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My wife, beside keeping me as a servant, enjoyed beating me because she was very violent and had a temper of thousand devils, and I lived in great fear. I give infinite thanks to Saint Maria Goretti for giving me courage to report domestic abuse to the police and to divorce her gaining my peace and dignity back.

Bonifacio Godinez — Tepic, Nayarit

Holy Virgin of Guadalupe, we offer this retablo in your honor for delivering us from dying in the desert when we were going for our American dream but were caught and beaten by the immigration police. We ask you to protect our fellowmen who go looking for a better life.

The Sanchez brothers, Mexico, 2016

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In March 2016 James Eddy’s financial woes were mounting. He thought if he could work harder he could improve sales so he began to self medicate. After several sleepless months James convinced himself and then tried to convince his wife that he was under surveillance and a target of massive government investigation. Next year James was hospitalized and held in the psychiatric unit for evaluation. The nurse ordered James to fill a Dixie cup for tests and his discharge was contingent upon compliance but James was ashamed and terrified of his wife’s reaction if she learned the truth so he refused. A Mexican standoff ensued and on the eighth day the doctor blinked and nurse Ratchet cut James loose. It wasn’t long before his behavior became even more outrageous. Two officers came to his house to serve a stay away order with fifteen minutes to pack his bags and leave. The next several months he slept in his car and daily hotels when he could afford it. As time dragged on, and his situation grew more dire, he realized how badly he fucked up. He was wrong about many things. His good looks, charm and vivacious personality had not caught the attention of Angelina Jolie and despite his childhood dogs being named ‘William’ and ‘Harry’ he was not a member of the royal family. He missed his ex-wife and children so much he ached in his heart. James decided it was time to pick up the pieces of his life and turn over a new leaf so the new James told the old James to ‘fuck off.’ On December 31, 2019 he called out to God, his family and his friends and asked for their forgiveness. He got sober and in commemoration of this great miracle this retablo was offered.

San Francisco, California, February 27, 2020

I give you thanks, cool Virgin, because you looked after me the other day when a policeman wanted to put me in the nick and you helped me to convince him that would be better for him to accept a bribe because you know he’s also poor and has to buy bullets for his pistol and also to chip in for his boss who probably always wants to get contributions. So that’s why I’m thanking you for I’m not in the nick thanks to the bribe.

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For the company, bravery and love of my female-comrades.
Justice for the youth

I give thanks to the Saint Patroness of the Feminist Struggle for organizing me and for giving me strength when we were picked up by the fiscal police for going to a manifestation and demanding justice, for all the work of the feminist network in searching of disappeared people and for inspiring me.


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I thank Jesus Malverde for I’ve managed to cross into the United States without being seen by the immigration police. I ask to find a good job to transfer to my family.

Donato Casas Maldonado
Morelia, Michoacan, 1972

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I thank God for I got a job in a circus after being fired from the police because of my old age. Nobody wanted me, and here they love me so much.

Clown Copper
Mexico City, May 1990

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To the Holy Virgin of San Juan, I dedicate this retablo thanking for protecting me from the immigration police when they were running after me. I entrusted myself to her and was able to get to Rio Bravo, hide myself and cross it. With her blessing, I came to California and got a job. I saved good money and opened my tacos shop here in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco.

Your devoted Isidro O.
June 17, 1990

I left the uni and, while walking, was checking my facebook on my new cel that my daddy gave me on my b-day. Suddenly a robber jumped on me, grabbed my phone and ran away. Thousand thanks to Saint Jude Thaddeus because a super cool cop was passing by. He caught the dude and returned me my cel. I promise to Saint Jude to be more careful because this experience wasn’t cool at all.

Katy Perez ~ Puebla

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Rafael Aguilar thought it’d be easy to rob passengers in a bus but they disarmed him and were going to lynch him. He thanks Saint Jude because the police arrived in time and saved him.

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Immigration police caught me when I was working without documents. They accused me of stealing and threw in a jail in Dallas, Texas, US. Finding myself in this trouble I implored the Protectress of the Mexicans, Our Lady of Guadalupe for my freedom. She worked me the miracle of proving my innocence. Now I give thanks and keep on working as it should be.

Facundo P. T.
July 4, 1960

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I thank Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker for helping me to go to the “Globus” store without being caught by the police.

Lesnikov Dima, Korolyov, Moscow region

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Señor Antonio together with his wife Maria and their son Pedro thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for letting them cross the Rio Bravo without being noticed by the immigration police. They could make their American dream, earn some bucks and support their family.


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