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I was fishing in my boat and was thinking how great would it be to catch something big. But it was something big that caught me instead. An enormous octopus climbed into the boat and seized me with its tentacles. I was lacking air in this fatal embrace. But then a flock of seagulls guided by a dove distracted the octopus and I got out. I pushed him out of the boat and rowed with all my might and escaped. I believe this dove was none other than Holy Spirit who came to save me. Thanks for the miracle.

It was still night when I went fishing in my boat. Suddenly I was caught by a giant octopus who grabbed me in its deadly embrace and tried to pull me out of the boat. The Virgin of Guadalupe came to help me—she sent seagulls that began to peck the octopus. The octopus let me free trying to save himself from the seagulls and went to the bottom of the sea. I thank for saving my life.

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When a giant octopus attacked me I was miraculously saved by seagulls. Thank you, Virgin.

Daniel Santos

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