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Sr. Macario gives infinite thanks to the Lord of Chalma for saving his cow Pancha from dying from a rare disease that was killing all the animals and with no cure from it. He brings this retablo as his gratitude for this.

October 25, 1970
Ixtlahuaca, Mexico

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I thank Saint Roch for protecting me from the Chinese flu and the doctors who take fluid from knees.

Citi of Mejico ~ 17-8-2020

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The villages of Sierra de las Cruces and Monte Alto, state of Mexico, we thank the Holy Lord of Holy Face from Campana, the Lord of the Exaltation from Xochicuautla, the Virgin of Gaudalupe on the board, Mary of Los Remedies, Naucalpan, Saint James of Temoaya, the Holy Lord of Chalma and Saint Michael the Archangel from Ameyalco for covering us with their mantles and keeping COVID-19 away from us. It was invented by the governments to end with villages and old people.

August 2020, CAHD

I’m an American and I’m fascinated by the pre-hispanic cultures of Mexico. Every year I traveled to Mexico on my vacation and I’ve visited Monte Alban, Teotihuacan, Tula, Bonampak. But this year I’ve had to cancel everything because of the coronavirus pandemic. I beg Saint Christopher, patron saint of the travelers, to find a cure from COVID-19 sooner so I could visit the great Chichen Itza in Yucatan.

James White, 2020

San Antonio de Fauci
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Saint patroness of Oaxaca, queen of the Oaxacans, Holy Virgin of the Solitude, in these times of crisis, illness, I implore you to help. Holy Mother, help your town, do not leave us and protect us from this evil. Give us hope and hear your sons calling you before this devastating pandemic. Protect us, Holy Virgin, I beg you.

May 31, 2020

Holy Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, take care of doctors and nurses during this pandemic.

April 2020

Virgin of Guadalupe, I ask you for all the doctors in Mexico and in the world, help them and protect them and their families. Safe them from anything bad. I beg you for all patients with COVID-19 and those who already died—let them rest in eternal peace.

April, 2020

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I thank the Holy Heart of Jesus because through the COVID-19 contingency the chamochelas kiosks weren’t closed. Thanks.

Susana Distancia (Your healthy distance)

Only one person in line. Thank you!
Please, keep your healthy distance.

Chamochela is a beer-based drink prepared with lemon, salt, chili powder and savoury sauce.

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Many thanks, Virgin of Guadalupe, for praying for us that our health wouldn’t fail. And thank you for protecting us from the COVID-19 pandemic. Please, we beg you to pray for us and for all those who have this illness. Amen.

Linda Alberto, 2020

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Saint Expeditus, I ask you with this humble retablo to end this coronavirus pandemic because I miss my secretary Lucy. I cannot see her because of the quarantine, and I’m very desperate being locked in the house with my wife 24 hours a day. If it lasts any longer I’ll go insane.

Mexico, 2020

I give thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe for taking care of my family and for giving us strength to keep painting. I pray to her to take care and guide my loved ones, my friends and those who need it the most, so that we could make it safe and sound through this COVID-19 pandemic. Amen.

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My family and I are asking Saint Jude Thaddeus to stop this pandemic, and thanks to Saint Jude we don’t have COVID-19 coronavirus.

Estela Alberto, 2020

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Holy Trinity! Divine Providence! I humbly ask you, with this retablo, to find the cure for the COVID-19 and therefore stop this terrible pandemic that affected the entire world. I ask you for health to all the people sick with this virus and for eternal peace to those who died.


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