Virgin of San Juan

Virgen de San Juan

My husband and I had problems in our love life. But thanks to herbs a witch gave me my husband has become a tiger in bed. Now we are happy and thank the Virgin.

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Everybody loves my cooking. They always asked me what’s my secret. I always laugh but tell no one because it’s the little angels from the Virgin of San Juan who come to help me and give the last touch to my dishes—putting some salt, or some coriander, or parsley. I thank the Virgin of San Juan for this supernatural miracle of sending her angels to help me at the kitchen.

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Alberto Mendoza thanks the Virgin of San Juan for saving him from dying when his horse got mad. In this mortal danger I entrusted myself to you to be saved from dying.

Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico
October 11, 1985

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El Zapo dedicates this retablo to the Virgin of San Juan. He was taking drugs with el Pillo when the devil appeared to them and frightened them a lot. He implored the Virgin so nothing bad would happen to him. They promise to not take drugs anymore and ask the Virgin to not leave them alone since they are many like us at the streets.

July 12, 2000

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Gilberto Velazquez was badly infected with lice and was even expelled from the school because of that. The boy thanks the Virgin of San Juan because his grandmother gave him a homemade remedy. All lice were gone, and he didn’t have to go bald.

My daughters didn’t get along and were constantly fighting. But when we moved to the beach, they started to play with the dolphins. It made them very happy so they became good friends. I thank the Virgin of San Juan for this miracle.

Abelino Sanchez thanks the Virgin of San Juan for protecting him that night when the town lumberyard got on fire. The flames were very powerful but he managed to break through without burns, get to the fire and extinguish it.

Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco

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1927, Benita Ruiz’ husband kicked the bucked and she was left all alone. Benita entrusted herself to the Virgin of San Juan, and with her help she could survive with children working as a laundrywoman. She thanks the Virgin.

Rodrigo Guzman came home drunk and without keys. Therefore he got an idea to break a window with his hand but cut himself so badly that he ended up in the hospital. He thanks the Virgin of San Juan for his recovery and promises to cut back on booze.

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A hail storm ruined the roof of the corral. I thank the Virgin of San Juan because my husband, although reluctantly, let the animals sleep in the house until he could repair the roof and until it won’t be so cold outside.

Marina Rios

Leaving the bar, my old man and I met extraterrestrials who wanted to take us to their planet. I thank the Virgin of San Juan for protecting us from these little creatures.

Tlaxcala, 1985

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Holy Virgin of San Juan, I dedicate this retablo to you for letting my sons, Juan and Pedro, cross the Rio Bravo (Rio Grande) and get to USA, in spite of one of them being nearly drowned.

A grateful mother
Jalisco, 1983

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Virgin of San Juan, I dedicate this retablo to your honor because my spine is alright. I injured it when the horse fell on me. I thank for staying well.

Ramon Luna – Jalisco, 1945

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