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I was fishing in my boat and was thinking how great would it be to catch something big. But it was something big that caught me instead. An enormous octopus climbed into the boat and seized me with its tentacles. I was lacking air in this fatal embrace. But then a flock of seagulls guided by a dove distracted the octopus and I got out. I pushed him out of the boat and rowed with all my might and escaped. I believe this dove was none other than Holy Spirit who came to save me. Thanks for the miracle.

Antonio and his brother Carlos give thanks to the Virgin of Gudalupe for saving them from dying by being smashed by a whale that jumped out of the water near their boat when they were collecting their daily catch. They thank for that.

Los Cabos, Baja California, 1990

Holy Virgin of Guadalupe, I ask you to look after my husband Ramiro, a fisherman. Save him from the apparition of the mermaid who enchants the fishermen.

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We thank the Holy Christ of the Good Voyage because fishing is going very good for us. Thanks to him we managed to save money to buy a house to our parents. The one thing we asked is health and to be with us every moment.

Alejandro and Ricardo, Veracruz, Mexico
November 20, 1986

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A bad day it was when we went to the river to fish salmon and a very angry bear came out to us reclaiming his territory so we decided we’d better leave.

Coming back from Punta Morena after a day of fishing, we were caught by a terrible storm. We were pushed to the rocks but fortunately we passed by. Thank you, Virgin of the Solitude, patroness of the seamen, for saving us.

Miguel Santos, Luis Valle, Juan Soto

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Herlindo Ortiz thanks with this retablo. When we went for fishing we were attacked by some enormous sea monsters.

Baja California, July 18, 1940

January 4, 1931, Eutimio Mora went to swim while he was fishing at the Champoton laguna and had an encounter with a crocodile of more than two meters long. It attacked him furiously, and, finding himself exhausted, he was lucky to entrust himself to the divine image and was saved. He brings the present retablo in gratitude.

Juan Chuk was fishing in his little boat in the area of Ojo Azul and fell asleep for a moment. He was very much surprised feeling the kick in the boat, he thought it was a dream. An enormous octopus, green and monstrous, climbed in the boat and was reaching for him. Horrified, he started praying the Dark-skinned Lady of Tepeyac and saw two little angels who appeared to help him in his fight against the creature. The octopus went away and took the net with the catch of the day. Juan thanks for stying alive and dedicate this retablo.

Quintana Roo, Mexico, 1974

One day I went fishing in my little boat. When I pulled out the net, to my greatest surprise ever, there was a giant squid trapped in it. I’m infinitely grateful to Saint Peter for being able to pull the squid to the boat because it was very heavy and, furthermore, for managing to sell it. I became very famous among the fishermen in the region for my great feat.

Delfino Rios
Baja California Sur, Mexico

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Daniel Huerta was bored with the life in the city and moved to the sea. He thanks Saint Peter with this retablo for he found a beautiful beach and lives by fishing alone.

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I was catching some shrimps, when suddenly an alligator appeared. I was frightened, because I only had a knife. I prayed the Virgin of Sorrows, and she showed her mercy. She helped me, because all of a sudden a good man with a pistol came and saved me.

Miguel Limantor Rocha
Yucatan — July 10, 1954

Agustin Fernandez was fishing in his boat, and a mermaid appeared to him. With great devotion, he thanks Saint Peter with this retablo for he managed to escape before falling for her charms.

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