Virgin of San Juan

Virgen de San Juan

Virgin of San Juan, I bring you this retablo in gratitude for granting me the miracle of saving my baby, when I fell down the stairs and went urgently to the hospital. We are safe and healthy thanks to the medics.

Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, Mexico
May 10, 2003

I was walking with my children down the street, when suddenly a demon came out to take us. I entrusted myself to you, Virgin of San Juan, and you saved us. Miraculous Virgin, many thanks.

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Roberta Barrales brings the present retablo, with great devotion, to the Virgin of San Juan thanking her because her friend Frida the painter had an improvement in her illness.

Mexico, 1945

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Teodoro Martinez has a relationship with two Venusians. We are deeply in love, and they came to live in my house.

Oaxaca, September 9, 1969

Virgin of San Juan, I’m eternally grateful and dedicate you the present retablo for saving me from losing my left titty. It wasn’t cancer, and I avoided a surgery.

Señora Juana P.
Tacubaya, Mexico City, May 10, 2015

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I thank because when the bull from the Sunday bullfighting jumped over the barrier it didn’t hurt my daughters who sat in the first row.

May 5, 1955

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Pedro Perez got very drunk, fell asleep on a nopal cactus and suffered many cuts. He’s infinitely grateful to the Virgin of San Juan for this lesson and promises to straighten up.

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I thank the Virgin because thanks to my work as a seamstress I am able to support all the doggies I take from the street, and they give me a lot f love and keep me a company.

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Felipa Ortiz was pregnant and was about to give birth, but she was worrying because she didn’t have money to pay to a midwife. She fervently thanks the Virgin of San Juan because Frida the painter paid all the expenses of the childbirth.

Puebla, 1940

Rodrigo Meneses made bandits angry by not cooperating with them, and they tied him to the railway tracks. He fervently thanks the Virgin of San Juan because he was able to get out before passing of the train.

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One dark night, I was coming back from the San Juan fair with my donkeys. Suddenly the sly was lightened with many lightnings. With that light I could see that I was near a cliff and almost fell off with my donkeys. I thank the Virgin of San Juan for the miracle of lighting up my way and saving my life.

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Virgin of San Juan, I thank you for giving me strength to give birth to my son at home, because I had a premature labour and couldn’t get to the hospital.

Maricarmen, Mexico City, 10–07–1996

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Dionicio thanks the Virgin of San Juan for saving him from dying when his horse went crazy and ran away with him being unable to control it until his dog Manchas was able to stop it and saved him in this way.

January 15, 1985
Ixtlahuaca, Mexico

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