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Raul Lopez thanks Saint Paschal for he didn’t faint at the moment of sacrificing of the pig for the celebration of his godson. Raul is afraid of blood, but it was him who had the honor of killing the animal according to the tradition.

Rosito Lagaretta had a stomachache after eating his mother-in-law’s soup. He didn’t know she had tried to kill him and had poisoned the soup. When he found out about it, he asked Saint Cyprian for helping him get rid of his mother-in-law. One day she had a party and poisoned the orgeat syrup. But she was a fool to not know that Rosito doesn’t drink anything but beer. His mother-in-law and her daughter got drunk at the party and when they got thirsty they drank all the orgeat.

Now my wife rests in peace. I thank for her mother kicked the bucket alongside with her because I couldn’t stand her. She was treating me very badly.


Virgin of Guadalupe, I dedicate this ex-voto in the name of all those women cowardly killed in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. I ask, with all my heart, to repose their souls in the paradise, for the sake of their families’ comfort.

January 25, 2004

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I thank the Holy Face of Acapulco for I killed my husband and they did nothing to me for that.

Maria Reyes
December 17, 1990

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Nayely thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe in the name of all those women cowardly killed in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. I ask, with all my heart and with tears in my eyes, to repose their souls in the paradise, for the sake of their families’ comfort

Mexico, 2004

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I thank you, Virgin of San Juan, for all your favors. I decided to leave my husband after he had put horns on me. I kicked him out, but the next day he came back to kill me. Gaston, my husband, shot me. My wound was serious, but I prayed to the Virgin of San Juan fro my life. And she saved me.

Monterrey, 1952

Ramon Reina thanks the Virgin for getting free out of prison.

December 21, 2010
Chalco, Mexico

Ramon Reina was held on suspicion of murder of a 30-year-old woman. Thanks to the Virgin.

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We thank the Merciful Lord and dedicate him this retablo. My husband was accused in murder of our household manager as if he cut him in pieces and buried in the basement. But two agents from the precinct came over and didn’t find any clues.

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I was a very calm and quiet person but sometimes my wife drove me mad. February 25, 1956, I went so furious I even began strangling her. But then I suddenly heard a noise that distracted me. So I stopped strangling her and saw a strange light in which the image of the Virgin of Zapopan appeared. The Virgin stopped me from killing my wife whom I—when I come to think of it—love very much.

Roberto Gutierrez was paid big sum to kill someone. When he was ready to kill the man he found out that it was his uncle. Roberto immediately repented his bad life and promised to the Lord of the Wonders he’d never do it again.

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I give thanks to the Holy Wrinkled Child for helping me to kill the chupacabra that was eating my sheep and almost ravaged my ranch.

Lupe Jares, 1996

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Thanks to the Virgin of Nazi I finally managed to kill the extraterrestrial who harassed me every night in my room.

Doña Chata, 15th June 1999

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With this drawing your slave Juan Luis Rubert wants to thank you, Saint Francis, for the miracle. My dog Sandy bit the doña Mariela Luisiana del Corral’s big toe. I cared about the wounded woman with all my devotion, in your constant presence, Saint Francis. At that moment her husband arrived and witnessed this scene. He got furious and killed the dog but left Mariela Luisiana del Corral to me for ever.

Cuernavaca, Mexico
December 2013