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Casimiro Garcia went to gather wood and saw a flying saucer. He entrusted himself to Saint Patrick whom he thanks with this retablo for protecting him so nothing bad happened with him or his donkey. He only pissed his pants out of fear.

Zacatlan, 1948

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Eulalia Tepox heard a noise late at night. It was coming from a henhouse. She grabbed a pistol and went out. There she saw a horrible being—the Chupacabra—who had killed 80 of her chicken. Eulalia started shooting at it but with no result. The monster ran away. Then doña Eulalia entrusted herself to Saint John the Baptist and now thanks for delivering her from a bigger evil. She brings this as her testimony.

San Juan Cuatlancingo, Cholula, 1973

Raymundo Alatriste, a watchman at the archeological zone in La Venta, Tabasco, saw a flying saucer. It had a transparent cabin on the top, so he could see the extraterrestrials inside. It also had a sphere at the bottom, but metallic. The UFO was shining brightly and blowing a green steam. After making few rounds it flew away. Raymundo entrusted himself to Saint Martin de Porres and offers him this retablo.

Tabasco, 1967

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June 24, right in the middle of the night, the martians abducted my buddy. I’m infinitely grateful to Saint Pancras for they didn’t take me so now I have a clear road with his wife.

Santa Rita, 1927

A spaceship landed in the village. The martians were taking the poultry from every person because no one could see them because they made themselves invisible. I thank the Holy Spirit for my dog smelled them and began to bark. The martians got scared so much they lost their invisibility, and then I could saw them. I chased them with my broom. They ran to their ship without my animals.

The sailor Roberto Lopez brings this retablo to Saint Charbel thanking him for having protected him from the threat of an UFO that followed them all day.

Tampico, 1979

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When I came back home after visiting my mother I saw some martians in my bedroom. They were drunk with lemonade. It seems that the lemons had had alcohol effect on the martians and they were in deep sleep. When I scream out of fear, they woke up and escaped through the window to their spaceship. On their way they picked up all the lemons from the trees. I thank the Virgin of San Juan for the martians didn’t do anything to me.

I thank, Virgin of Guadalupe, for helping me to come back from this trip which happened to me the other day when green duendes came to question me about Trix rabbit and where he had hidden the chocolate chips.

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We thank the Virgin of San Juan for giving us the opportunity to see the wonderful sight of a spaceship full of light very close over our heads. We didn’t feel fear at all. We were deeply amazed, and ever since we’re feeling more united, healthier and happier.

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The Ramirez Acatecatl family was visiting the archeological site in Cacaxtla. Then they noticed a star-shaped UFO that flew over the pyramid at high speed. It made deafening noise, louder than the Concord’s engines. They thank the Virgin of Ocotlan for protecting them from the danger and bring this retablo.

Tlaxcala, July 28, 1975

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On a carriage filled with fish, two peasants Manuel Ruelas and Martin Luk were coming from the port and saw an UFO which hanged upon them and illuminated them with bright light. They prayed to the Virgin of Guadalupe and went fast from there. But the UFO kept chasing them. Then the peasant left the cottage and ran far into the woods. They offer this retablo as gratitude.

Los Mochis, Sinaloa
May 17, 1968

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1978, during the town day in Huejotzingo, an UFO abducted my wife and my mother-in-law. Me—I hid myself and prayed the Holy Child of Atocha whom I thank now because the UFO didn’t notice me.


Ricardo Palacio and his wife went as tourists to Yanga Palmillas, a place with a mysterious and marvelous stone ball. When they approached it, they suddenly saw a blazing UFO in shape of a plate appeared and was hanging 100 m high in the air for few minutes. The spouses thank Saint Rose of Lima for protecting them from a danger. They bring this retablo as gratitude.

Cordoba, Veracruz, 1963

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