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It happened in Morelia, Michoacan. When señora Ramira Lopez got out of the tram, her dress was stuck. When she was being dragged, she implored the Virgin of San Juan, and got out safely, having only her calf hurt. For such a miracle she gives infinite thanks.


A young womanizer Genaro Ramirez lived his life surrounded by women. But when he decided to get married he had a heart attack and fell before the altar. The death caught up with him, his bride will never forget him.

July 13, 1960, Morelia, Michoacan

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I thank Jesus Malverde for I’ve managed to cross into the United States without being seen by the immigration police. I ask to find a good job to transfer to my family.

Donato Casas Maldonado
Morelia, Michoacan, 1972

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April 30, 1935, a tragedy happened with the boy Pedrito. He went to feed the pigs, and one of them bit his arm. In danger of losing his arm, the boy implored the Virgin of Carmel. She had mercy on him and granted him healing. I testify about her miracle in gratitude.

Señora Carmen R,
Morelia, Michoacan

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My boyfriend Jasinto and I were secretly seeing each other by the river for our lovemaking because my daddy didn’t let me have a boyfriend. But the other day, while we were making out, we saw someone passing by. I thank the Holy Lord of Chalma for it was only my grandfather who cannot see very well, so he didn’t notice us. Otherwise, things with my family would have gone very terrible for me.

Lupita R. ~ Morelia, Michoacan

I dedicate the present retablo to Saint Anne for granting me a miracle of being able to organize my Britney Guadalupe’s 15th birthday party. It was my dream since I had no such celebration. I was selling everything: tupperware, clothes, shoes, makeup by catalog and even tamales on Sundays. But it worth to see my little girl as a princess, so happy on her special day.

Carmelita Perez \ Morelia, Michoacan

I thank the Virgin of San Juan for helping me to get safe and sound to the United States, because we crossed the desert.

Sr. Nicolas Prieto Arredondo Salano
August 10, 1977, Morelia, Michoacan

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I dedicate this humble retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe and thank her with ll my hear for giving me the gift of singing. Thanks to my voice I can earn my living performing in canteens and at the town holidays where everyone loves and admires me.

Jose Luis Gallardo ~ Morelia, Michoacan

The Hernandez brothers, Ponciano and Salvador, bring this retablo to Saint Isidor the Labourer because they managed to buy some land in their village for the money they’d earned as farm-workers in USA. They thank from the bottom of their hearts.

Morelia, MIchoacan

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I wanted to impress my neighbor whom I was attracted to. I climbed up a tree to bring her kitten down totally forgetting that I have a fear of heights. I thank Saint Pancras for the firefighters arrived to save me because I was so scared I couldn’t move. The cat meanwhile had come down giving me a great embarrassment. I promise to not doing brave anymore to avoid being a ridicule.

Benito Segura
Morelia, Michoacan

In Morelia, señora Justina Lopez Agua was getting out the tram, and her dress got caught so she fell under the wheels. She implored the Virgin of the Health and was saved. She dedicated this retablo in gratitude.

February 1890

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As I promised, I dedicate this retablo to Saint Anthony of Padua for the miracle of sending me a fiancé. I thought, in my age, I would stay an old maid. I’m very happy with my Evaristo. He loves me, and we are going to get married.

Lolita Torres
Morelia, Michoacan

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Virgin of San Juan, thank you for all your favors. We went to celebrate the Town Day. We visited the church, and after we decided to have some snacks. My little girl carelessly ran to see the firework bull, and one of the petard hit her in the face. Her cheek was badly injured and cut. I took my girl to bandage her face. I was scared that she’d going to die. But thanks to Saint Jude {?) everything ended well.

Apolonia Gomez
Morelia, Michoacan, 1973