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In 1925, a terrible accident happened when the bus, which young Frida Kahlo was traveling in, crashed into a tram. I was present at the moment. I thank Our Holy Mother of Guadalupe because the young girls survived and became a great painter.

Juana Cruz, Mexico City

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It happened in Morelia, Michoacan. When señora Ramira Lopez got out of the tram, her dress was stuck. When she was being dragged, she implored the Virgin of San Juan, and got out safely, having only her calf hurt. For such a miracle she gives infinite thanks.


Muchas gracias to Our Lady of Sorrows for saving the life of our daughter Frida.


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In Morelia, señora Justina Lopez Agua was getting out the tram, and her dress got caught so she fell under the wheels. She implored the Virgin of the Health and was saved. She dedicated this retablo in gratitude.

February 1890

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