Saint Paschal Baylon

San Pascual Baylón

I was teaching my daughter to cook because she was about to get married. We were chatting and didn’t notice that we had left such a strong fire and the pan with the wild beans was burning and put the kitchen on fire. We implored Saint Paschal Baylon’s help. We could put out the fire with a vase of water. Nothing serious happened and I thank for that.

Ignasia Romero
Zacatlan, Puebla, 1949

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I thank Saint Paschal because in this season of chiles en nogada I was selling them very good. Many people ask me what’s the secret of its taste. And I answer that it’s the love I put into while cooking them and my eternal devotion to Saint Paschal.

Obdulia Reyes
Cholula, Puebla

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Everyone who tasted my sauces made in molcajete pestle told me they are very delicious. So I decided to start selling them. I thank Saint Paschal for the thing have been going well and even people from other cities come to buy them.

Petronila Sanchez, Oaxaca

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Raul Lopez thanks Saint Paschal for he didn’t faint at the moment of sacrificing of the pig for the celebration of his godson. Raul is afraid of blood, but it was him who had the honor of killing the animal according to the tradition.

Yolanda Rivera was hired as a wet-nurse. But the baby had teeth and used to bite her. Yolanda thanks Saint Paschal Baylon because she has found another job and doesn’t have to suffer from this baby anymore.

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My husband Filemon died many years ago. Nevertheless he has keeps visiting me every his birthday to taste what I cook for him since he always loved my food. I thank Saint Paschal Baylon for having made me such a good cook. And I thank for the opportunity to see my beloved husband, although in such peculiar manner, so I never forget him.

I love spicy food, but my wife used to throw too much chili to her stew. I asked Saint Paschal for his divine help because I couldn’t stand the burning it gave me. Now my wife puts just a right amount of chili in the stew.

Casiano Rodriguez, Puebla

My daughter Evelia and I were chatting and forgot that we left a pot with mole on the stove. Meanwhile, we went to the market for turkey, and when we were back, we saw that the pan had been completely burnt and the mole strengthened the fire. It almost burnt our kitchen. We prayed Saint Paschal for help and began to extinguish the fire with the pot with water which miraculously was near to us. We thank the saint for helping us and promise to not be so careless.

Apolonia Tlachi
Zacatlan, 1946

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Gudelia Fernandez offers this retablo to Saint Paschal Baylon because he always helps her in kitchen and makes her food delicious.

Puebla, 1920

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I thank Saint Paschal Baylon for letting me get a job as a cook in the house of good masters. Here I can also raise my son. I dedicate this retablo to my saint patron.

Rosa Maria Medina

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The tortilla vendor Teofila Tecuapetla couldn’t get pregnant in spite of trying hard. She prayed Saint Paschal Baylon and now thank him because she got pregnant and gave birth to twins.

Cholula, 1934

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Elena Gutierrez bring the present retablo to Saint Paschal Baylon thanking him for the company of three white very loving cats.

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I bring this humble retablo as a testimony of my eternal gratitude to Saint Paschal. Thanks to the good taste he gives to my food, I managed to win the first place in the regional mole contest. I was able to help to my congregation with the prize.

Sister Sagrario, Puebla

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