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Virgin of Guadalupe, I dedicate this exvoto in the name of all those women cowardly murdered in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. Thats’ why I wholeheartedly ask for their souls to find the glory, for the comfort of their families.

October 17, 2005

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I was at the slaughter in Ciudad Juarez on April 2 and survived because I hid myself under the corpse of the Immaculate Conception who took all the bullets shot at me. I thank you, the Pure, for protecting me from certain death.

April 10, 1996

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The night of February 22, 1913, I looked out the window after hearing the noise made by two cars. Everything looked very suspicious so I kept watching. I saw two men cowardly murdered. I didn’t know then that it was the president Francisco I. Madero and the vice-president Pino Suarez. I was scared because there was a big commotion and everyone who passed was arrested for interrogation. Today, after 5 years, I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because I’m alive to tell about it.

P.H.R. — Mexico, 1918

That tragic day—Tuesday, July 17, 1928—when I was attending a big banquet in “La Bombilla” restaurant honoring the elected president Alvaro Obregon who, being curious about some drawings shown to him, look at them, and Leon Toral killed him. After the shock, I entrusted his life to Christ the King, and he will forgive that young man because only God and he himself know why he did it.

Jesus Cristobal, waiter at the place
San Angel, Mexico

Eufemia Ortiz thanks for delivering her from the killer who was abusing and killing women in Guerrero district.

Mexico City, December 24, 1940

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We were going to Veracruz when we were attacked at the Aljibes station. We abandoned the trains because the railroads were mined by the people of Obregon. We continued our way riding horses brought the sierra of Puebla. There were almost a hundred of us, loyal to Carranza. When we met general Rodolfo Herrera he led us to Tlaxcalantongo so we could rest. But at the dawn we heard screams “Viva Obregon! Death to Carranza!” and there he died. I testify to what happened. I entrusted his soul to God and I thank for I could escape through the sierra.

Pedro G., May 21, 1925

I dedicate this retablo and entrust this precious woman to the Holy Cross. Although she was a whore, she gave her life for the cause of the Mexican revolution. She died brutally slaughtered but taking out many federals with her.

Marieta, don’t be flirty
Because men are very bad
They promise lots of gifts
And what they give are pure hits.

Chihuahua, 1912

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1998, German terrorists attacked the skyscraper where my ex-wife worked. I give thanks to Saint Golotea who gave me courage and strength to secretly infiltrate into, to kill 13 scroungers and save the Nakatomi plaza.

I dedicate this retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe in the name of all women in the world for those cowardly murdered in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. With sadness in my heart, I ask you, My Mother, to accept their souls to the heaven, for the comfort of their families.

October 17, 2004

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How infinite those nights when you’re waiting your daughter who went for work. You’re waiting her to come back but she never will. Like many other women who were cowardly murdered here in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. Every night I pray God to rest her soul here on earth and in his kingdom in heaven. We won’t forget them.

Not one more. Mother’s pain.
May 10, 2007

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1925, in Apisaco my husband caught me with my friend and started to shoot at us. I give infinite thanks to Saint Charbel because no bullet hit me, my friend took them all. Now he is at the cemetery and the other on is in the jail.

Raul Lopez thanks Saint Paschal for he didn’t faint at the moment of sacrificing of the pig for the celebration of his godson. Raul is afraid of blood, but it was him who had the honor of killing the animal according to the tradition.

Rosito Lagaretta had a stomachache after eating his mother-in-law’s soup. He didn’t know she had tried to kill him and had poisoned the soup. When he found out about it, he asked Saint Cyprian for helping him get rid of his mother-in-law. One day she had a party and poisoned the orgeat syrup. But she was a fool to not know that Rosito doesn’t drink anything but beer. His mother-in-law and her daughter got drunk at the party and when they got thirsty they drank all the orgeat.

Now my wife rests in peace. I thank for her mother kicked the bucket alongside with her because I couldn’t stand her. She was treating me very badly.