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Margarito Zapata gives thanks because his cow Aristarca sings. when he milks her, and gives a lot of milk every day.

Zacatecas, August 16, 1944

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Shepherd Rodrigo Rivera was looking after his livestock when suddenly a flying saucer appeared. It took a cow and then disappeared. He gives infinite thanks to Saint Charbel for he didn’t suffer any harm and those martian dummies took a sick cow.

Puebla, 1949

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Ausencio gives infinite thanks to the Lord of Chalma because his cow Pancha is safe after a strong foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in the village that was killing all the animals. He thanks for that.

April 2, 1947, Mexico

Good harvest!

Thanks to saint Jesus Malverde for giving us our marijuana crop. We sold it at a good price and we’ll buy cows and piglets.

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A hail storm ruined the roof of the corral. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because my husband, although very reluctantly, let the animals sleep in the house until he could repair the roof and until it won’t be so cold outside.

Don Venustiano Hernandez’ cows ran away from his land, and he was sad and desperate because he looked for them everywhere but couldn’t find them. He begged Saint Anthony the Great to help him get the cows back, and few days later he found them safe and sound. He thanks for that.

Saltillo, Coahuila

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Gumersinda Cañete’s heifer got sick with a bad indigestion. No remedy would help it, so she implored Saint Francis, and the heifer was cured. She brings this retablo giving thanks for such a particular favor.

Puebla, 1915

Holy Virgin Mary, thanks for this good cow that our uncle Fernando gave us. Thanks to the money from selling her milk we were able to cure my sister Carla. Thank you very much, Holy Virgin Mary.


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Sr. Macario gives infinite thanks to the Lord of Chalma for saving his cow Pancha from dying from a rare disease that was killing all the animals and with no cure from it. He brings this retablo as his gratitude for this.

October 25, 1970
Ixtlahuaca, Mexico

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Señora Delfina infinitely thanks the Virgin of San Juan for granting her son Jesus healing from a severe pneumonia he caught while searching his little cow that got scared of lightnings during a thunderstorm, ran out of the corral and hid in a cave.

Lagos de Moreno, Mexico
August 27, 1993

Two nights ago I was looking for my lost cow, when the Ghost from Sayula appeared. It wanted to take me taking advantage of the moment when I had to do my business. It promised me a good reward. Being under such a pressure, I implored the Virgin of San Juan who helped me to escape well from this horror. This retablo is in gratitude.

Tito Martinez
Mexico, 2018

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Beings from another world were carrying the cow. Thanks for they couldn’t.

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The animals from our farm went sad and lost their appetite. We didn’t know what happened with them. They stopped eating, and we were scared they would die. So we entrusted them to the Holy Child of Atocha who miraculously intervened, and the animals recovered and look better than ever. The hens lay many eggs, the cow gives much more milk, and the piglets look fatter. We give thanks.

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