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The carpenter Facundo Meneses thanks Saint Francis with this retablo because he had to work for the artist Frida and repaired some furniture for her. She was very satisfied.

Mexico, 1947

Since my childhood I loved the wrestling. My idols were El Santo, Blue Demon, Mil Mascaras. I dreamed that the I grow up I become a professional wrestler. I thank Saint Jude Thaddeus with this humble retablo because now, with many efforts and dedication, I’ve become a professional fighter. My idols will always be my source of inspiration.


1942, Puebla, my sister Jasinta and I were leaving after a mass and had a pleasant encounter with the painter Frida whom we admire so much. We give thanks to the Virgin of San Juan for this favor.

Maria Petra Lopez

The Bald thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe. I got me my tattoos, and I’m happy.

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We thank Saint Peter with the present retablo because no-one saw us when we made love on the beach. My wife and I wanted to celebrate our anniversary by fulfilling a fantasy which was to have sex on the sand at dawn. It was a fabulous experience that we’ll try to repeat.

Los Cabos, Baja California

Luis Perez thanks Saint Nicholas of Bari with this retablo because he was put in charge of feeding the lions at the zoo since he adores these animals.

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1995, I was lucky to fulfill one of my biggest wishes—to visit the Taj Mahal. I thank God for making this dream come true.

Lorena Isla, 2002

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Jasinto Ramirez, a wrestling fan to the bone, brings this retablo to Saint Pancras thanking him because he met in person El Santo and Blue Demon at the Constantino cinema’s arena in Puebla.


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The gardener Leopoldo Chavez asked the Holy Child of Atocha for a new lawn-mower, and the next day he found a pure gold ring. That’s how his dream came true for which he thanks with the retablo.

I admired a famous model of men’s magazines. She was my platonic love. I dedicate this retablo to Saint Jerome because one day she entered my repair shop when her car had broken down near by. My dream to meet her came true, and she even gave me her autograph. I’m so happy.

Felix Romero \ Tampico, Tamaulipas

I finally got an electric lawn mower with a single rotating blade thanks to Holy Jesus Christ.

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I thank Saint Rita for helping me to save money for a California King bed. Now I can put two men in my bed at once without feeling cramped.

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Carolina Robledo sincerely and warmly thanks Saint Jerome because he fulfilled her great wish to visit Italy and to see one of the last performances of Luciano Pavarotti.