Holy Spirit

Espirito Santo

I thank the Holy Spirit for all the favors done for me, a being gifted with balance and temperance. When we thought that the pandemic is going to take us to extermination, it brought us the gift of speculation and power over our subordinates. Thanks for perseverance and omnipotence to control this world which I’ve built along with my gray brotherhood.

Pun in Spanish. When the bureaucrat calls himself a gifted being cer-dotado, the first two syllables, along with starting the word with “c”, are read as “pig”.

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I testify for such an incredible story that happened on June 26, 1974, when Mario was swimming in beautiful Tulum and suddenly, from the bottom of a cave, emerged an enormous and threatening creature that looked like a giant red octopus, with enormous tentacles and only one vile eye. It attacked Mario who tried to escape but the beast grabbed him with his repugnant snout. I implore to the Holy Spirit for intervention, and the evil being let him go, so Mario managed to survive.

Tulum, Mexico

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When I feel overwhelmed or sad, I have a perfect remedy. At night I go flying with night birds and bats. trying to reach for the moon. I glide in the wind and merge with the night and its creatures. I’m infinitely thankful to the Holy Spirit for teaching me how to fly and how to leave the problems behind.

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When my husband died, I was inconsolable. After having felt a horrible pain, then came the worries that I couldn’t support my two children only by myself. But this year the fruit trees gave a very abundant crop. The Holy Spirit enlightened me not to sell the fruits but to make jam and jelly which I could sell for a higher price than the fruits. Now I realize that the tragedies take a part of you but also make you stronger.

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I was fishing in my boat and was thinking how great would it be to catch something big. But it was something big that caught me instead. An enormous octopus climbed into the boat and seized me with its tentacles. I was lacking air in this fatal embrace. But then a flock of seagulls guided by a dove distracted the octopus and I got out. I pushed him out of the boat and rowed with all my might and escaped. I believe this dove was none other than Holy Spirit who came to save me. Thanks for the miracle.

A strange plant had grown behind the wall fence of my garden. One day my cats were lying on the border enjoying the sun, and the plant caught them. I ran to help them but the plant trapped me as well. Thanks to the Holy Spirit I had big garden scissors in the pocket of my apron. I cut the stems and freed my cats. Later my husband pulled the plant with roots.

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My life was very boring and tedious until I began to dream that I had wings and I flew in the sky full of stars. I thank the Holy Spirit for sending me these wonderful dreams. Now I am happy and more optimistic.

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One night I camped in the mountains, and some extraterrestrials appeared to me. First I got scared but then, while the martians went looking for plants in the forest, I felt very peacefully. But when they flew away, the fear came back. I rushed to the tavern in the nearest village. I thank the Holy Spirit because the martians didn’t abduct me.

Every night I had a dream that my cat goes to the Moon and I have to climb a very very high ladder to get him back. The worst part was that I woke up so tired and with such a horrible pain in legs like I was really climbed to the Moon. I thank the Holy Spirit for giving me an idea to take my cat to sleep with me in the bed. The bed is much more comfortable and warmer than the Moon. Now I don’t see this dream about my cat on the Moon anymore.

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On a picnic, my daughter followed some butterflies and went far away from us. We were playing and didn’t notice that she wasn’t there. She didn’t know how to return and got very scared. Instead of going back she walked far away. Then she asked the Holy Spirit for help. That moment, a light breeze came up and the seeds of the dandelion that she was holding in her hand flew away. She followed them, and they brought her to where we were searching her.

A spaceship landed in the village. The martians were taking the poultry from every person because no one could see them because they made themselves invisible. I thank the Holy Spirit for my dog smelled them and began to bark. The martians got scared so much they lost their invisibility, and then I could saw them. I chased them with my broom. They ran to their ship without my animals.

Since it was very hot night, I opened the window and turned on my new fan before going to sleep. But two crocodiles thought the fan was an enormous and delicious fly, because of its sound. So they got into my room to get it. I thank the Holy Spirit because I managed to escape from those stupid crocodiles.

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I thank the Holy Spirit for guiding me in my peyote trip in the desert and showing me fantastic images and hallucinations, and for having me back in conscience without any harm but with more spiritual knowledge.

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