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May you be blessed Virgin of Guadalupe for the miracle that Luis moved to live with me. We love each other, although his family doesn’t accept our relationship. But we aren’t afraid to be who we are.

Acapulco, Luis & Jilberto, February 14, 1985

I thank Saint Jude because finally my friend Lorena moved to live with me.

Zully Camacho

Since I lost my job and we didn’t have enough money to pay our rent, my wife and I had to move with her mother. My mother-in-law was a dressmaker, and she didn’t like that I stayed in her house doing nothing. So she asked me to be her model. I thank Saint Sebastian for my friends and relatives never found out that I was trying on dresses, so I kept it in secret.

Guillermo R. \ Merida, Yucatan

My cats are my family and my friends. When I was moving in another house, they got lost on the way there. I don’t know how it happened. I was disconsolate. But don Pascual found them all, because they came back to the old house. I thank for that miracle because my old house was pretty far away.

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Doña Marta Rios had a guesthouse, and one day a musician rented one of her rooms. He played saxophone all day long, and poor lady couldn’t sleep for 6 weeks. The musician was a very nice man and payed three months ahead, so she wouldn’t want to kick him out. She thanks the Virgin of Zapopan because the musician got a job in the Morelia symphonic orchestra and now she sleeps well.

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Don Luciano Herrera was a very rich man in our town. After having widowed, he began to court me. I didn’t like him because he was much older than me. But he was stubborn and even offered some lands to my parents in exchange for marrying me. I thank Saint Raymond for I managed to go live with my aunt in the capital and I’ve never seen this dirty old man anymore.

Rosita Buendia ~ Zapopan, Jalisco

My daughters didn’t get along and were constantly fighting. But when we moved to the beach, they started to play with the dolphins. It made them very happy so they became good friends. I thank the Virgin of San Juan for this miracle.

Some martians moved in the house near us. I was scared, but then, after knowing them better, I saw that they are very nice and generous persons. Our families get along very well. I thank the Virgin for such wonderful neighbors.

When I lived in an apartment my poor cats didn’t have enough place to play and didn’t go out to get some fresh air. I thank the Virgin for I got a house with a patio. Now my beloved cats—who are my company—can lay on the sun and chase lizards.

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Every time I had to sell my bread on the street, a very angry dog jumped on me. It barked and chased me for few blocks not letting me deliver the bread to my clients. With all my faith, I asked the Lord of the Wonders for help, and few days later the owners of this dog changed the house and took the dog with them. Now I can work in peace.

Dionisio Castro ~ Puebla de los Angeles

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A monster began to appear in the Laurita Rios’ closet. She was very frightened and prayed the Virgin of the Rosary so that the monster wouldn’t come back. Thanks to the Holy Virgin the girl’s father got a better job in Guadalajara so they moved there. Laurita thanks the Virgin because there are no monsters in the capital.

My husband got a job in Veracruz, and we moved to live in a wild place full of various animals and rattlesnakes. But the worst were the monkeys. When they came down from the trees to drink water they stole laundry. I was desperate. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because my husband got another job and we moved back to the civilization.

I was losing my mind because of the noise made by the cats that came to visit the three female cats of my neighbor. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because thanks to my prayers the neighbor moved out and now I sleep well.

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