Saint James the Apostle


Señor Ponciano Fernandez moved from Spain to Mexico. He put a lot of work to open a jamon serrano factory there. He thanks Saint James for the business is going well and he even started to export.

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Rodolfo Ramirez was spying on a girl he liked when he was attacked from behind by a goat. He was seriously injured. He thanks Saint James with this retablo for his recovery.

I’m a single father. After my wife died I took charge of my little Mary. She had a desire that we’d dress up as her favorite fairy princess on her birthday. But I was afraid that the guest would laugh at me. I thank Saint James the Apostle because instead of laughs I received congratulations for this act of father love.

Rafael Corona ~ Villahermosa, Tabasco

November 2, Basilio and Eladio Perez went to the cemetery to drink and met one mister who sat on a grave. He wanted to give them a chest full of gold so they would keep enjoying their sin, but suddenly the brothers realized it was a skeleton who spoke with them. They thank Saint James the Apostle for they managed to escape safe and sound. They promise to cut down on booze and respect the dead.

Oaxaca, 1950

I thank Saint James the Apostle for my girlfriend didn’t end our relationship after finding out that I’m a stripper. I was hired once to dance striptease at a bachelorette party. I couldn’t imagine that the bachelorette was a friend of my girlfriend and she invited her. Now my girlfriend is really happy because she can always have private dances.

Roman N. \ Puebla

Arturo L. traveled to Thailand and there, in a brothel, he met the woman of his dreams. He thanks Saint James with this retablo for he managed to convince her to leave her job and come back with him.

Arturo Saldivar used to drink three liters of cherry pulque every day until he was diagnosed with diabetes. Arturo entrusted himself to Saint James and now thanks him with great devotion because the saint gave him the strength to resist the temptation of getting drunk.

1918, at the Ojo de Agua ranch, Catarino Telles found himself in a serious danger when he mounted a very nervous horse. The horse was rearing and Catarino was thinking he would end this ride at the cemetery. Then he entrusted himself to Saint James and could escaped safely from this race. He thanks with big devotion.

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The torero Catarino Mendoza brings this retablo thanking Saint James for healing the wound on his buttock after being pierced by the bull.

Puebla, 1940

Enrique Perez woke up with a thief in his room. He thanks Saint James with this retablo for he managed to grab his gun and shoot him.

The lion tamer Zamudio Rodriguez brings the present retablo to Saint James the Apostle for protecting him every night during his act at the circus. Those three ferocious beats he tames have never attacked him so far.

Jalisco, 1967

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Mr. Domingo Ramirez was a misanthrope. One day a cloud of black moths flew into his room. Domingo prayed Saint James. He thanks because the moths flew away, and he promises not to be so angry.

Peubla, 1937

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When I watched the movie “From dusk till dawn” I completely fell in love with Salma Hayek after seeing her dancing with the snake. She became my platonic love. With this retablo, I thank the Saint James the Apostle because after many year of admiring her I finally could see her in person on a red carpet of one of her films. Few minutes I spent near her was the most marvelous moment of my life.

Francisco Ortiz \ Mexico City