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My damned crested rooster was eating my plants. I wanted to scare him off but got frightened myself instead when he almost pecked out my boy’s eyes. In despair, I implored the Virgin of the Solitude for help. Fortunately nothing bad happened. I thank for that and dedicate this.

Panchita Lopez V.
Chavinda, Michoacan, 1962

Franck and Luis met at a party and little by little fell in love. The fervently asked the Virgin of Zapopan to give them strength to overcome the obstacles and to live together. And they made it.

Uruapan, Michoacan — August 1959

I thank Saint Francis for saving me from exploding like a petard when my aunt sent me to put the town ammunition dump on fire after she was caught with the father Vladimiro under the Saint Francis’ habit.

October 3, 1967
Ixtlán de los Hervores, Michoacan

Day of the Dead, the Martinez brothers, Bartolo, Tiburcio and Joaquin, came home and got frightened because an unrested soul appeared to them. The brothers thank the Holy Child of Atocha for the short didn’t hurt them.

Uruapan, 1915

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I dedicate the present retablo to Saint Anne for granting me a miracle of being able to organize my Britney Guadalupe’s 15th birthday party. It was my dream since I had no such celebration. I was selling everything: tupperware, clothes, shoes, makeup by catalog and even tamales on Sundays. But it worth to see my little girl as a princess, so happy on her special day.

Carmelita Perez \ Morelia, Michoacan

I thank the Virgin of San Juan for helping me to get safe and sound to the United States, because we crossed the desert.

Sr. Nicolas Prieto Arredondo Salano
August 10, 1977, Morelia, Michoacan

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The 34 thanks the Brown-skin Virgin for saving his life from the bullets of his adversaries.

Zamora, Michoacan

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I dedicate this humble retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe and thank her with ll my hear for giving me the gift of singing. Thanks to my voice I can earn my living performing in canteens and at the town holidays where everyone loves and admires me.

Jose Luis Gallardo ~ Morelia, Michoacan

The Cardenas brothers, Sixto, Fidel, Floriberto and Mariano, wholeheartedly offer this retablo to the Lord of Araro for helping them to win the first place at the regional dances contest wit their Oldman dance.


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The Hernandez brothers, Ponciano and Salvador, bring this retablo to Saint Isidor the Labourer because they managed to buy some land in their village for the money they’d earned as farm-workers in USA. They thank from the bottom of their hearts.

Morelia, MIchoacan

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I thank you, Virgin of San Juan, for your favors. I had vacations and decided to visit my cousins in Michoacan. On my road to them I saw a completely naked woman sitting on a rock. When I got closer, she changed her color. It was, no more no less, the devil himself. I entrusted myself to the Holy Virgin, grabbed my cross and the devil disappeared in the air right away.

Maximino Arroyo, 1975

I wanted to impress my neighbor whom I was attracted to. I climbed up a tree to bring her kitten down totally forgetting that I have a fear of heights. I thank Saint Pancras for the firefighters arrived to save me because I was so scared I couldn’t move. The cat meanwhile had come down giving me a great embarrassment. I promise to not doing brave anymore to avoid being a ridicule.

Benito Segura
Morelia, Michoacan

Faustino Cabrera dedicates this humble retablo to Saint Francis of Assisi because thanks to his divine intervention he found his donkey Filomeno which had been lost in the field. He couldn’t work without the donkey, so he’s very happy he found him.

Zitocuaro, Michoacan

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