Flor Palomares

I was taking a customer one day, and he forgot his suitcase with documents and cash in my taxi. When I noticed it I ran out looking for him. Finally I found him and returned him his suitcase untouched. I dedicate this retablo to Saint Nicholas of Bari thanking him for being rewarded for my honesty with money by that mister. I used this money to fix my little car which is my work instrument.

Delfino Buendia, Mexico City

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With great devotion, the foreman Catalino Flores and his fellows from the construction thank the Lord of Chalma with this retablo for helping them to get save till the Holy Cross Day and celebrate it with a big feast, and also for protecting and helping them and always giving them work.

Oaxaca, Mexico

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I wholeheartedly thank Saint James the Apostle because after having tried on several occasions before I finally won the first place at the national championship of bass fishing. For such a miracle, I humbly dedicate this retablo.

Guillermo Carrasco
Tamaulipas, Mexico

Candido Gomez dedicates the present retablo to Saint Martin the Cavalryman for helping me to find a better job. He used to work as a mascot for pizzeria wearing the pizza costume which was very hot, so he fainted a lot, and, beside that, the dogs were constantly barking at him. Now he has a much quieter job.

Mexico City, 1996

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With all my heart, I thank Saint Anthony the Great for working the miracle that my horse El Patro’s back legs have been cured. They were broken and wouldn’t heal. Now he’s feeling very well and runs with great agility at the ranch. My dear friend El Patro.

Teodoro Garcia
Coahuila, 1969

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One night I was woken up by a strange noise in a living room. I went to see what it was and, to my fear, noticed a burglar who got into he house through the window. I hid myself behind the armchair and asked the Lord of the Wonders for his divine help. Suddenly it occurred to me to bark like an angry dog. The burger got scared and ran away without taking anything. I thank for that, with all my faith.

Gaudencio Tepox
Puebla, 1980

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I bring this retablo to the Lord of Chalma for the miracle that my boyfriend stopped drinking and fighting, to my relief and happiness.

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My friend Eladio and I are known as real men and tough guys, so everybody in the town respects us. We give thanks to Saint Michael the Archangel with this retablo because no one knows about our big secret that we go to the mountains to be free with our love affair.

Zacarias N.

With the present retablo, I thank Saint Jude Thaddeus because they’re taking into account and recognizing the Mexican talents in the movie industry more then before, like in the case of my fellow compatriot Guillermo del Toro who won the Oscar for the best director of the fabulous movie “The Shape of Water”.


There was a girl whom I liked very much. But I was scared to tell her. So one night I went to the bar to drink some tequila in order to have courage. Then I went to sing her a serenade, but I was so drunk I got a wrong balcony and sang it to the old maiden of the town. I give thanks to Saint Rita because neither she nor her family recognized me, otherwise, if I had kept singing, they would’ve married me. I promise to be brave in declaring my love feelings to a woman.

Serapio Herrada
Tehuacan, Puebla

When I went to the city to study in the University, I shared the rent for the apartment with a girl who was a lesbian. With the passage of time, living together, I fell in love with her. But I was very much afraid of telling about her to my family. I give infinite thanks to Saints Perpetua and Felicity because when I confessed to my parents they accepted my choice and our relationship. We’re living our love freely and are very happy together.

Paulina and Tania
Merida, Yucatan

My class had low scores because they were very rebellious and didn’t pay attention when I explained the material. Then I got an idea to dress up more provocatively and use my woman features. I give thanks to Saint Patrick for this idea because my class has improved their grades and I no longer have the High School Principal’s pressure on me.

Miss Nadia
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

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Abel C. dedicates this humble retablo to Saint George thanking him for his wife hasn’t found out that he has a habit of spending a lot of money on private dances from sexy strippers at “Table Dance” on weekends. He promises to never forget about his obligations as husband, but will go on satisfying his personal whims, even secretly.

Tijuana, Baja California