that with this retablo. After it was decided to get rid of the dolls.

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Micaila Perez almost made the mistake of running away with her boyfriend who was a criminal. Her mother, Demetria Pantoja, prayed to the Lord of Chalma. He showed his protection making the daughter to reconsider it. Mother thanks for this.

Cholula, 1928

Lord of Chalma, I thank you with this retablo. The headless man appeared to me, and I got very scared.

Lupito Gonzalez
January 10, 1939

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Delfino Rangel offers this ex-voto to thank the Miraculous Lord of Chalma for passing through a danger surgery on his head on December 20, 1930. He entrusted himself with all his heart and now thanks for the miracle.

Tacubaya, Mexico

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I offer this retablo to the Lord of Chalma in a sign of gratitude for protecting me from a bull that I got in corrida and which happened to be very angry. I thought it would end badly for me on the bullfight-ring.

Porfirio Moctezuma

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A crab grabbed the girl Rosita Mendoza’s little toe and she almost lost it. She gives thanks with this retablo to the Lord of Chalma for her recovery.

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