Flor Palomares

I dedicate this retablo to Saint Peter because he helped me to win the fight with a sailfish which cost me a lot of work and for which I received a big reward.

Nabor Rodruguez ~ Colima

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Zacarias Hernandez used to get into the sea to fish stingrays. But one day a shark came very close to him. He thanks Saint Peter for the shark get away without doing anything to him. He couldn’t have defended himself against such danger, so he dedicates this retablo for that.

Mar de Cortes, Baja California

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Filiberto and I went to the mountains, and there we got a strong desire to make out. So we went to bushes, and there while I was stripping down I saw to my fear a pretty big scorpion that came out from under stones. I give thanks to Saint Fracnis of Assisi for it didn’t sting me since it was a venomous one. I promise to be more modest.

Dorotea \ Durango, México

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I was poor all my life. Although I worked, the money was never enough to have a comfortable life. I was fed up with this situation. I thank Saint Expeditus because I met my Castulo. I don’t care what the people says about our big age difference. He’s rich and can give me the luxury life I always dreamt of.

Alicia N. \ Mazatlán, Sinaloa

Gerardo Morales thanks Saint Charbel with all his heart because he inherited his grad-father’s secret meat recipe which he could use in his small taqueria. It gave a great taste to the tacos, and the clients enjoyed it very much. He dedicates this retablo for such a miracle.

Mexico City

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I couldn’t work because of an illness I had, so I entrusted my self to the Virgin of Guadalupe so that she would help me to heal. Few days later I was completely recovered and could get back to work at my carousel. The things are going well, and I thank for that.

Crisoforo Garza, Monterrey, 1970

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I’m not a good football player but since I’m the son of the team owner the coach always keeps me on the bench. The other day, during a very important match, the forward of my team was injured and I was put to play. I dedicate the present retablo to Saint John Bosco in gratitude for I scored the victory goal although I did it in a very peculiar manner since I didn’t even see the ball coming. It hit me in the face and went into the goal.

Rogelio Sandoval \ Guadalajara, Jalisco

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When I watched the movie “From dusk till dawn” I completely fell in love with Salma Hayek after seeing her dancing with the snake. She became my platonic love. With this retablo, I thank the Saint James the Apostle because after many year of admiring her I finally could see her in person on a red carpet of one of her films. Few minutes I spent near her was the most marvelous moment of my life.

Francisco Ortiz \ Mexico City

Because of rumors my father didn’t accept my boyfriend and even forbade me to see him. But I still met with him secretly. However, one night my father caught us in my bedroom. He was furious, he grabbed his pistol to shoot my boyfriend. I implored Saint Raymond Nonnatus to not let a tragedy happen. The pistol misfired, and my boyfriend managed to escape. Afterwards, I spoke with my father, and he ended up liking my boyfriend. I dedicate this ex-voto for such a great miracle.

Sara Flores — Mexico, 1960

My wife insisted that I go to the gym to exercise in order to get rid of my belly. But I was very lazy. I give thanks to Saint Pancras for finally going there because there are a lot of very beautiful girls with excellent bodies at the gym and whenever I go there I always have a very nice sight.

Rafael Salas \ Apodaca, Nuevo Leon

Every time I had to sell my bread on the street, a very angry dog jumped on me. It barked and chased me for few blocks not letting me deliver the bread to my clients. With all my faith, I asked the Lord of the Wonders for help, and few days later the owners of this dog changed the house and took the dog with them. Now I can work in peace.

Dionisio Castro ~ Puebla de los Angeles

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My husband was a football fan, He used to come home and turn on the TV first thing to wash his games. He didn’t pay me any attention and never had time for the intimacy. I was so desperate I even thought about asking for a divorce. I fervently prayed Saint Barbara, and title by little my husband’s sport fever went down. Now he’s a more loving and, above all, fulfilling husband.

Sandra Cruz \ Torreon, Coahuila

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I went to work to the capital to earn some money to support my little children. It was hard to stay away from them, and the city life was very difficult. With all my heart, I thank the Virgin of the Solitude with this retablo because I came back to my home town and opened a fruit and vegetable stand. The things are going well, and I can support my family.

Abundia Zapata — Chignahuapan, Puebla

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