Saint Paschal Baylon

San Pascual Baylón

My children grew up and went to live far away. My husband is almost never at home. I felt very lonely until I found a stray dog ​​and brought it home to care and to feed. I felt so good to have someone to love. I began to bring homeless dogs and cats, and I’m very happy feeding and petting them and watching how they get fat and shiny, with a little care and love. I thank Saint Paschal for this miracle.

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My mother-in-law always criticized my food because she didn’t like me as a daughter-in-law. It was very difficult for me when we were eating. I was in such despair so I entrusted myself to Saint Paschal. Little by little she changed her attitude towards me. Now she even admits that I cook very well, and there is peace among us now.

Guillermina Tehutle
Cholula, Puebla, 1947

The father Macario Mendoza brings the present retablo to Saint Pascual Baylon thanking him for he got recovered from a bad typhus and now can enjoy again chiles en nogada made by the nuns of the convent.

Puebla, 1917

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When I came to work to the Orozco’ house, I had a lot of troubles with Rosa who was the former cook. She got jealous because my dishes tasted better than hers. So she started to spoil my food. I thank Saint Paschal Baylon for the masters noticed it and scolded her before committing an injustice to me. Finally, I was left in peace.

Filomena Salazar \ Zacatlan, Puebla

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Nicolasa Ruiz offers this retablo to Saint Paschal Baylon because he always helps her in kitchen and makes her food delicious.

Puebla, 1923

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Alicia Ramos brings the present retablo to Saint Paschal Baylon and thanks him for helping her to win the traditional cookies contest at the town day. Now she’s famous all over the state.

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I love spicy food, but my Conchita was always overdoing it by putting too much chili in her dishes. I asked Saint Paschal for his divine help because I couldn’t take the food so spicy any longer. Now my wife knows the right amount of chili.

Casiano Hernandez
Puebla, Mexico

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I bring the present retablo to Saint Pascual Baylon who helped me with my tortillas when my mother-in-law had to visit us. They came out well and didn’t burn. She loved my dishes, and I thank for that.

Gregoria Xicotencatl

Tlaxcala, Mexico

The sisters of the Divine Mercy Congregation thank Saint Paschal Baylon with this retablo for their good sales of mole and chiles en nogada. They were selling food to collect money for the reconstruction of the convent damaged by an earthquake.

Puebla de los Angeles, 1958

We were chatting and forgot that we left a pot with mole on the stove. We were cooking it to sale. Then we went to the market for turkey, and when we were back, we saw that the pan had been completely on fire and almost burnt our kitchen. My friend and I desperately prayed Saint Paschal for help and began to extinguish the fire with the pot with water. We managed to do so avoiding big fire, and we thank the saint.

Petra Cosme and Ramona Tlachi / Cuetzalan, 1949

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Doña Rosita Paredes’ kitchen was invaded by rats. She had a toddler and was afraid the rats might bite him. But thanks to Saint Paschal Baylon she managed to get rid of them with a broom, and the rats didn’t bite anyone. She offers this retablo to the saint.

Petra Sanchez was preparing mole at the kitchen when suddenly a rat ran on her leg up to the groin. Petra thanks Saint Paschal Baylon for the rat didn’t bite her.

Puebla, 1917

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I dedicate this retablo to Saint Paschal Baylon because we won a nice American kitchen in a Guanajuato’s radio program raffle. Now I can cook delicious dishes for my husband—green pozole, pork escalopes, tacos al pastor, chicken balls, marinated arrachera steak, meat with mushrooms, grilled ribs, chilaquiles and pork with beens.

Pachuca, January 3, 1969