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When we were coming back from our honeymoon at the beaches of Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca… and we could lost our lives by negligence. My wife implored the Virgin of Juquila for protection, and now we thank for her miracle.

Lupe and Pedro from Mexico City, 10–May–2010

I thank God for, in 1984, I asked him to give me the strength and speed of the animals to catch the train in Ciudad Juarez that was leaving me behind because of that lady’s fault who couldn’t give me change, and the God answered me. And I, who was always the slowest in basketball, received an ovation from people when I managed to get into the carriage.

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Holy Virgin, thousand thanks for saving my life in this hellish ride. I saw a woman died run over by a train.

March 21, Arriaga, Chiapas

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Virgin of Guadalupe, bless these great women, the Patronesses of Amatlan, Veracruz, and help so they could keep help all the immigrants who cross this country in search of the American dream putting themselves in many dangers, with the hope to get to their destiny. Only God and they know why they leave their homes and families. For a better future. Protect them, this humble neighborhood painter wholeheartedly asks you.

A. V. R. — Mexico City, 2014
May these women be blessed!

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1914, at the station of Momospan, Justina Ramos found herself in danger of being hit by the train. She implored Saint James and didn’t die. Since she was saved from sure death, she gives thanks with this retablo.

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We were going to Veracruz when we were attacked at the Aljibes station. We abandoned the trains because the railroads were mined by the people of Obregon. We continued our way riding horses brought the sierra of Puebla. There were almost a hundred of us, loyal to Carranza. When we met general Rodolfo Herrera he led us to Tlaxcalantongo so we could rest. But at the dawn we heard screams “Viva Obregon! Death to Carranza!” and there he died. I testify to what happened. I entrusted his soul to God and I thank for I could escape through the sierra.

Pedro G., May 21, 1925

To avoid hitting a girl with a dog I made a sudden turn and almost crashed into a train. Only by a miracle of the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe my car stopped just in few millimeters from the train. I’m offering this retablo in gratitude on the day 30th of September 1957.

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Holy Virgin of Guadalupe, although we were soldiers, we were also guadalupans, Mexicans so we entrusted ourselves to you. We fought revolutionaries but we only followed the orders. The 32 battalion from Zacatecas offers you this retablo for helping us when we were surrounded. Although we were outnumbered but you gave us aiming accuracy so the rebels retreated to the mountains. I, Casildo Perez, testify to this.

Zacatecas, October 24, 1914

Virgin of Guadalupe, we dedicate this retablo to you for surviving after trying to cross the railroads before the approaching train. Finding ourselves in such disgrace we entrusted ourselves to you and managed to escape from the car. We thank you.

Federico and Luisa, 1969

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My cow Luisa wouldn’t leave the tracks, and the train was closer and closer. Only a miracle could save her. I prayed the Virgin of Guadalupe, and she made the miracle. Luisa saw opuntia prickly pears and went to eat them.

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Virgin of San Juan, I dedicate you this ex-voto. I fell of the train, but nothing serious happened. Jasinto Robledo gives thanks.

Zacatecas, 6th November, 1939

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May you be blessed, Virgin of Guadalupe, for working that miracle for me. I survived after I had tried to cross the railroad just before the approaching train. Finding myself in fatal danger I implored to you and was able to get out of my car. I bring this retablo to your altar.

Roman, 10–Dec–1990

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I dedicate this retablo to the Christ of Medinacelli for being lucky to survive a very horrible railroad accident in which all others died.

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