Virgin of Zapopan

Virgen de Zapopan

An angry bull ran after Joaquin and Lara Ramirez. It escaped from the San Pedro ranch. The children prayed the Virgin of Zapopan, and the animal stopped chasing them and began to eat plants from the fence. Señora Ramirez offers this retablo on behalf of her children.

July 7, 1941

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One night, my sister Lupa and I were returning home from our aunt Josefina across de la Gloria ranch. Then two strangers started following us. They start hitting on us, and they seemed to have bad intentions. We got scared and entrusted our honor to the Virgin of Zapopan. She made so some workers from the ranch came on our way, and the strangers went away without attacking our virtue. We thank for that.

Apizaco, Tlaxcala, 1967

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I was sick and was laying in the bed. One night, the Death came to my bedroom with the scythe, ready to take my life. I grabbed the crucifix to scare the Death, but he saw so many of them, he didn’t care. But my dog, however, seeing the bony legs and thinking that it was her dinner, ran joyfully for them. The Death got scared, ran away and never came back. Next morning I felt better. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for saving my life.

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I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because after so many years my children and my grandchildren finally come to spend the Christmas with me. I clean from the Nativity scene figures from dust, and my husband gets a beautiful Christmas tree. I’m so happy to decorate it with my grandchildren, like I did with my children at the times. Thanks for so many happiness and love.

My daughters and their cousins went to the garden for some fruits but accidentally touched a wasp honeycomb which was hanging on a bottom branch. The wasps were furious, and they flew after the girls. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because she miraculously protected them and the wasps didn’t sting the girls nor the dog that was walking with them. The girls ran over very much frightened and without fruits, after such an accident.

It was late when we left the wedding celebration of our cousin Filemon. We were riding back home, and the devil himself appeared to us. He blocked our way and wanted to take us with him. But since my brother and I always wear the Virgin of San Juan’s medallions, we showed them to the devil, and he didn’t dare to come closer. He vanished with a smoke leaving the sulphur stink. We thank the Virgin for protecting us.

When we were returning from the work, my buddy Simon and I had a chilling encounter near the cemetery walls. A headless bride appeared to us. She was wondering looking for her lover. We thank the Virgin of Zapopan because the ghost didn’t see us and passed by blasting us with freezing air. I’ve got more gray hairs after that, and Simon now stutters.

Every January 17, I ask my new pupils to bring their pets to the class. Usually there are cats, dogs or some turtle, rat or parakeet. But this year one boy brought a crocodile. I thank the Virgin of San Juan for the animal didn’t attack anybody and the boy’s father took him away as soon as I called him. I grounded the boy for one week for being careless.

I was coming back from the Xochimilco market in my boat feeling very happy because I had bought at a very good price five beautiful piglets to start breeding pigs with. My boat was old and quite damaged, so it started drowning because of the big weight. My piglets and I started drowning also. Thanks to the miracle of the Virgin of Zapopan—whom I’m very devoted to—we managed to float until we were saved by a tourist trajinera-boat. Although I lost my boat, I’m grateful that we are still alive and didn’t drown.

One day I bought a very strange plant at a garage sale. The plant grew very fast, and I noticed there were less flies in my house since I’d got it. I thought it was the plant’s odor that scared them off. But one day I was watering the plant, and it suddenly grabbed my cat. It even started to tangle me up. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because I was able to get free from the sprouts and to liberate my cat as well. I’d better plant just geraniums. They are harmless and immune to pests.

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My son Ramon used to tease Saul Algumedo’s dogs. But one day the most angry dog started chasing him. The Holy Virgin of Zapopan protected the boy, so he climbed up a tree. The dog just tore his clothes. But Ramon doesn’t tease dogs ever since.

Puebla, 1970

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My brother was very jealous and was kicking out all my suitors. I was worried and afraid that I might end up like an old maid. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan with all my heart because one day came the revulutionaries and took my brother to fight with them. So now I can relax with my beloved one.

Yolanda Garcia \ Piedras Negras, Coahuila

Every time when it was raining my wife put all the animals inside the house so they wouldn’t wet and sick. Then my wife went to sleep peacefully, and I couldn’t close my eyes. I was afraid that an egg might fall on my head or the pig would start licking my face. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because we finally saved enough money to build a shed and a henhouse. Now the animals sleep there without getting wet, and I don’t have them around my bed.