Saint Rose

Santa Rosa

Ricardo Palacio and his wife went as tourists to Yanga Palmillas, a place with a mysterious and marvelous stone ball. When they approached it, they suddenly saw a blazing UFO in shape of a plate appeared and was hanging 100 m high in the air for few minutes. The spouses thank Saint Rose of Lima for protecting them from a danger. They bring this retablo as gratitude.

Cordoba, Veracruz, 1963

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I offer this retablo to Saint Rose. I decided to visit very famous lesbian tattoo artist in Tijuana to make a surprise for my husband’s birthday. But when my hubby saw my body all covered in tattoos he freaked out and kicked me out. He didn’t want to know me anymore. But the most amazing thing was that after this I came back to Tijuana and went to the lesbian artist with whom I had already started falling in love. Now we’re living and making tattoos together.

With modesty and humility, I dedicate this retablo to Saint Rita so that she would protect and guide on her way the big friend of Mexican people, and made her to become president of U. S. Hillary Clinton was always a nice person and she loves Mexican food.

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On behalf of myself and my friends, Hernesto and Germano, I, Rogelio Fernandez, thank Saint Rose of Lima for a necessary inspiration to create a very cute and successful travesty-act. So now we are in tour in the south of Mexico.

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