Archangel of Justice

Arcángel Justiciero

It happened on May 17, 1998. When I was coming out a restaurant in Polanco and was going to drop my boss, four subjects blocked my way. They blindfolded me and took me to a suburb. They told me it was a kidnapping. I felt asleep, and the morning I woke up in a drainage in Nezahualcoyotl. Since I saw that my ears weren’t cut off and all my fingers are in place I gratefully dedicate this retablo to the Archangel of Justice for protecting me.

I give thanks to the Archangel of Justice for I left this disgraceful life I led before suffering insults and abuse from authorities and putting my health in danger. You sent me a man who met me and found out about my past. He fell in love with me and me too. We got married and live very happily.

Margarita, La Doña before
It happened here in Merced, Mexico City

When I was returning after a concert, I ran into some bastards who tried to mug me. But they got nothing from me. Then one of them pulled out a gun and put it to my head. I grabbed him and took the gun, but the other one stabbed me. I fell feeling pretty bad. Those two were definitely high. Then the first guy picked up the gun and was going to finish me. That moment, I prayed the Archangel of Justice. Suddenly my pal appeared, and those two ran away, without killing me. Good thing you stopped them in time, pal.

Tepito, Mexico City

During the third bullfight at the arena Plaza Mexico, the Blueyed bull jumped over two barriers right over where we were sitting and almost fell on us. We implored the Angel of Justice and an armed man courageously pushed the bull out. I ordered this retablo for we avoided a tragedy.

Sunday, July 30, 1989

When I got lost, I was attacked. They tried to take my taxi—my only way to earn money after I’d been fired from Ruta 100 (public transport company). I prayed the Angel of Justice, and the attackers suddenly ran away in fear without doing me any harm. I knew it was you, Angel, who scared them away. That’s why I offer this retablo to you, to the protector of all Mexico City’s taxi drivers. It happened in the biggest city in the world—Mexico City.

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I give thanks to the Archangel of Justice because I didn’t get pregnant that awful night when I was raped when I was going home after Mexican Night party on September 15th. Thanks to Archangel for giving me courage to report them to the police since my parents were against it because of fear of revenge. The rapists were caught and went to prison. So they wouldn’t do it anymore, and I don’t wish to anybody what they did to me.

This took place in Jalapa neighborhood at the end of the 20th century.

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Thanks to the Archangel of Justice because “Guadalajara” won The Classic match against “América” with all its damn foreign players. My father-in-law threw me out from his bar because I won the bet against him and now he’s going to shave his head. But I’m cool to celebrate this victory here because I’m a real “Chivas” fan in my heart.

“América” and “Guadalajara” (commonly known as “Chivas” (goats in spanish) because of the goat-mascot) are Mexican professional football clubs. “The Classic” is a football match between them.