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I, Timoteo Rodriguez Garcia, and his relatives dedicate this retablo because we almost drown in the strong current trying to cross the Rio Bravo following the American Dream before Donald Trump would build the wall. Crazy fucked up gringo, racist, ku-klux-klan, his whole country is Mexico, bald fatso. Long live the Mexican workers!

Los Angeles, California
June 18, 2017

Thank you, Saint Jude Thaddeus, for miraculously saving my sons during the Rio Bravo crossing when they were going to work in USA looking for a better opportunity.

Paola Valliejo Zambrano
May 19, 1984, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

The Hernandez brothers, Ponciano and Salvador, bring this retablo to Saint Isidor the Labourer because they managed to buy some land in their village for the money they’d earned as farm-workers in USA. They thank from the bottom of their hearts.

Morelia, MIchoacan

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Rosaura Limon wholeheartedly thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for the miracle that her husband Pedro returned home from United States to spend Christmas and New Year with her and children. He went there for work, and they didn’t see him for a whole year. They missed each other a lot.


Jose and his son Daniel thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for giving them strength to cross the Arizona desert and fulfill their American dream—find a job and make some money to support their family back in Mexico.

January 25, 1995

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Virgin of Guadalupe, patroness of Mexico, empress of America, protect the USA and all the latin immigrants of all races and colors who come to that country to work honestly and earn their living, with the spirit and philosophy of Abraham Lincoln. Not let this idiot’s crazy ideas and threats to deprive them of their rights and liberty.

This humble artists A. V. R. asks you for that
Corner of the miracles, Minas de Cristo
Mexico City — May 22, 2016

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for bringing my husband back from the USA. He used to work as a waiter in a restaurant in one of the twin towers in New York. When I saw this on TV, I prayed the Virgin for divine protection and help, and she heard my prayers.

Delfina Montes from here, Mexico City
September 29, 2001

In search of better quality of life for our families, my brother Saul and I decided to go across the border as illegals. Unfortunately, our guide abandoned us in the Arizona desert. With all our faith, we were asking Saint Toribio Romo for protecting us. With his divine help we managed to cross the desert and saved our lives.

Rodrigo Esparza
Durango, Mexico

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We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for making us invisible when the migration patrol was passing by. We were going to cross the river to get to the US and find my cousin who had already found a job for me there. I thank the Virgin for this job will help to support my family.

Anselmo Torres
Michoacan, Mexico, 1987

Francisco Lopez, his wife Maria and their child Jose thank the Virgin of Guadalupe fro giving them the strength to cross the Arizona desert and fulfill their American dream and earn some dollars.

January 25, 1985

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Humberto Castro went to the United States as illegal immigrant and almost died in the desert. He thanks Saint Jude Thaddeus because he was saved, and he promises to not try it again.

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Three cubans spent a month in open sea. Dehydrated by heat they finally arrived to the beaches of Mexico.

I bring this retablo to Saint Christopher as my infinite gratitude for hearing my prayers. I asked so that my son Simon would return home. He went as worker in United States and I was afraid I’d never see him again. He won’t go there ever again.

Apolonia Parra

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