Virgin of San Juan

Virgen de San Juan

A bus that was going to Santo Tomas lost the brakes and went down the hill. But Our Lady of San Juan sent her angels to hold the bus. They drove the bus to the tree that stopped it. The driver Justiniano Medina thanks the Virgin for the miracle.

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I took my children to visit my grand-mother. We were chatting with her so long so it was pretty late when we were ready to return home. We chose a short way—through the woods. It was very scary at night. It seemed that the trees had angry faces and the branches became long hands and they tried to catch us. The animals around us were crying and making scary noises. We thank the Virgin of San Juan for protecting us on our way. We arrived home safe and sound. At home, I made us some hot lime-flower tea in order to get over the fear.

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I thank the Virgin of San Juan because my children won a calf in the church lottery.

Acadia Martinez Lopez

I offer this retablo to the Virgin of San Juan for delivering me from death when I was attacked by a bull. Finding myself in this fatal danger I implored to you, and you protected me for my family.

Jose P.
Jalisco, 1990

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I was chatting with my friend and by a stupid accident let the stroller with my baby. The stroller went down a steep hill. I thank the Virgin of San Juan because the stroller didn’t fell down and nothing happened with my baby boy. On the contrary, he was laughing and seemed very happy about it.

Virgin of San Juan, thank you for your favors. I thank because my adorable Nuco has returned to me. He dumped cause of a misunderstanding but one year later he has come back. We went for a iconic with our friends to celebrate it, and afterwards we visited the temple to exchange vows to love each other till death do us apart.

Dario Magana
Mexico City, 1971

I found Luis sleeping with the pigs. Please, Virgin, cure him.

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The teacher Ramona Rodrigues was assigned to a class in a school filled with rats and other pests. The children seemed to get used to it but she was completely frightened. She thanks the Virgin of San Juan for she was transferred in another school after all, and even the kids over there were smarter.

I thank you, Virgin of San Juan, for your favors. I had vacations and decided to visit my cousins in Michoacan. On my road to them I saw a completely naked woman sitting on a rock. When I got closer, she changed her color. It was, no more no less, the devil himself. I entrusted myself to the Holy Virgin, grabbed my cross and the devil disappeared in the air right away.

Maximino Arroyo, 1975

Señora Agustina Lopez took her little son to the doctor because he had a terrible pain in the ear. To their surprise, they found a cockroach in the ear. Señora thanks the Virgin of San Juan for it was nothing serious with the boy although he suffered from pain.

All the red fruits and vegetables in my refrigerator were mysteriously disappearing. I was intrigued until one night I went to the kitchen for a glass of water and found out that a vegetarian vampire was the thief. I thank the Virgin of San Juan because my dog barked and growled and bit him. The vampire got so scared, he never came back. So it wouldn’t occur to him to change his diet and to suck my blood.

On the Night of the Dead, our friends, my husband and I were going to the capital. We stopped to have a rest and to eat in a remote village in San Luis Potoci. We noticed there was a hall where the celebration was going on. So we decided to dance a little. But at the midnight all the inhabitants of the village turned into skeletons. We got scared and ran away. We thank the Virgin of San Juan for the dead men didn’t do anything to us.

When my husband and I went to visit our relatives in Veracruz we had to go in a boat by the river. Then some giant crocodiles began to surround us. It was getting harder to row because of the stones and mangroves. But thanks to the Virgin of San Juan we managed to get to the house of our relatives safe and sound and no animal attacked us. We offer this retablo to the Virgin.

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