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I thank my dear Saint Valentine for finding a husband for my sweet friend named Maria who is a virgin in her 35.

Maria de la O

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Virgin of Guadalupe, may you be blessed for the luck of meeting a good man who got me from the life of prostitution and abuse, he forgave my past and asked me to marry him.

Lourdes P. “The Delicious”
Mexico, 1999

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Ruperta Canseco brings this retablo to Saint James giving thanks for she met the painter Frida who helped her to bring her son to the doctor when he received a blow in the balls from a mule.

I hate Christmas, so that afternoon I decided to go for a walk instead of the typical dinner. In the park, I met David who also hates Christmas, and since then we have been together thanks to Jesus.

Cecilie M., 24–12–2018, Oslo

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I bring the present retablo to the Child of Atocha for helping me to meet Tin Tan and convincing him to visit my ill aunt since she always dreamt of meeting him. He even sang and danced for her and didn’t charge us, and my aunt recovered.

Gonzalo, Puebla, 1949

I’m indebted to you, Saint Jude, for I got me this boy Toño who is very affectionate.

Lety Monroy

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— I love my life more and more with each time!

Señorita Daisy Nizzañe gives thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe because she became a prostitute since February 17, 1999, and she met a lot of people like Blue Panther Jr. who is her client. Amen.

Doña Romanita Montiel felt very lonely, that’s why she implored Saint Pancras, and the next day a neighbor presented her to the painter Frida Kahlo who gave her a parrot. Now she’s not so lonely, and she’s infinitely grateful for that, although the parrot is very insolent.

Puebla, 1937

Thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, for sending me señora Malena with whom I’ve learnt many things.

Pablo Salas

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Thank you, my Saint Jude, for the incredible vacation in Zipolite that hot summer of 1980 when I met Vero.

Conchita Monjaraz

Felipa Muñoz went to Acapulco for vacation. She was drowning, but a gringo saved her. A romance arose from this. She thanks Saint Rita because now she has her blonde man and they live very happily.


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I wholeheartedly thank because my prayers were heard by the Virgin of Guadalupe and I met my idol the great Blue Demon. I give my faith.

Arena Coliseo
June 4, 1982, Juan

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I put Saint Anthony head down to make him work a miracle of getting me a boyfriend. Then I met Bryan in Tinder, and to this day we are very happy thanks to Saint Anthony.

Yours sincerely El Charly
CDMX 17/3/2017