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I wanted to impress my neighbor whom I was attracted to. I climbed up a tree to save her kitten, totally forgetting that I have a fear of heights. I thank the Holy Child of Atocha because the firefighters arrived to bring me down, since I was so scared I couldn’t move. The cat meanwhile came down by itself giving me a great embarrassment in front of the people and the girl. I promise not to pretend to be brave anymore to avoid being a ridicule.

Benito Segura / Morelia, Michoacan

With this exvoto, for God’s sake, I testify for such a great favor. I was very much worried about my wife who was a sleepwalker. She got up at night in her sleep and went out to the street putting herself in danger. When I entrusted her to the Virgin of Guadalupe, she quit sleepwalking. Otherwise I couldn’t sleep in peace because I was constantly watching her.

Señor Carlos Gomez, October 5, 1981, Quiroga, Michoacan, Mexico

Susana Monroy, a bearded lady, wishes to wholeheartedly thank the Lord of Araro because she’s been performing in the Huandacareo circus for more over 20 years. Her children, all famous clowns and acrobats, were born here. She met her love here as well—the Taquito clown with whom she visited distant places of the Republic and Central America.

Huandacareo, Michoacan, 1967

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More than one year ago, I was diagnosed with depression. It went terrible for me. Now I’m ready to give up pills and start feeling again. Thank you, Brown-skin girl.

Zamora, Michoacan, 2021

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because I’ve managed to get into the US without being seen by the immigration police. I ask to find a good job to send money to my family.

Donato Gutierrez
Michoacan, Mexico, 1975

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December 31, 1968

When I, full of hope of getting into the United States, crossed the Rio Bravo, I was caught by the migration police. He threatened me with death, pointing his gun in my mouth. I saw that there was no salvation for me, and I implored the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe. I realized what it is to be in a foreign land. I was searched, they took the little i got on me, then they threw me back to the river. I came back, relaying on my luck. I promised to bring you this retablo when I came back to my land. Now I do what I promised because you stayed with me.

Tomas Huerta — Zitacuaro, Michoacan

In Quiroga, Michoacan, October 23, 1947, the boy Jaime Sanchez was playing at the kitchen and stabbed his own hand with a knife. His parents thank Saint Paschal for the boy could recover, after having a great shock. They offer the present retablo.

The Sanchez family

In the year 1928, the month of October, the date 14th, Micaela Estrada and her husband Donato Tejedor, with a great affliction and a very big fear, turned to the Virgin of Guadalupe to look after her pregnant belly as she had lost first three pregnancies. Thanks for relieving her pain.

Morelia, 1930

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Morelia, Michoacan, 1953. When my husband got retired, he started to cook in order to occupy himself. He cooked so terribly, that we all had a stomach-ache. I was scared that he’d poison all of us. Thanks to Blessed Saint Paschal, my husband finally got bored with cooking and dedicated himself to gardening. I offer this retablo.

I, Anacleto Coloyo Meras, thank Saint Daniel for he got me out of gigolo and I’ve become a lion tamer.

Michoacan, Mexico, 1990

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I persuaded my girlfriend Juanita to make love right in the field where no one could see us. She was so excited she accidentally kicked me in my balls with her knee. I give infinite thanks to the Holy Child of Atocha for the blow wasn’t very serious as I was afraid not being able to have children.

Arnulfo Martinez ~ Zamora, Michoacan

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Rosaura Morales pays with this retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe because when I converted into mermaid I didn’t hurt my family, and I pay for that with this.

Michoacan, 1917

It was very hard for me to live in the country because I felt that I was different but my family and friends didn’t understand me. I thank Saint Martha for giving me courage to go to the city and there I could develop my personality. Now I’m a successful stylist, and I’m proud of my sexual preferences.

Inocencio Pascual ~ Michoacan, Mexico