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February 20, I was painting graffiti and was shot by don Jose, policeman. In this mortal danger I implored you to save my life, Virgin of Gudalupe. You saved me, and now I’m alright and hanging out.

Jorge de Jesus
March 9, 1999

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A drunk driver in his clunker hit Catarino Suarez, a traffic policeman. Catarina was in bad condition. He thanks the Lord of the Wonders for his recovery.

Mexico, 1949

Don Oton Ruiz, the owner of the bar, was arrested on the charge of sex trafficking. He thanks Saint Jude Thaddeus for the situation was cleared out, and he promises not to hire broads anymore since they only bring problems.

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for they didn’t shoot me when they mistaken me for a bandit leader Tito Hernandez who had rebelled against the government and dedicated himself to crimes and atrocities until the rural police sherif Juan Lobera’s people didn’t catch him.

Puebla, April 27, 1914

Juanita Romero loved to dress up very provocatively, and one day she was almost raped in the park. She thanks Saint Rita because the policeman came in time and saved her. She promises to not dress like this when she walks alone.

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Madrid, morning of February 26, 2010, after 10-hour bus ride from my land Galicia, I had to take a plane to Mexico. One hour before the flight, I found out I had no passport. I immediately entrusted myself to the policeman at the Barajas airport so he would make me a passport for all my money. Miraculously I made it to the plane, which, thank goodness, was delayed. I made this retablo in gratitude.


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The night of May 30, 1949, some guys robbed don Carmelo Medina’s shop taking advantage of his wife being alone. The robbers took all the money they’d earned last month and also grabbed some bottles with expensive liquor. Thanks to the Holy Virgin, the gendarme Natividad was having a meal in the tavern of Lupita who has big eyes and very delicious tacos. He caught the bad guys because they didn’t notice him standing in the shadows. Don Carmelo thanks the Virgin of San Juan.

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May you be blessed, Holy Virgin of Guadalupe, for helping me to get back to Mexico alive. The migration police beat me till I lost my senses in Arizona desert which I had crossed to earn some dollars.

El Beto, 2009

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I thank the Virgin of Montserrat for getting free from the police on November 9, 2005. I was arrested when I was painting a graffiti with my buddy.

Raul de Dios

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Fernando Ramirez had a marvelous idea to smuggle cocaine in his stomach. But the customs officers found out about it and made him to expel it. Fernando gives thanks to Saint Elias because he found an excellent and influent attorney so he would get out of prison soon.

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Since we needed money so badly, I decided—after noticing that the prostitutes from the Rosales street earned quite a good money—to try this thing. I put on a blouse in which I looked very beautiful, took my sister’s skirt, borrowed high heels shoes and went to the Rosales street. First, a horrible drunk old man hit on me. He wanted me to go with him but I ran from him. Then came the police and tried to put us in jail, but I managed to escape. I thank Saint Raymond, and I suppose it’s better to work in a bakery.

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Angelica Ramirez and her boyfriend were thrown out of the movie theater for having sex in public place. She fervently thanks Saint Francis for overcoming this embarrassment and for she wasn’t arrested by the police.

Benjamin Rojas loved to pretend to be a sleepwalker so he can go around and grope his neighbors. But one day they got fed up with him and called the police. Benjamin thanks Saint James for this lesson and promises to amend himself.