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With fortitude, I survived a peritonitis that almost took my life and I survived in an ICE detention centre where I lived in the last years. I was seeing dehumanisation of people for more than 19 months. ICE is a system created and used to psychologically torture human beings who fall into their claws. I thank God for sending me health and freedom.

Aristoteles, 2020

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Mercedes Salazar wholeheartedly thanks Saint Christopher for the miracle that her husband Alberto came back from the United States to spend Christmas and New Year with her and their two little kids. He was gone for a whole year, and they couldn’t see him and missed him very much.


I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for delivering me from dying being bitten by a rattlesnake when I was resting in the shadow of a cactus. Thanks for I reacted in time and was able to continue my journey, crossing this dangerous desert and getting well to the United States.

Angel H., Puebla, Mexico
March 16, 2013

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My Mother of Guadalupe, I give thanks to you for letting my husband Pedro and my son Daniel and Luis to cross the border well. They got to the US and gained some bucks so we can live here in our beautiful and beloved Mexico. Also, I wholeheartedly beg you, with tears in my eyes, to always protect them.

Alicia Hernandez, December 12, 1985

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I want to thank Our Lady of Guadalupe with the present exvoto for having met mr. Smith, the owner of the fields where we pick up tomatoes. He is a good man, and he treats us well, and he doesn’t exploit me or my fellows who work for him. He pays us excellent salary which I use to support my family back in Mexico.

Felipe Gonzalez — Florida, USA

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I’m infinitely grateful to the Holy Child of Atocha for delivering us from dying drowning in Rio Bravo when we—my son and I—tried to cross it. The current was dangerously dragging us down, and I prayed to the Child and right away saw a branch. I grabbed it and managed to get us out of the river. We arrived well to our destination, finding a job in the United States. I ordered to make this retablo for receiving the favor.

Evaristo and son
Jerez, Zacatecas
December 8, 1980

My children and I give infinite thanks to Our Lady of Guadalupe for taking care of us on our way across the border because the guide who took us to the United States betrayed and left us alone in the desert. But thanks to her divine help we managed to get through it.

Sonora, Mexico

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I got lost in Sonora desert on my way to the United States. After two days of thirst and hunger, I implored Saint Charbel, and I found water between rocks. Then I stuffed myself with some lizards, and after that I was saved. I’m infinitely grateful for that.

Remigio Peres, 1940

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My mother of Guadalupe, I give you thanks for saving me from dying in Arizona desert after the guide had left me to the mercy of fate. I implored to you, and you gave me the strength to get to the US and to fulfill my American dream.

January 25, 1985

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I tried to cross the desert and get to the another side. I walked meaninglessly for many hours, and then I began to feel sick. I decided to take a rest. I sat down, and a scorpion stung my hand. I though I was going to die. In that moment, a devil himself appeared before me and offered to save me in exchange for my soul. I prayed the Virgin for help… and managed to get to the hospital alive. I give thanks.

Ruperto, Sonora, 2020

One day my husband Jose went to the United States to work, and I never heard again from him. I open a fruit shop to support my children, and the things went good thanks to Saint Anthony. The Saint made me another miracle as well. On October 15, 1964, after three years of absence, I received a postcard from my Jose who told me that he was coming back.

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Amatlan, Veracruz, 2014

Virgin of Guadalupe, protect all those immigrants who passed like this through your Mexico. They are also your children and they are looking for their dream which they cannot achieve in their country. Get them well to their destiny, the Mistresses are asking you about them. Thank you!

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for brining me my husband safely back from the United States where he worked as a waiter in a restaurant in the twin towers in New York. When I saw this on tv, I implored for her blessed protection, to look after my husband, and she heard my prayers.

Delfina Arroyo from here, Mexico City
September 30, 2001