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I’m thankful to Jesus Malverde because my business with illegals is going great.

Tony Guerra

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for the miracle that my children, who had gone to the other side as illegals, returned to our village and now we all together work with our livestock, for which I dedicate this retablo.

Felipa Toxqui
Calpan, 1955

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I, Juan Gomez, pay with this retablo giving infinite thanks for not dying drowning in Rio Bravo when I tried to cross it to the United States to get my American dream. I couldn’t do it because of this racist Donald Trump, but I had a dream in which I saw a skeleton pulling Trump to the hell for being such a pig. Viva Mexico, bastards!

May 18, 2019

Immigrants who sank at the drift in Mediterranean sea searching for a better life. They ran from the terrible wars, injustice, discrimination and poverty in their countries, risking their life by facing their destiny—men, women and children. I thank the Christ of the Ocean for they were saved and taken to the coast of Italy, country that opened the doors of friendship and humanity receiving them with respect to the life, for a better world. Bless the path of all immigrants in the world.

A grateful chilango Alfredo Vilchis R.
Corner of the miracles, Minas de Cristo, Mexico City, 2017

I give infinite thanks, with this humble retablo, to Saint Toribio Romo for having found a good family who hired me as a gardener and treats me very good. Being an illegal immigrant here in USA, I was very much worried about finding a good job. But now I’m very happy that I can send money back to my family in Mexico because they need it very much.

Eulalio Lopez ~ Los Angeles, California

Hugo and his son Pedro infinitely thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for giving them strength to cross the Arizona desert, get to the US and fulfill their American dream and make some bucks to support their family in Mexico.

January 25, 1985

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Since Donald Trump began his term as the president of the United States, he dedicate himself to persecuting and attacking thousands of Mexicans—us who honestly work in his country. He deported me and my companions separating us from our families. I beg the Virgin of Guadalupe that Trump wouldn’t win the next election in November.

Felipe N., 2020

Virgin of Guadalupe, bless these great women, the Patronesses of Amatlan, Veracruz, and help so they could keep help all the immigrants who cross this country in search of the American dream putting themselves in many dangers, with the hope to get to their destiny. Only God and they know why they leave their homes and families. For a better future. Protect them, this humble neighborhood painter wholeheartedly asks you.

A. V. R. — Mexico City, 2014
May these women be blessed!

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I’m infinitely grateful to Our Lord who let me see my son again after that terrible tragedy happened in New York on September 11, 2001. He worked there, in the towers, but fortunately that day he didn’t have to work.

Señora Felicitas Romero V.
Calpulalpan, Tlaxcala, 2001

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Sacramento Villareal gives thanks because he managed to arrive to the USA. Rio Bravo was very wide and we almost drown in getting to the American dream. Although the crazy gringo Donald Trump is a reptilian and a Ku Klux Klan member, is a fucking fat racist, his country is Mexican territory.

Los Angeles, California
August 18, 2017

I had to move to live in Europe for many years because of work, and I couldn’t return to Mexico. I thank the Virgin of the Solitude with this retablo because thanks to the classic Mexican movies which I took with me I felt closer to my roots. Especially the movie “Maria Candelaria”. It was my grandparent’s favorite and I watched it with them when I was little.

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With this retablo, I thank the Sacred Heart for all the blessings I received during the 2010–2011. I was waiting one year for my residence permit in Norway, during which I had no work permit, no money, no home, no family, no food or anything. But many angels along the way helped me.

07/03/2011, Oslo, Norway
Daniel Garcia

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Virgin of Guadalupe, we thank you for letting us arrive well to the United States after crossing Arizona desert and for being able to find job. We’ve just get married and we ask you to give us your blessing.

Guadalupe and Ricardo, absent children
Mexico City, March 13, 2009