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While walking in the park, Yolanda Robledo had the fortune to met none other than the artist Frida herself. She thanks the Virgin of San Juan with this retablo for such luck.

Puebla, 1943

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I thank the Lord for finding an inexpensive suit that fits me like a glove and looks tailor made, at the thrift store last Wednesday.

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I pray to my sweet Jesus to help me fulfill my dream of triumphing as a bullfighter an NYC’s Carnegie Hall.

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Muchas gracias for our refrigerator full of food.

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Michaela Gonzales thanks Saint Michael the Archangel for the received favors—for grand prosperity of her shop and her job as a goldsmith, and she also thanks because she and her family didn’t get hurt during the September earthquake.

Mexico City, December 2017

I used to walk a few kilometers every day to get to the school. I was so tired when I came here that I was always falling asleep during the lessons. So I asked the Holy Virgin for a bicycle. October 22, by a miracle, a really nice bike appeared near my door. I thank for this miracle from the bottom of my heart because it made me so happy.

I dedicate this retablo to the Christ of the Cross for my family hasn’t yet found out that I’d been fired from my job in the Bank of Fomento because of a theft of quite a lot of thousands pesos. Now we are passing our time watching the super 8 mm films and remembering much happier times when we didn’t lack anything.

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I love swinging over the cliff. It gives me the feeling of flying like the birds. I thank the Blessed Sacrament because I haven’t had accidents by my negligence, and I thank for this wonderful feeling of freedom.

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We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because we managed to collect enough money to but a new needle for our record player. So now we can listen that album we have all the day on Sundays.

Hidalgo, March 1962

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for having a garden, and butterflies and birds in it, and the breeze on my skin, and the sunlight over my face. I know many people live in giant grey cement buildings or in some dry deserted places. They don’t realize what is the silk of the flower petals, or the wind singing through the branches of trees. I’m very lucky and I’m grateful for that.

We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for we have met the love and happiness in this house in beautiful Mexico. We have only pleasant memories of its culture and traditions and it will be forever in our hearts.

Victoir and Erve di Rosa
Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico
August 2002

Erve di Rosa is a French artist and a Mexican culture lover. He helped Alfredo Vilchis to create his retablo book.

Thanks to Jesus my wife got up from the bed and let me sleep in peace.

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Francisco Rivera thanks Saint Nicholas of Bari with this retablo for he found a very antique edition of “Don Quixote” which will become a great piece of his collection.