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Rutilio Prado was in the field and ate a peyote and saw many bizarre things that scared me a lot because there were colors and figures that spoke to me, but you delivered me from this bad trip.

San Luis Potosi, 1962

I was gravely ill with fever and had some horrible hallucinations. The most torturing was the one with the death on spider legs who was stinging all my body. I felt so much pain and fright that I implored the Virgin of Guadalupe…

Emiliana Garcia

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I give many thanks for the grace granted me by the Virgin of Guadalupe! Being knowledgeable about the events that are taking place in my country and knowing that the are causing me great pain, January 20, 2018, she, with her great love and wisdom, gave me a vision about the future and divine justice, soothing my sorrows. Viva the Virgin!

Gonzalo Rodriguez, a.k.a. Vampire, used to take too much ecstasy. One day he was listening rock, and the devil appears to him during his trip and began to lick his feet threatening to eat him up. Gonzalo thanks Saint Michael the Archangel who helped him to get out of his hallucination and promises not to take drugs anymore.

I had a vision, and from that day I stopped killing cows. Thank you, Saint John.

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I was smoking a lot, and my wife always complained that our house smells of tobacco. I often got out of my breathe after walking or going up stairs. One day when I puffing out smoke horrible monster came out of my mouth. They wanted to catch and devour me. I thank Saint Michael the Archangel because after several days of these visions I stopped smoking. Now I feel much better.

My son Paquito had a fever. He had hallucinations with skeletons that were flying around him. They laughed and wanted to take him with them. I was scared and I prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan, so she would bring down his temperature. Finally she heard my prayers. Carlitos had no more fever and even started to eat. I give thanks to the Holy Virgin.

Rosa Martinez had high fever for three days. She saw monsters made of transparent jelly. They wanted to devour her and opened their mouths that went to nowhere. Rosa thanks the Virgin of Zapopan for her temperature went down and she don’t have these horrible nightmares anymore.

I thank the Holy Spirit for guiding me in my peyote trip in the desert and showing me fantastic images and hallucinations, and for having me back in conscience without any harm but with more spiritual knowledge.

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I had few pots with marijuana to make poultice to treat my rheumatism. One day I thought that smoking it might also help for rheumatism. Although, it didn’t, it put me in very good mood and even food tasted better. So I kept smoking every day until once I saw that my cats had wings and were smiling at me. That day I stopped smoking. My cats turned back to be normal, and now I only prepare poultice with marijuana.

When I was pregnant I felt strange movements in my stomach. I was afraid something bad could happen with my baby. So I went to a midwife. She calmed me down and explained that there was nothing to be worried about. But nevertheless, she gave me to drink some remedy to take off my anxiety. I left her still slightly agitated, and on my way back I met a nagual. He was surrounded by a cloud of lightning bugs. He told me that my baby would be alright and he would grow up healthy and strong man, and also kind and clever. I thank Saint Raymond because this vision really calmed me down and I even felt myself very happy.

Señora Antonia Maldonado suffered from faints. It happened that during one of this she seemed to see the devils abducting her daughter. She prayed the Virgin with all her heart, and the Virgin made the miracle of stopping these visions and curing her of this illness.

Mexico City, 1942

Dora Rodriguez had a high fever and hallucinated with hands coming out of the ceiling, of the walls, of the floor. The hands were trying to grab her. She was very frightened and was screaming. Dora thanks the Virgin of San Juan because three days later her fever went down and she stopped seeing these horrible hallucinations.

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