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I thank Saint Michael the Archangel with the present retablo for I won the prize and the first place at the town rodeo when I tamed a very angry bull that was famous for throwing everyone who tried to ride him.

Felipe Castillo ~ Tamazula, Durango

A being from another world lived on my bull. Thanks for it didn’t hurt him.

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The bullfighter El Cordoves thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for surviving after being deadly gored.

May 21, 1990

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The torero Catarino Mendoza brings this retablo thanking Saint James for healing the wound on his buttock after being pierced by the bull.

Puebla, 1940

1915, Chiautenpan, Plutarco Sandoval met a bull on his way out of a bar. The bull started to chase him. Plutarco thanks the Holy Virgin for the bull didn’t get him and he only shat his pants out of fear.

We offer this retablo thanking Saint Francis for the miracle of finding that spoiled bull of our master so we won’t be kicked out of the hacienda. We are very grateful.

Julia and her son Bernave, 1949

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Thanks for having a family.

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I thank Saint Liberata. When I was performing at the Plaza in Tabasco, the bull Fanfarron got me badly. But I was lucky—I got only one leg amputated and one eye removed. I’m recovering quite quickly so I could back to bullfighting as soon as possible.

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I offer this retablo to the Virgin of San Juan for delivering me from death when I was attacked by a bull. Finding myself in this fatal danger I implored to you, and you protected me for my family.

Jose P.
Jalisco, 1990

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Virgin of Juquila, thank you for your favors. I miraculously survived after being gored by the bull. I was going cool as a cucumber when the bull attacked me from behind. When he hit me, I went unconscious. Also, I’d like to thank a mister who brought me to his house and tamponed my wounds to stop bleeding. He went for a doctor, and I quickly recovered.

Roque Garcia, 1963

With all my faith, I dedicate this retablo to Saint James the Apostle for protecting me from being kicked by a bull. I got an angry bull, and only thanks to the saint’s divine intervention nothing serious happened.

Carmelo Trujillo

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During the third bullfight at the arena Plaza Mexico, the Blueyed bull jumped over two barriers right over where we were sitting and almost fell on us. We implored the Angel of Justice and an armed man courageously pushed the bull out. I ordered this retablo for we avoided a tragedy.

Sunday, July 30, 1989

The picador Nemesio Gomes thanks Virgin of San Juan with this retablo for his wound has been healed. He was injured when a bull hit him in his butt cheek.

Tlaxcala, 1929