Flor Palomares

My rooster El Dorado came out from a fight in Palenque badly injured and couldn’t heal. I prayed Saint Anthony the Great to make a miracle of healing my rooster, and few days after it was recovered. My rooster became even stronger than ever and the week after won over El Pinto, which was a very fierce rooster. Now my roster is the best in the region, and I dedicate this retablo for that, with devotion.

Macario Trujillo ~ Guanajuato, Mexico

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I thank Saint James the Apostle for my girlfriend didn’t end our relationship after finding out that I’m a stripper. I was hired once to dance striptease at a bachelorette party. I couldn’t imagine that the bachelorette was a friend of my girlfriend and she invited her. Now my girlfriend is really happy because she can always have private dances.

Roman N. \ Puebla

I thank Saint Benedict with the present retablo because my husband’s secretary resigned. She was a very young and beautiful woman and she dressed very sexy and provocative. I was afraid my Rafael would give in to temptation. Now I feel much safer with the new secretary–a much more conservative woman.

Dolores Sotomayor \ Aguascalientes, Mexico

With this humble retablo, I thank the Holy Child of Atocha for protecting me on every November 2. This night my bar is filled with the souls of the dead from the village. They come very happy to celebrate their holiday with a lot of music and mezcal.

Ramiro Dominguez \ Zacatecas, Mexico

At the Christmas party in the neighborhood, I went to put some liquor in my punch. Since I was already tipsy I got into the piñata event and was kicked in the head. I give thanks to the Holy Child of Atocha because I got only the lump. I promise not to drink so much on the December holidays.

Celedonio Hernandez \ Zacatecas, Mexico

My father gave me a horse. But it was so wild he threw me every time. With every fall I hurt myself, but the worst was that I became a joke for everybody at the ranch. I ask the Virgin of San Juan, with all my faith, to help me. Finally I managed to tame the horse. Now my father is very proud of me.

Ponciano Aguilar \ Guadalajara, Jalisco

The people in the village were saying they had seen the Weeping Woman at night. Filled with fear, they shut themselves in their house from early evening. But I didn’t believe in those stories. The other night, I went to gather some fruits in the field and I heard her crying. I got so scared, I got goosebumps. I entrusted myself to Saint Michael and ran away from there. Thanks to the saint’s help nothing bad happened with me. I promise to not laugh at the legends anymore.

Petra Lozano ~ State of Mexico

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August 14, 1927, señor Encarnacion Tinoco fell gravely ill with tertian fever. No human remedy would help him, so he implored the Virgin of Guadalupe and got cured. He brings the present retablo as gratitude.

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We thank Saint Peter with the present retablo because no-one saw us when we made love on the beach. My wife and I wanted to celebrate our anniversary by fulfilling a fantasy which was to have sex on the sand at dawn. It was a fabulous experience that we’ll try to repeat.

Los Cabos, Baja California

I dedicate this humble retablo to Our Lady of Guadalupe in honor of the female soldiers and their admirable bravery shown on the battlefield of Mexican revolution. These women, also known as adelitas, played a fundamental role in defending our homeland by fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with men.


Happened so that in June, in the municipality of Chignahuapan, Puebla, an epidemic broke out among señor Honorio Sanzhez’ animals. Finding himself in such distress he asked Saint Francis of Assisi, with all his heart, to not let the animals die. In few days they were cured. He dedicates this humble retablo for such a great miracle.

I had to carry the firework bull at the feast of the town’s patron saint. But they put too much powder in, I was afraid to burn myself with the fireworks. I entrusted myself to the Virgin of Guadalupe so she would help me, and thanks to her divine help nothing happened to me. I thank for that with this humble retablo.

Bonifacio Negrete \ Zacapoaxtla, Puebla

With this humble retablo, I thank Saint Jude Thaddeus because in Hollywood they created this movie “Coco” in which they show the beautiful and colorful Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead. And it’s absolutely fair that it won the Oscar for the best animated picture.