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My husband loved dancing a lot, and I preferred not to because I had two left feet. Then I found out that my husband was going to the cabaret just to dance, and just thinking of him being in the arms of another woman—even just for dances—made me frantic. I prayed the Virgin of Zapopan, and my friend Lolita gave me dancing lessons. By a miracle, I learned something, and now I’m dancing with my husband and feel myself much confident.

I thank Saint Benedict with the present retablo because my husband’s secretary resigned. She was a very young and beautiful woman and she dressed very sexy and provocative. I was afraid my Rafael would give in to temptation. Now I feel much safer with the new secretary–a much more conservative woman.

Dolores Sotomayor \ Aguascalientes, Mexico

Angelica Telles got drunk of jealousy of seeing her cousin getting married. She undressed during the reception and started dancing naked. She thanks Saint Mariana for her family didn’t disown her and forgave her.

My brother was very jealous and was kicking out all my suitors. I was worried and afraid that I might end up like an old maid. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan with all my heart because one day came the revulutionaries and took my brother to fight with them. So now I can relax with my beloved one.

Yolanda Garcia \ Piedras Negras, Coahuila

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving me from the death when my buddy stabbed me. He was very angry after hearing that I was in love with his wife which was not true.

1934, Jose P.

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Roberto Garcia had such a jealous girlfriend that one day she even stabbed him in the back because she thought he had cheated on her. He thanks the Virgin of San Juan for saving his life and for getting rid of this crazy woman.

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A mermaid fell in love with my Manuel. She was so jealous with me she grabbed my hair and tried to drown me taking to the bottom of the sea. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because Manuel had enough strength to not let the mermaid take me and he saved me.

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Agustin Fernandez married a very jealous woman, and he suffered a lot. He prayed Saint Augustine, and with his help his wife calmed down her jealousy. Now they are very happy and thank for that infinitely.

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I married Jose a year after he became a widower when his first wife died on the day of the wedding because of indigestion after eating too much. Turned out that the ghost of the first wife was very jealous. She began to appear at nights with the angry face and scared me a lot. Then I ordered a novena for her soul, and it made the ghost to go away and rest in peace. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because now I’m happy with Jose.

My husband loved his fighting rooster very much. One day he rooster got sick and it greatly saddened my husband. I wasn’t particularly fond of the cock because y husband spent all his time with him giving him a lot of attention. But when I saw how deeply my husband cared for the rooster’s health, I went to the witch doctor. She gave me a potion. We gave it to the rooster, and he recovered quickly after that. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because my husband was so grateful for saving his rooster he treats me with gifts every day.

The jealousy devil used to watch me with my fiancé and made so we were constantly fighting. One day we were about to quarrel when my dog began to growl and bark. The we saw the devil with our own eyes. The dog ran after him and bit his tail. After that incident the devil wouldn’t come back, and we have been living very happily ever since. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe.

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Since my cousin came to live with me, she was constantly flirting with my boyfriend. She used to put her mini-skirt every time he was coming to me. I’m thanking the Virgin of San Juan for my cousin moved back to her town and my boyfriend never payed her attention. I’m feel myself calm and happy now.

Azucena Godínez
Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala

I was a very jealous man. My jealousy went to extremes when I saw my beautiful wife reading a letter. I thought it was from a lover. The demon of jealousy clouded my mind and made me take the gun and point it to my wife. But then I felt two small hands pulling the gun aside. Later I found out that the letter was from my wife’s grandmother. I thank the Holy Spirit for sending a little angel to save me from this horrible crime and for my wife forgave me for being such an idiot.