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Our life was unhappy. With all economic troubles, my only son and I lack communication and I didn’t pay attention who his friends were. His school friend introduced him to drugs, and they start to take them together. In tears I implored the Virgin of Guadalupe to help me save my son. And she heard me. I show my gratitude with this retablo.

Angela del Valle
San Pedro de los Pinos, Mexico City
December 17, 2001

El Zapo dedicates this retablo to the Virgin of San Juan. He was taking drugs with el Pillo when the devil appeared to them and frightened them a lot. He implored the Virgin so nothing bad would happen to him. They promise to not take drugs anymore and ask the Virgin to not leave them alone since they are many like us at the streets.

July 12, 2000

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Isabel E. took a drug and, in her madness, went dancing like crazy on the church tower-bell. She thanks Saint Raymond with this retablo because the priest saved her from the people who wanted to linch her, and she promises to amend.

I, Pedro Fuentes, and all my crew thank the Virgin Protectress for we managed to disembark safely 30 tons of cocaine coming from Cali at the beach of Mazatlan.

March 4, 1988

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My family members criticize me for studying philosophy in the university for more than 15 years. I thank Saint Expeditus for there is this wonderful magic weed that helps me to understand the philosophic concepts. I don’t care what people say and I don’t care about studying so long because with these trips I’ll become the greatest philosopher of the new millennium.

Fernando Ramirez had a marvelous idea to smuggle cocaine in his stomach. But the customs officers found out about it and made him to expel it. Fernando gives thanks to Saint Elias because he found an excellent and influent attorney so he would get out of prison soon.

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Forgive me, God, for lacking respect for my father. When I came home on drugs, I tried to beat him, but realized what I was doing and stopped myself. I understood my mistake and I swear to not take drugs anymore. I follow his advice, and he forgot me and helped me to get out of this terrible sin.

Paco, Barrio Norte, 10 May 2000

Being under the influence of drugs, El Pancho took out his pistol and shot El Abel. Seeing him in danger of dying, we entrusted him to the Lord of Chalma, and he saved his life.

Barrio Norte, Mexico City
May 1, 2000

Roberto G. wallowed in drugs. One day he was so depressed he tried to hang himself on a tree. But the branch broke off. Roberto considered it a divine sign. He thanks Saint Jude Thaddeus for his recovery.

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My eternal gratitude to the Virgin of Guadalupe for I managed to rebuild my life and got from the hell of drugs.

Ivan Camacho

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Graciela Monroy took a toke. In the euphoria, it was easy to her to chew up a glass. She ended up in the hospital. Her family thanks the Virgin of the Solitude for she recovered and will receive treatment.

Carlos Alonso was completely lost in the drugs. One day he had a hallucination with a devil biting his arm. He thanks Saint Michael for this experience and promises to go to rehab.

Señor Alfonso Rivera was suffering from his drug using son who, when he came home, beat his father with a belt. He thanks the Lord of the Wonders because his son admitted that he had a problem and rehabilitated. His life has become calmer.