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My children were great swimmers, and they love the sea. One day they escaped early and went swimming. Suddenly they were surrounded by hundreds of crabs that began to pinch them with their pincers. The children got scared and prayed the Virgin of Zapopan for protection. The Virgin made so the crabs calmed down and went to the other side. My children could get to the beach safe, just with few bruises. I thank the Virgin for protecting them.

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Mariana Flores became mute after a childhood trauma. But when she moved with her parents to the coast and started to play with dolphins, she miraculously began to speak again. Her parents thank the Holy Virgin of San Juan.

I was diving when an octopus grabbed my leg with its tentacles and began to pull me to the bottom of the sea. Seeing my life in danger, I invoked the Virgin of Guadalupe, and she sent me a winged sea horse that rescued me and took me to the surface. I am sure it was a transformed angel, and I thank for that.

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I was swimming in the sea and suffered a cramp. I began to go deep down, but thanks to the Virgin of San Juan a beautiful mermaid came over and pulled me up to the surface. Then she dragged me to the beach. Although my friends don’t believe in what happened and laugh at me, it was a great miracle.

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Rafael Vasquez went to the sea, got entangled in the seaweed and started to drown. He thanks the Virgin of San Juan with this retablo for saving his life and promises to be more careful.

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I thank Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras for saving my son and me from shipwrecking when we went fishing in the open sea.

João Caetano da Silva
Itamaraca, PE

I went to swim to the sea and immediately got so cramped, I went to the bottom. I had no air to breathe, and then dozens of crabs surrounded me and began to pinch me with their pincers. I thought I was going to die not only of lacking the air but, moreover, pinched by the crabs. But instead the crabs pulled me up to the surface and dragged me to the beach. Now I know it was a miracle made so I wouldn’t drown there.

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I was caught in the ocean by a terrible storm that destroyed my boat. I was left to drift alone in the open sea hoping for my luck. Several days passed. I was afraid to die, so I entrusted myself, with all my faith, to the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe so that she would save me. I thank because a fishing boat rescued me when I was about to be eaten by few sharks that followed me. May you be blessed.

Leoncio Torres
Baja California, Mexico

When I was swimming, two beautiful mermaids appeared. They were flirting with me waving their tails and splashing in the water. I was taken with their iridescent beauty. I stopped for a moment, they came closer to me and then pulled me down to the bottom. I was lacking air, so I prayed Saint Barbara. She might have come to help me because I think I fainted and then woke up on the beach. I thank for being alive.

It was hard for Mariana Perez to make friends because she was very shy and didn’t socialize. Bu when her family moved to the coast she became friends with a dolphin. Now she’s very happy. She thanks Saint Francis.

I was swimming underwater and suddenly my leg got cramped. I thought I was going to die drowning but then the Virgin of Zapopan sent me a small whale. It took me to the surface on his back, and I was saved. I thank for this miracle.

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We went fishing at dawn. Suddenly we heard laughs and music. Then we saw a boat on which a lot of skeletons were celebrating the Day of the Dead. They called us to join their party. We prayed the Virgin of Guadalupe, and thanks to her a strong wave took us away from them. We managed to come back home safe and sound.

The boatman Joaquin Meneses makes a good living taking tourists to see the whales. He thanks Saint Peter for this great favor with the present retablo.

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