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I wholeheartedly thank Saint Anthony of Padua for delivering my son Valentin from a love pain caused by an evil woman who cheated on him. That’s why he was spending all his time drinking. I was heart-broken. But thanks to the divine intervention, my boy is back to work now. He’s calm and peaceful now, and I bring this retablo for that.

Eduviges Salazar — Guanajuato, Mexico

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Every time my colleagues and I went to sing serenades I used to pass a couple of tequilas to warm up my voice. But lately I was going out of hand with it to the extent of coming drunk and spoiling the serenades. I thank Saint Cecily because my colleagues gave me another opportunity, and I promised them to become an abstinent mariachi again.

Paulino Fernandez
Aguascalientes, Mexico

Maleno Romero had diarrhea and strong pains in stomach for several days. To such degree that when he was cross arm drinking with his buddy in the canteen he dropped a poop. Since no remedy would help him, he implored Saint Pancras, and was cured. He fervently thanks him for that.

Puebla, 1914

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I thank for I have a new boss now who gives me everything—woman and liquor non-stop.

Priest Fidel — Oaxaca, Mexico, 1965

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Ramon Telles got drunk and went flirting with a girlfriend of a wrestler, but the wrestler kicked his ass. He thanks Saint Jude because he just got out of the hospital…

November 2, Fidencio and Laureano Trejo went to the cemetery to drink and met a mister who sat on a grave. He wanted to give them a chest full of gold so they would keep enjoying their sin, but suddenly the brothers realized it was a dead man who was speaking with them. They implored Saint Benedict for help to protect them and not to let anything happen to them. They promise to cut down on booze and respect the dead.

Oaxaca, Mexico

The Morales sisters, Ramona and Sara, were heartbroken because their drunkard brother was in such a bad condition he was about to kick the bucket. But they implored the Merciful Lord, and the brother began to recover and got healthy again, for which they infinitely thank.

Puebla, 1917

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At the Christmas party in the neighborhood, I put too much liquor in my punch. Since I was getting tipsy, I came where doña Juanita was about to hit the piñata and she gave me such a tremendous kick in the head that I even saw stars. I give thanks to the Lord of the Wonders because nothing serious happened to me and I only got a lump. I promise not to drink so much on December holidays.

Lucio Pacheco

My husband and I organized the New Year’s Eve party in our house. We all got drunk, and I ended up having sex with my husband’s colleague. I wholeheartedly thank Saint Raymond because my husband has never found out about it. Although I feel remorse, it was an emotional and exciting adventure.

Virgin of Guadalupe, we dedicate you this one for delivering my buddy from dying from a horrible hangover. When I saw how bad he was, I entrusted him to you and asked to alleviate his pain and you did so.

Angel & Jose
Mexico City, December 12, 1993

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Mr. Benito thanks Saint Jude Thaddeus because, being drowned in the vice of drinking, he was left without job and dumped by his wife. But he find help in the AA group and could get out this damned vice. He promise not to drink again.

Golondrinas, Mexico City, October 28, 2011

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My old man Cirilo used to drink in the bar with his friends. I was very desperate because he couldn’t stop. I begged the Holy Lord of Chalma to help him to quit this sin, and thanks to his divine intervention my old man amended his ways and became a good worker.

Domitila Castrejon ~ Tlaquepaque, Jalisco

Anselmo Barrientos was resting after the work in the field. He was drinking pulque when the bony Death appeared. Anselmo wasn’t a young man, but still he had no desire to die yet. He prayed the Lord of Blue Eye. The Lord scared the Death away, and it left Anselmo in peace.

Texcoco, Mexico, 1923

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