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My daughter became a sleepwalker, and I always got up to see if she stayed in bed. One night I saw that she had left the house. I saw her on the edge of the ravine, gathering the stardust, putting it together and then scattering it down over the village to convert it into fulfilled wishes and blessings for all. I thank heavens for allowing me to see this marvel and for making my daughter so special.

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With this exvoto, for God’s sake, I testify for such a great favor. I was very much worried about my wife who was a sleepwalker. She got up at night in her sleep and went out to the street putting herself in danger. When I entrusted her to the Virgin of Guadalupe, she quit sleepwalking. Otherwise I couldn’t sleep in peace because I was constantly watching her.

Señor Carlos Gomez, October 5, 1981, Quiroga, Michoacan, Mexico

I liked my neighbor very much, and she responded me. But we were secretly seeing each other for she had a grumpy and violent father who didn’t let her to have a boyfriend. One night I climbed to her room to see her, and her father caught us by surprise with a pistol in his hand. I thank Saint Raymond for illuminating me to act like a sleep-walker. With his divine help, her father believed it, so I saved my skin.

Nepomuceno Diaz / Zacatecas, Mexico

Since my wife started her diet, she began sleepwalking at nights. She went to the kitchen and brought cookies, cakes and fruits in the bed. When she finished chewing this, she went to take more. In the mornings she thought it was me who brought all the food. She was very angry with me and didn’t believe me when I said it was her who brought everything. I thank the Virgin because my wife finished her diet because it didn’t work and she was even gaining weight instead. She stopped sleepwalking, and now I sleep calmly.

When my son was sleeping he suddenly began to fly and flew out of the window.

(Can’t understand afterwards, but suppose that the neighbor with the pig caught the boy)

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When I put my daughter Rosita in a boarding school, she became a sleepwalker. She walked on the roof of the school. I was very much worried that my daughter was in such danger, so I took her back from the school. I prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan to cure her, and the Holy Virgin worked a miracle. My Rosita doesn’t walk in her sleep anymore. I give thanks.

Sandra Lopez, Corrales de Rios

My son became a sleep-walker. Since I was told it would be dangerous to wake him, I kept following and looking after him. But my son was always choosing difficult ways. I woke up terribly tired and felt awful during the day. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because she finally cured my son.

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Benjamin Rojas loved to pretend to be a sleepwalker so he can go around and grope his neighbors. But one day they got fed up with him and called the police. Benjamin thanks Saint James for this lesson and promises to amend himself.

My daughter was sleepwalking. She climbed to the roof trying to reach the Moon. I thank her Guardian Angel for protecting her and not letting her fall down. Also I thank because after many prayers he made so she doesn’t walk in sleep anymore because I couldn’t sleep with all this worrying.

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Rosa Maria Lopez became a sleepwalker. She woke up in the pigsty two times and she was ashamed of it. She prayed the Virgin of Zapopan for healing of this illness. The merciful Virgin heard her prayers, and now Rosa is alright. She thanks the Virgin because at least she was never seen with the pigs.

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I, Mikhail Molochnikov, was suffering from sleepwalking at a hotel in Copenhagen. 3 a.m., I found myself nude at the hotel corridor. The door in my room was locked, and my wife was sleeping deeply. Thanks to the Guardian Angel my wife finally woke up and opened the door!

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I liked my neighbor, and she responded me. But she had a grumpy and violent father. He was very suspicious and kept an eye on her. One night I climbed to her room to see her and made some noise. Her father heard and came running with a pistol. I prayed Saint Jude Thaddeus, and he gave me an idea to pretend being a sleep-walker. The neighbor believed in to and let me go. I thank for such an exceptional favor.

Onesimo Carreto
Zacatecas, 1959

My husband had bad times at work, and he started sleepwalk. The worst was that he was going out to sit at the church steps. I was dying of shame only imagining that somebody could see him in his underwear—quite threadbare one, I must say. I had to bring him back to bed, and I couldn’t sleep well. I thank the Virgin for the things at my husband’s work have been settled, so he doesn’t sleepwalk anymore and I can finally sleep in peace.