Adan Pacheco

2 a.m., I was driving my taxi around the Xonaca neighborhood. Then a young beautiful nicely-dressed girl stopped me and asked me to drive to a place which turned out to be the Municipal Cemetery. She payed me and left, but instead of going towards the houses near by, she went to the cemetery. She wasn’t quite walking, more like floating. My passenger was a dead girl, so in this danger situation I prayed Our Lord Jesus Nazarene for protection. Thank God, nothing terrible happened. I brings this as a testimony of what happened in Puebla on October 1932.

Filemon Garcia T.

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The Ramirez Acatecatl family was visiting the archeological site in Cacaxtla. Then they noticed a star-shaped UFO that flew over the pyramid at high speed. It made deafening noise, louder than the Concord’s engines. They thank the Virgin of Ocotlan for protecting them from the danger and bring this retablo.

Tlaxcala, July 28, 1975

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On a carriage filled with fish, two peasants Manuel Ruelas and Martin Luk were coming from the port and saw an UFO which hanged upon them and illuminated them with bright light. They prayed to the Virgin of Guadalupe and went fast from there. But the UFO kept chasing them. Then the peasant left the cottage and ran far into the woods. They offer this retablo as gratitude.

Los Mochis, Sinaloa
May 17, 1968

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Jasinta Robledo found herself in a dangerous situation when her husband almost found out about her small secret affair. The husband suddenly came home and almost caught them, but thanks to the Saint Raymond’s intervention Jasinta came through this difficult situation. She offers this retablo for that.

Parral, Chihuahua, 1917

Ricardo Palacio and his wife went as tourists to Yanga Palmillas, a place with a mysterious and marvelous stone ball. When they approached it, they suddenly saw a blazing UFO in shape of a plate appeared and was hanging 100 m high in the air for few minutes. The spouses thank Saint Rose of Lima for protecting them from a danger. They bring this retablo as gratitude.

Cordoba, Veracruz, 1963

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Jose Sanchez saw an UFO at 6 a.m. in his hometown Zihuatanejo. The UFO crashed into a mountain on high speed. 9:30 a.m., others similar UFOs were flying around. They were looking for their lost mate from which remained nothing. I thank the Holy Trinity for protecting me from anything bad and bring this retablo.

Acapulco, July 30, 1977

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Marcos Tepox was coming back home from fork late at night. She was driving on the plateau near San Nicolás de Los Ranchos, between two volcanoes. Suddenly a flying man with wings appeared to him. He flew by the car for a long time, although the speed was over 100 km/h. Marcos got scared and entrusted himself to Saint Sebastian de Aparicio.


Ricardo Arriola went fishing in the open sea with his buddy Eliseo. They were preparing to come back when suddenly a ship in form of flying saucer came out of the water. That moment they prayed the Virgin of Juquila, and it saved them from the danger. They dedicate this retablo.

Puerto Angel, Oaxaca, February 1970

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Don Aureliano Fernandez was going from Mexicali to Durango, and the engine of his car died. While he was trying to repair it two persons approached him very quietly. They appeared literally from nothing. They looked like Scandinavians—with thick blond hair. They offered to help. They just touch the engine and it started itself like a magic. After that they went away and got in their flying saucer. I was so amused I was numb after seeing this. I offer this retablo to Saint Michael Archangel for protecting me from anything bad.

Durango, 1988

Nora Pineda and her brother were on Catemaco Lake and there they saw a giant cone shaped precious crystal. It was multicolor. Suddenly it shattered into small splinters that turned out to be UFO. They went in different direction and flew away into the space. Nora and her brother prayed to the Virgin of Juquila and now they offer the retablo.

January 31, 1962

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Jovita Fernandez, 34, was dumped by her husband. She was left alone, without job and with 5 kids. She opened a bar, and she was doing so well that she bought a house and payed for all her kids’ education. She thanks the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception and offers this retablo.

Tonala, Chiapas, 1970

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Enrique Espinoza, among other people who were at the center of Mexico City that day at noon, became a witness of an unusual incident. An UFO flew over and hanged 100 meters up in the air for whole three minutes. It was possible to see every detail of the flying saucer. The people were so frightened, and now they give thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe with this retablo.

Mexico City
July 29, 1965

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Rodolfo Garcia and his 16-years old daughter were going from the Ojuela village to the middle school in Mapimi. Suddenly, an UFO appeared and washed them over with the bright light. Their clothes got on fire. They prayed Saint Michael the Archangel in fear, and the UFO disappeared. Their burns were pretty serious and they needed help. They went to the hospital. Now, after recovery, they offer this retablo.

Durango, January 22, 1977

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