Hugo Vilchis

Son of famous Alfredo Vilchis, brother of Daniel and Luis Vilchis.

Holy Virgin of San Juan, I dedicate this retablo to you for letting my sons, Juan and Pedro, cross the Rio Bravo (Rio Grande) and get to USA, in spite of one of them being nearly drowned.

A grateful mother
Jalisco, 1983

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Virgin of San Juan, I dedicate this retablo to your honor because my spine is alright. I injured it when the horse fell on me. I thank for staying well.

Ramon Luna – Jalisco, 1945

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Juanito Corona dedicates this retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe because El Santo won over Blue Demon at the Arena Mexico. Beside that, El Santo pared for my legs surgery for which I eternally thankful.

Juanito from Tijuana

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May you be blessed, Virgin of Guadalupe, for making the miracle for me. Julio came back to me. He had left me for a woman. I prayed so much, and now we’re together again and we’re happy.

Polo & Julio
May 19, 1986 — Tacubaya

Blessed you may be Saint Sebastian for the miracle that Paco returned to me after he had dumped me for a woman. Today we are enjoying our love here in Acapulco.

Paco & Mario, 14–Feb–1999

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I infinitely thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, for the miracle of saving me from dying when my bear went crazy during the act. I entrusted myself to you and got off safely.

Francisco “the Fearless”, Atayde circus, 1990

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May you be blessed, Holy Virgin of Guadalupe, for helping me to get back to Mexico alive. The migration police beat me till I lost my senses in Arizona desert which I had crossed to earn some dollars.

El Beto, 2009

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Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you because I survived after being attacked by the lion. That dangerous moment I entrusted myself to you and you protected me. Now I’m alright and keep working in the circus.

Vicente Perez
April 30, 1990, Mexico City

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving me from the death when my buddy stabbed me. He was very angry after hearing that I was in love with his wife which was not true.

1934, Jose P.

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May you be blessed, Virgin of Guadalupe, for the miracle that I survived after being hit be a car. I felt the death close to me, and it scared me a lot, so I swear to not drink again.

Pedro Hernandez, Tacubaya, 1986

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We offer this retablo thanking Saint Francis for the miracle of finding that spoiled bull of our master so we won’t be kicked out of the hacienda. We are very grateful.

Julia and her son Bernave, 1949

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I thank the Virgin of San Juan for delivering me from death when my truck’s brakes went out in a turn. I entrusted myself to you in such misfortune, and now I’m very thankful.

Fransisco Lopez, Jalisco, 1992

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Virgin of Guadalupe, we dedicate this retablo to you for surviving after trying to cross the railroads before the approaching train. Finding ourselves in such disgrace we entrusted ourselves to you and managed to escape from the car. We thank you.

Federico and Luisa, 1969

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