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The newlyweds Benito and Georgina Gomez Vasquez thank the Virgin of Juquila for their dream to spend the honeymoon in Paris came true.

We, Martin and Daniel, thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because we managed to get married and be respected by the society. Now we are having our honeymoon.

Mexico City
March 19, 2007

Nicolas Hernandez offered this retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe because she saved him from being eaten by the sharks when he was surfing at the beach while on honeymoon with his wife. When I noticed the danger, I entrusted myself to you and now I’m alive to tell about it.

Nicolas and Patricia from Mexico City
February 14, 2001

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On our honeymoon my wife Juanita and I were on the Acapulco beach. Suddenly a mermaid appeared. She fell in love with me. Out of jealousy she grabbed my wife’s hair and tried to drown her. But thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe I didn’t let her to do so.

Amador Ramirez
July 10, 1982

Thank God, my fiancé and I went on our honeymoon to San Miguel de Allende, the cradle of the Bicentennial independence.

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because Jose decided to marry me. We spent an unforgettable honey moon, and I’ll be thankful for the rest of my life for finding the love of my life.

Suzana Garcia
February 14, 2001

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Alicia gives thanks to the Lord for finding love with Felipe and for letting her dreams about marriage come true. Now, while they’re on honeymoon, she’s offering this retablo in gratitude asking always to fill their life with joy and happiness.

14th February 1999
Acapulco, Mexico

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