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I was smoking a lot, and my wife always complained that our house smells of tobacco. I often got out of my breathe after walking or going up stairs. One day when I puffing out smoke horrible monster came out of my mouth. They wanted to catch and devour me. I thank Saint Michael the Archangel because after several days of these visions I stopped smoking. Now I feel much better.

I had few pots with marijuana to make poultice to treat my rheumatism. One day I thought that smoking it might also help for rheumatism. Although, it didn’t, it put me in very good mood and even food tasted better. So I kept smoking every day until once I saw that my cats had wings and were smiling at me. That day I stopped smoking. My cats turned back to be normal, and now I only prepare poultice with marijuana.

Nepomuceno Carbajal smoked cigars for many years, and it was a hard work to rid of this bad habit. He asked Saint Jude for help and was able to stop smoking. He thanks for that.

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Ernesto Dominguez brings this retablo to Saint Pancras thanking him for a great success of his pipe smoking club where they try tobacco from all over the world.

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I dedicate this retablo to the Virgin of Fatima because on my graduation day I was thinking only about smoking a delicious american cigarette «Tareyton» with double filter for soft and deep flavor. Also they have a filter of activated charcoal and a white outer filter which balances the elements of the taste of the Virginia tobacco. After ceremony I smoked five of them.

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Enrique Fernandez thanks Saint Patrick for helping him to collect smoking pipes from every part of the world.

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Thank you, Saint Charbel, for your help. When I was sleeping, I smelled some rag burning. I went to see what had happened. I came to my elder son Poncho’s bedroom. Turned out he feel asleep drunk with a lightened cigarette which put a mattress on fire. He couldn’t wake up because he was intoxicated with the smoke. Thank you, Saint Charbel, for letting me know.

Carlos Perez
Mexico City, 1967

My husband was an old hippy who used to smoke marijuana all the day long. He did so for inspiration and to draw better. However instead of this he became more stupid. One day he began seeing flying cats. He though it was funny. But when the cats smiled at him and started talking with him, he got scared. After that he decided to quit smoking. I thank the Virgin because my house doesn’t smell like marijuana anymore and my husband even found a regular job.

My husband Tomas smoked marijuana, didn’t work and didn’t pay me any attention. So I prayed to Saint Barbara and she gave me enough courage to give him an ultimatum. It worked—now he’s working.

May 15, 1968

My son Ramiro used to smoke marijuana a lot. I prayed to the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving him from this terrible vice. One day he saw flying cats. They tried to talk with him. It scared him so much, he doesn’t even think to smoke now. I thank for that miracle.

Seferino Valderrama fell asleep with a cigarette. In his dream he saw the Virgin of Zapopan who told him “Wake up, my son! You’re in danger!” He woke up and saw that his blanket was on fire. He ran to the kitchen for water and extinguished the fire. He thanks for this amazing miracle with this retablo.

January 25, 1943

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The Dioz Duran sisters were coming back from the mess and decided to cut off the path. They went in the dark alley behind the church. They saw two devils there. The devils were siting on garbage cans and were smoking. When the devils saw the sisters, they started to chase them. The sisters were scared that the devils wanted to dishonor them. So they entrusted themselves to the Virgin of Zapopan. When the sisters ran out to a lighted place, the devils stopped follow them and disappeared.

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My son David became a good for nothing hippy. He spent days smoking stinking cigarettes. I suspect it was marijuana. I prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan so that she would bring him to reason. Thanks to her he got a scholarship in the capital. Now he’s a good man.