Blessed Sacrament

Divino Sacramento

My husband loved to get drunk in a canteen, and he did it very frequently. But one day he met the Huerta brothers’ skeletons there. They had died because of drinking. They invited him to drink for a good life. I thank the Blessed Sacrament because my husband stopped drinking of fright and now only drinks some beer once a while.

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On their way back from the celebration in Lagos de Moreno where they got pretty drunk, the Vasquez ran into the Weeping Woman ghost who blocked the road. They prayed to the Blessed Sacrament for protection from the ghost. The brothers managed to ran home safe and sound but got so scared they stopped drinking ever since.

When my brother and I were coming back to the village, we were caught by hail storm. We thank the Blessed Sacrament for we didn’t get frozen, nor our donkeys, and for we got home.

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I love swinging over the cliff. It gives me the feeling of flying like the birds. I thank the Blessed Sacrament because I haven’t had accidents by my negligence, and I thank for this wonderful feeling of freedom.

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We thank the Blessed Sacraments because we managed to bring all our animals to the church for the priest’s blessing.

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When I was fishing one night, my boat started to sink. The sea was filled with sharks. I was scared and began to pray the Blessed Sacrament for help. They made the miracle and send me a giant bird which pulled me out of the water before I was attacked by the sharks. I thank the Blessed Sacrament.

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A real she-devil came to our town. She looked like a nice, well-educated, friendly lady, but my friends and I were afraid of her. There was always the sulphur smell after she left. But we were so scared and afraid that she could do something to us or our families, we couldn’t refuse to have her when she visited us. She always came for a tea, or a dinner. And she was very voracious. We thank the Blessed Sacrament because on the Holy Week the she-devil disappeared and we haven’t seen her since.

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The night of September 30, I was coming back to my ranch when I was attacked by bandits. They beat me, tied me up, put a gag in my mouth and left me in a pit in mountains. I thank the Blessed Sacrament for my dog found me and I was saved.

Samuel Martinez

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One night I camped in the mountains, and some extraterrestrials appeared to me. First I got scared but then, while the martians were looking for plants in the forest, I felt very peacefully. But when they flew away, the fear came back. I rushed to the tavern in the nearest village. I thank the Blessed Sacrament for the martians didn’t take me with them.

One night I camped in the mountains. I made a fire to keep it warm and to keep the wolves away and went to sleep. But when the fire got out the wolves came closer. I woke up because they were grunting near me. I was scared, and I entrusted myself to the Blessed Sacrament asking for help. Then a marvelous miracle happened. A circle of light surrounded me. When one wolf tried to enter inside the circle, it howled from a terrible pain and ran away. It scared the others wolves away. They left me in peace, and I thank for that miracle.

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Marcela Rodriguez always wanted to be a famous opera singer, but she never had the opportunity to do it. So she organized a marvelous choir with her farm animals. Many people from different places came to listen this marvel. Marcela thanks the Blessed Sacrament for achieving her dream.

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Miguel Martinez went through the forest at the dusk. Suddenly he ran into a witch sitting on her broom. He made his horse to run as fast as the wind. He managed to escape from the witch. He thanks the Blessed Sacrament for she didn’t curse him nor did she put an evil eye on him.

It was very late at night when my sister Lourdes and I were coming back from the movies. We were followed by some skeletons in a red car. They asked us to have a ride. We got scared and ran away, because not only they were dead men but also dead drunk. We thank the Blessed Sacrament for we escaped from these ghosts.