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Pedro, with few tequilas in his head, stabbed his buddy because of a calumny, as he was told that his buddy was having love affairs with his wife. When he found out the truth, he repented and implored the Virgin of Guadalupe to save his buddy’s from dying promising to offer a retablo. Now I keep my promise because he forgave me and we are friends again. We give thanks.

Tacubaya, Mexico, October 2, 1963

My brother was very jealous and was kicking all my suitors out. I was worried and afraid that I might end up being an old maid. I thank the Virgin of San Juan, with all my heart, because one day came the revolutionaries and took my brother to fight along with them. So now I can relax with my beloved one.

Yolanda Garcia — Piedras Negras, Coahuila

Gustavo Lopez was having a diner with his cousin when his girlfriend, crazy of jealousy, came and stab him in his neck with a broken glass. He fervently thanks Saint Raymond with this retablo for his recovery and for that crazy broad was put behind bars.

Edith and I were friends since childhood. But when I presented her my new boyfriend, he told me that she flirted with him. I believe him, because I loved him, and I lashed out against my friend. I thank Saint Charbel because we found out that he played with both of us and we didn’t lose our precious friendship over this jerk.

Alma Suarez — Puebla, Mexico

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Virgin of San Juan, for helping me to get through a dangerous surgery on my stomach, I thank you. I was stabbed by my husband who thought I was cheating on me with another man. My life was in danger.

Irene, Jalisco, Mexico
September 19, 2000

Virgin of Guadalupe, I ask you for a boyfriend for my sister Maria so she would stop being bitter about it and let Jasinto to be my boyfriend.

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A mermaid fell in love with my boyfriend Arturo. She was so jealous with me that she came out during a boat ride, grabbed my hair and tried to drown me taking to the bottom of the sea. I thank the Virgin of Tepeyac for Arturo had enough strength to pull me out and not let the mermaid take me to sure death.

Rosa Moreno
Tulum, Mexico, 2006

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When Elisa and I were engaged, she was so jealous that on the day of the wedding, after the banquet, she was on edge and she died of indigestion. Three years later I decided to marry again. I met a nice beautiful girl, and we got married. After our honeymoon, when we were back, Elisa’s ghost began to appear in our bedroom. She was furious and stared at us with anger. I was frightened, I prayed the Virgin of Zapopan for her soul. I even brought a priest and sprinkled holy water. Her soul rested in peace, and now we can sleep with peace.

Ramiro Balbuena, 1960

Virgin of Guadalupe, I ask you, please, so that my girlfriend Rosalba Perez wouldn’t make me suffer and wouldn’t go to the beach to dance with her friends because it makes me jealous.

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Thank you, Virgin of the Solitude, for helping me so Jose The Bull didn’t break our relationship. He’s very jealous when other wrestlers talk with me. I, The Chameleon.

Mexico, March 21, 1989

Thanks, Virgin of Guadalupe, because my husband forgave me after seeing me in the arms of a so to say friend of mine. We hadn’t seen each other many years, and I invited her for a drink. We began to toast, and she took me to dance, warmed up after drinking. My husband imagined the worst thing about me and wanted to divorce me. I begged you not to let this happen, and he forgave me. I’m very grateful and bring you this retablo.

Mexico, May 18, 1969

When I came back from mass with my daughter, my husband, full of rage, began to beat me out of jealousy telling me “Whom you’re going to see dressed up so nicely with this shawl?” He kept on beating me without any reason. Suddenly he fell back when his leg got tangled in my shawl. He stood up asking forgiveness. He said someone had pulled him back. Here I testify the miracle made for me by the Virgin of the Shawl because now my husband loves me very much.

Señora Brijida M. G.
Zapopan, Jalisco, 2012

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for the miracle of saving my life when my buddy put bullets into me thinking that I was in love with his wife.

Gabino M. — Mexico City, May 14, 1996