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We wholeheartedly ask the Holy Child of Atocha, with this humble retablo, to end this pandemic, because we weren’t able to celebrate the Christmas holidays as we traditionally do because of COVID-19. We beg to be able to celebrate them the next year with all our relatives and friends.

The Lopez family, 2020

I thank the Holy Spirit for all the favors done for me, a being gifted with balance and temperance. When we thought that the pandemic is going to take us to extermination, it brought us the gift of speculation and power over our subordinates. Thanks for perseverance and omnipotence to control this world which I’ve built along with my gray brotherhood.

Pun in Spanish. When the bureaucrat calls himself a gifted being cer-dotado, the first two syllables, along with starting the word with “c”, are read as “pig”.

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Happened so that in June, in the municipality of Chignahuapan, Puebla, an epidemic broke out among señor Hilario Sanchez’ animals. Finding himself in such distress, he asked, with all his heart, Saint Anthony the Great to not let the animals die. In few days they were cured. He dedicates this humble retablo for such a great miracle.

Blessed Christ, stop and end this damned coronavirus pandemic that has caused so much damage. Deliver us from the evil here on earth and in the heaven as well. Let us earn our daily bread and live our life without forgetting those who have died. I beg you for those who stay here and for the entire world. A humble neighborhood painter Alfredo Vilchis Roque asks you.

Corner of the miracles, Minas de Cristo, Mexico City
July 20, 2020, From Mexico to the World

I’m infinitely grateful to Our Mother Maria of Guadalupe with this exvoto because, in spite of COVID-19 pandemic, we are going to do the annual pilgrimage with the torch run which traverses the whole country till it comes to New York, USA, on December 12.

Mexico, 2020

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Ausencio gives infinite thanks to the Lord of Chalma because his cow Pancha is safe after a strong foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in the village that was killing all the animals. He thanks for that.

April 2, 1947, Mexico

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for looking after me and my family during this COVID-19 sanitary contingency and because those from us who got sick were able to get through, thanks to God and the Holy Virgin. Receive this exvoto painted by Espintla, with all his love.

Mexico, 2020

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We are infinitely thankful to Saint Roch, patron of epidemics, because finally the COVID-19 vaccine has been found. We are asking, with all our faith, to use it to end the pandemic and let all the people in the world—whatever their social or economic status—to get it.


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The turkeys in the region were dying from a very weird illness. Medina Reyes sisters give thanks to the Virgin of the Rosary because their turkeys were saved.

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Holy Child of Atocha, I thank you for having protected our family during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please, deliver us from this terrible illness.

Caroline Bruce Landau, Mexico City, 2020

Caroline is the wife of Cristopher Landau, the US ambassador in Mexico.

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Saint Pantaleon, thank you for health at times of pandemic but ask Saint Expeditus for help so that they would give us the vaccine or our hands become like this parchment.

Thank you, Virgin, although I have less clients because of the pandemic, I hope to gather money for the Christmas.

Nayeli Camacho

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I thank Saint John of God for the talent and compassion of David de Leon and six other plastic artists who painted together a mural “The heroes also cry” in Acapulco as a message of solidarity with the doctors, nurses and all the healthcare personnel during this COVID-19 pandemic.

The survivors, 2020

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