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My son Jesus lost in the mountains with the donkeys. My daughters and I are thankful to the Virgin of San Juan because four days later, after many our prayers, Jesus found his way back home. A beam of light guided him out and he returned safe and sound as well as his donkeys.

Nora Pineda and her brother were on Catemaco Lake and there they saw a giant cone shaped precious crystal. It was multicolor. Suddenly it shattered into small splinters that turned out to be UFO. They went in different direction and flew away into the space. Nora and her brother prayed to the Virgin of Juquila and now they offer the retablo.

January 31, 1962

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I was reading a book before going to sleep and suddenly saw a light from another world through the window. Then some martians came inside my house boating in the air. I was scared to death thinking they were to abduct me for their experiments. But thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe, I must admit, they were very polite. They only sniffed around and ate the fruits that were on the table. Then they left to their ship.

After turning off the lights in our bedroom, strange things began to happen. The chairs were flying around, and ghastly beings with horrible faces appeared. My husband—who fells asleep right away after putting his head on the pillow—mocked me and said that I was crazy. Until one day a bony hand took his feet and pulled him from the bed. That scared him all right, and we moved to another house. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because our new house is so pretty.

Beings from other dimensions visit the boy Ramiro. Look after him, Saint John.

Humberto Rodriguez, 23 years old, went camping with four his friends in vicinity of Cocoyoc, Morelos. 11 p.m., he moved away fro the group and immediately was taken up in the air by a bright light ray. He was brought right inside an UFO. 30 minutes later, he returned to his friends. They were scared and looking for him. Humberto told he remembered nothing besides that he had been praying to the Virgin of the Holy Heart. He brings this retablo as testimony.

Mexico City, 2003

I was a very calm and quiet person but sometimes my wife drove me mad. February 25, 1956, I went so furious I even began strangling her. But then I suddenly heard a noise that distracted me. So I stopped strangling her and saw a strange light in which the image of the Virgin of Zapopan appeared. The Virgin stopped me from killing my wife whom I—when I come to think of it—love very much.

A giant hole opened in the wall of my living room, and some strange creatures form another world began to appear from it. They invaded my house, and it was very annoying to have that whole strange multitude around. Thanks to my prayers to the Virgin of Guadalupe the hole closed and sucked all the beings back inside. So now my house is quite and cozy again.

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One night I camped in the mountains. I made a fire to keep it warm and to keep the wolves away and went to sleep. But when the fire got out the wolves came closer. I woke up because they were grunting near me. I was scared, and I entrusted myself to the Blessed Sacrament asking for help. Then a marvelous miracle happened. A circle of light surrounded me. When one wolf tried to enter inside the circle, it howled from a terrible pain and ran away. It scared the others wolves away. They left me in peace, and I thank for that miracle.

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The Hernandez sisters’ mother was very sick. They were very worried and prayed to the Virgin of Guadalupe for a miracle. And the miracle happened when Adela suddenly started to scatter luminous powder and small stars from her hands. It all floated by the room and shined like tiny sparks only much more beautiful. They wrapped around the sick mother and her sleep became calmer. Next morning she woke up healed. Her daughters give thanks for this miracle.

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I had a huge problem. When I met a nice guy, it all was going well until we went on a romantic date. When they tried to hug me or even grab my hand, I suddenly became electric and shocked them with electricity. After the shock every man ran away from me. I prayed to the Virgin because I didn’t want to be an old maid. She worked a miracle and made my charge less harmful, leaving me with a soft magnetic attraction. Now I have a boyfriend, and I thank the Virgin.