Saint James the Apostle


When I watched the movie “From dusk till dawn” I completely fell in love with Salma Hayek after seeing her dancing with the snake. She became my platonic love. With this retablo, I thank the Saint James the Apostle because after many year of admiring her I finally could see her in person on a red carpet of one of her films. Few minutes I spent near her was the most marvelous moment of my life.

Francisco Ortiz \ Mexico City

Teofilo Perez was in a bar when one of his mistresses came there. She wanted to cut his balls for being a womanizer. But he implored Saint James and now thanks him for escaping such a peculiar danger.

Tlaxcala, 1921

The young man Enrique Lozano accidentally shot an arrow in the buttock of his neighbor. He thanks Saint James because the wound wasn’t very serious and he was forgiven. He promises to be more careful.

Bernardo Martinez worked cleaning drainages, and one day he was attacked by many rats causing him rabies. Bernardo prayed to Saint James and miraculously got cured. He infinitely thanks for that with this retablo.

The young man Roberto B. got drunk. When he came home he couldn’t hold it and vomited on his father’s feet. He thanks Saint James for his father was understanding and didn’t kick him out.

Humberto Espinosa thank Saint James with this retablo for he’s doing very well collecting plastic bottles. WIth this earning he can pay for his son’s school.

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I wholeheartedly thank Saint James the Apostle because after having tried on several occasions before I finally won the first place at the national championship of bass fishing. For such a miracle, I humbly dedicate this retablo.

Guillermo Carrasco
Tamaulipas, Mexico

I give you infinite thanks, Saint James the Apostle, for having a natural beauty and the body. Thanks to my look I have a lot of job as an art model for artists and photographers, and, with the money they pay me, I can cover my university studies.

Ana M.
Guanajuato, Mexico

Benjamin Rojas loved to pretend to be a sleepwalker so he can go around and grope his neighbors. But one day they got fed up with him and called the police. Benjamin thanks Saint James for this lesson and promises to amend himself.

I thank Saint James for saving me. I was going back to the village, when the earth trembled and cracked under me.I fell off the horse. I thank nothing serious happened with me.

Ilario Rodriguez
Guanajuato, August 18, 1938

The Coca-Cola’s employee Raul Hernandez thanks Saint James for his good sales. He was payed the bonus to the best salesman of the year, so he got good money.

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Jose Romero tried to escape from the prison but was attacked by the police dogs during the escape. He thanks Saint James with this retablo because the dogs weren’t too enraged with him and promises to not escape anymore.

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My wife had declared that if I’d ever go partying with my colleagues I’d be very sorry. But the other night I was invited to a party and I couldn’t refuse to go. I prayed a lot to Saint James the Apostle so he would protect me in his mercy. When I came home, the shrew was in deep sleep and didn’t noticed what time I returned. I bring this humble retablo thanking for such miracle.

Cirilo Peña
Zacatecas, Mexico

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