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Thanks, Virgin of Guadalupe, for healing me from a terrible disease that I carelessly caught from a client. I implored her in such a bad situation, and now I’m back to work.

Merced, Mexico, May 2002

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Blessed Heart, I give thanks to you for giving a second chance to live to this woman after she was stabbed. An evil client who was drunk attacked her and left het badly wounded in a hotel room in Merced, Mexico City.

A. V. R. — May 2016

Maria Reyes. A prostitute Maria Inez gives thanks to the Virgin for my work as a prostitute.

Merced, 11–Nov–80

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I give thanks to the Archangel of Justice for I left this disgraceful life I led before suffering insults and abuse from authorities and putting my health in danger. You sent me a man who met me and found out about my past. He fell in love with me and me too. We got married and live very happily.

Margarita, La Doña before
It happened here in Merced, Mexico City

Virgin of Guadalupe, I’m offering you this retablo for getting me out from the life of prostitution and abuse. I met a good man who loves me and doesn’t care about my past. He proposed to me and I’m letting know about my happiness.

Laura M. The Hot Girl
Merced, Mexico City, 20006

Julieta Mondragon orders this retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe because the infection she caught from a client by carelessness wasn’t AIDS. I was so sick from fright, and I entrusted myself to the Virgin, and thanks to her I’m healthy and feeling good.

Merced, Mexico City, 1995

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Our Lady of the Solitude, I’m going to give you thanks for sending me the cure which I asked you for so much finding myself in such a horrible trouble when I was told they were going to cut off my tit because of a torturing pain. In this grief, I entrusted myself to you and was cured in time avoiding this dangerous surgery. Now I’m healthy again and back to work.

Merced, Mexico City, 2003

My husband left me and went to the United States, and I didn’t get any news from him. I was left alone in this big city, without money. I began to work as a prostitute in the Merced district. I ask the Virgin of the Solitude to protect me.

The desperate one — June 7, 2000

Virgin of San Juan, I thank you because I found a job as a stripper. Thanks to that I can support my children. You know I do it not because I like it but out of necessity. And I ask you to protect me in such a tough profession.

Guadalupe “The Cute”
La Merced, Mexico City – June 17, 1995

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Rita Perez thanks the Virgin for she earns enough money to support her kids.

Merced, Mexico City

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May you be blessed, Virgin of Guadalupe, for I found my daughter and didn’t let her to become a bad woman. Now she studies.

Merced, Mexico City – December 12, 1960

I, Maria, give thanks to Saint Sebastian because now I’m feeling better. I was beaten by two men after I refused to go in the hotel with them.

February 10, 2000
Merced, Mexico City

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Virgin of Guadalupe, I dedicate this retablo to you for helping me to met a good man who loves me and who have proposed to me despite of me being a prostitute. I thank you and bring this to your altar.

Carmen Hernandez
Merced, Mexico City, 2004

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