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Pascasia Lopez bring this retablo thanking the Holy Child of Atocha for she got to know Frida the painter. I’m also thankful to Frida for helping my son to finish the primary school.

Mexico, 1952

I was poor all my life. Although I worked, the money was never enough to have a comfortable life. I was fed up with this situation. I thank Saint Expeditus because I met my Castulo. I don’t care what the people says about our big age difference. He’s rich and can give me the luxury life I always dreamt of.

Alicia N. \ Mazatlán, Sinaloa

During her tourist trip to Puebla, the Italian Antonella Peruzzi met a young painter Baltazar Mendez in the artistic neighborhood. She thanks Saint Anthony of Padua for having met in him the love she was always looking for. She married him and stayed to live in this beautiful city and wonderful country.


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I always enjoyed the speed and strong emotions. But then I got in a terrible crash on my motorcycle. I suffered multiple fractures and spent several weeks in the hospital. I dedicate this retablo to Saint Barbara thanking her for that crash because that way I met a gorgeous nurse who made my recovery very pleasant. Now, when I’m recovered I’ve even invited her to go dancing.

Ricardo Salas \ Merida, Yucatan

Saint Jude Thaddeus, thank you for the happiness you gave me. I was looking for a partner so long and then I met Enrique, a boy from the capital. We began to date. I found the real love with him. Before him I had been treated very badly and bullied. My father had even kicked me out of house at midnight with a thunderstorm outside.

Oscar Muñoz
Acapulco, Guerrero, 1962

Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ I met a very handsome man need Luis.

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I thank my dear Virgin of the Rosary. When I got out of the prison I went to Yucatan where I met a very nice man who offered me a drink. Now I have a place to live.

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I met a handsome young man on the beach in Puerto Vallarta. I began to suspect that he was gay, because every time he passed by he glanced at me smiling. Also, he liked pink towels. I thank Saint Anthony, the patron saint of lovers, because I tried my luck and talked with him, and now we’re a couple.

I was very shy and had no girlfriend. One day I met a beautiful girl on the internet. In order to be accepted by her, I wrote her that I’m handsome and sent her photos of another man. I thank Saint Anthony of Padua because when we finally met in person, she forgave my lies and told me that she loves me not for my look but for what I’m inside. Now we are very happy together.

Lucio Sanchez
Tijuana, Baja California

Roberta Garcia, with all her devotion, thanks Saint Charbel with the present retablo because she met the artist Frida and they have established a friendship. Roberta is very happy because she admires the artist a lot.

Mexico, 1949

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Karina Morales, with all her devotion, brings this retablo the Virgin of the Solitude thanking for she finally met in person Frida Kahlo, who is her most favorite artist.

Mexico, 1945

Maria Juaquina Jimenez thanks the Holy Child of Atocha with this retablo for he made so she finally met the painter Frida in person and got her autograph.

Mexico, 1945

1939, my wife got pregnant and I had no job at the time. So I became a shoeshiner and that way I met Frida, the artist. Having found out about my problem, she helped me. My wife gave birth to the baby, and I’m infinitely thankful for this to the Virgin of San Juan and to Frida.

Mexico City