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I give due thanks to Saint Paschal Baylon, because my kitchen almost got burnt when I threw tomatoes to the boiling lard. It produced fire was so huge that even my cat was frozen with fear. I thank for nothing serious happened at the end and the sauce even turned out to be very good.

Carmen G. Batta / Nepantla

I want to thank Our Lady of Guadalupe with the present exvoto for having met mr. Smith, the owner of the fields where we pick up tomatoes. He is a good man, and he treats us well, and he doesn’t exploit me or my fellows who work for him. He pays us excellent salary which I use to support my family back in Mexico.

Felipe Gonzalez — Florida, USA

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Lorenzo and Susana Morales were selling oranges and tomatoes. But at one ranch they were attacked and bitten by angry dogs. They were scared that the dogs might have been rabid, so they entrusted themselves to the Holy Child of Atocha. They thank because three months have passed by and they have no rabies.