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Ramon Macias has bought a convertible, and now he is driving around with a bunch of broads. He fervently thanks Saint Jude with this retablo because his salary is enough to allow him this luxury.

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I liked motorcycles very much since I was a little boy, and I dreamt of having my own. I was of slender means, so I decided to work hard to save money and to buy a moto. I thank because after many years of struggle I was able to buy me the motorcycle of my dreams. Now I can enjoy it and travel by highways all over the Mexican republic.

Abel Campos

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Señor Fausto Lopez always liked the colors of the carnivals. With the present retablo, he thanks Saint Veronica for having visited the Carnival in Veracruz this year. He made many photos of the celebration because photography is his big passion.

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Thanks Virgin of Guadalupe because it’s been 20 years since I became a cliff diver in Acapulco and I keep following my true passion.

El Zanca Ortiz

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A housemaid Juaquina Romero brings this retablo to the Virgin of the Solitude infinitely thanking her because her mistress, the painter Frida, gave her her device to listen the music.

Mexico, 194*

I, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, pay with this exvoto to the Holy Heart giving infinite thanks for I’m such a whore and live crazy and don’t care what the people say.

Macuspana, 1982

I give thanks to Saint Dolly, for leading me towards my perfect truck, which I have graced with your name and image. I enjoy many epic roadtrips and adventures with uberbabes and trucksluts in the Big Dolly truck.

Melbourne, 2019

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Donal did a breast surgery, and I was very happy. Thanks Virgin.

Mykey Maus, 1981

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I, Cipriano Rodriguez, give thanks because I finally got me a mermaid. I dreamt about her so much because I’m a fat, ugly cross-eyed man.

Mexico City, 1970

Angelica G. had a fantasy of walking naked through the city streets. She thanks Saint Bruno with this retablo because her city celebrated a naked bike ride.

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When Michaela and Jorge went on board of a cruise ship, Michaela got so sick she spent four days in bed. Fortunately, Saint Christopher was so kind to cure her again, and on the fifth day she was able to walk around the beautiful city of Porto. However, she was still weak so she made many stops at the nice small town cafes. At the end it was much better than sit in a bus doing a tourist trip.

Michaela and Jorge, Remscheid, 2018

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Thank you, Saint Jude, for giving me the luck of becoming the queen of the gay community.

Monico Perez

I thank God and the Ever-Merciful St. Andrew for allowing me to survive the back nine holes at the Tubac Golf Resort and to shoot a miraculous 4 over par on May 2, 2014. In gratitude and thanks overflowing my heart, I, Sergio Mendes, now dedicate this retablo.


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