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I had few pots with marijuana to make poultice to treat my rheumatism. One day I thought that smoking it might also help for rheumatism. Although, it didn’t, it put me in very good mood and even food tasted better. So I kept smoking every day until once I saw that my cats had wings and were smiling at me. That day I stopped smoking. My cats turned back to be normal, and now I only prepare poultice with marijuana.

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because at night she gives wings to me and to my cat, so we fly together over the towns and fields. These night flights calm me down, and my problems seem less serious to me the day after.

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My doggy and I were admiring the view from the top when the edge of the cliff went down. We fell down. Suddenly I realized that I’m flying like a bird. I got a couple of wings on my back. I looked at my dog, it also got little wings. We landed softly near my grandfather’s house which was right under the cliff. I thank the Holy Virgin for this incredible miracle, which I don’t talk about to not pass for crazy.

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Arturo Vasquez was lying ill in his bed when suddenly everything in the room got up in the air and started floating around. The cats got wings and began flying. His bed was floating too. Arturo felt giddiness and asked the Virgin to put everything down.

The Virgin had mercy upon him and made so he woke up in his bed. Although the cats were still flying, Arturo wasn’t. He thanks the Virgin for that.

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My husband was an old hippy who used to smoke marijuana all the day long. He did so for inspiration and to draw better. However instead of this he became more stupid. One day he began seeing flying cats. He though it was funny. But when the cats smiled at him and started talking with him, he got scared. After that he decided to quit smoking. I thank the Virgin because my house doesn’t smell like marijuana anymore and my husband even found a regular job.

My son was going through a difficult age. One day he decided to learn to fly. He made a pair of wings with wire, some fabric and feathers he gathered in the field and in the hen-house. At dawn I saw that he had climbed on the big tree and was ready to jump. Praying to the Virgin of Zapopan, I ran to save him. I thought my son would gonna die. But the Virgin worked a marvelous miracle. My son didn’t fall but glided down and landed without hurting himself.

The Virgin of the Rosary gives wings to me and my cats every night so we can fly like birds or like angels. We fly over the towns and the fields and all my problems stayed down on earth and seem so insignificant in comparison with such an immense space. I thank the Virgin for this night freedom because now I wake up at the mornings much more happier.

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I was riding my bike down the street, when suddenly a demon got out from a hole and blocked my way. But the Virgin of the Solitude worked the magnificent miracle and gave me wings for sufficient time so I flew over the demon and managed to escape from him.


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The Reyes brother hated me because of the quarrel about borders of our lands. One day they made an ambush to kill me when I would ride my horse near by. But the Virgin of Zapopan always protected me and that day she gave wings to my horse. The horse galloped faster than ever before. I arrived to the village and hid in the church. So I saved my life.

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I wasn’t feeling good, I had a fever, so I went to bed early. At night I saw all the cats from the neighborhood flying around me. My cats were also flying, and they looked beautiful with wings. Nevertheless, I had a strange feeling about it. I supposed cats didn’t fly. So I became afraid I was going mad. I prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan, and she heard my prayers. Everything came back to normal, and my cats became common, ordinary cats. I thank the Virgin for I didn’t become insane.

My life was very boring and tedious until I began to dream that I had wings and I flew in the sky full of stars. I thank Sacred Heart for sending me these wonderful dreams. Now I am happy and more optimistic.

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