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Aunt Clara left a house in countryside to my house. When we moved there, we found out, to our fear, that every night at 11:30 p.m., a ghost was coming out of the bathroom tap. The ghost was flying around the corridors, moaning and crying. Thanks to our prayers to the Virgin of Zapopan and tho requiem masses this soul rested in peace. We sleep calmly now and can use bathroom without being afraid of the ghost coming out.

It was hard for Mariana Perez to make friends because she was very shy and didn’t socialize. Bu when her family moved to the coast she became friends with a dolphin. Now she’s very happy. She thanks Saint Francis.

I met a woman of my dreams. But every time I was at her home and tried to kiss her, her cat began to meowing like crazy. Then her grandmother came in the room with angry face. I was desperate and asked the Virgin of Guadalupe for help. The grandmother decided to go live with her other grandsons, and she took the cat with her. Now nobody interrupts me while I’m kissing my Rosita.

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When I lost my job my wife and I had to move to my mother-in-law. It was a true hell because she was very mean—she kept us as her servants and even forced me to massage her feet. I thank Saint Barbara for I finally found a job and we moved out. Now we are happy again.

Narciso Paz
Veracruz, Mexico

When we moved in another house, my daughter began to suffer from nighttime fears. She used to see threatening eyes and have nightmares. She woke up crying and screaming. We prayed her guardian angel for protection, and he chase the darkness away with his light. Now he keeps company to my daughter while she sleeps, and she has no more fears.

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Since my cousin came to live with me, she was constantly flirting with my boyfriend. She used to put her mini-skirt every time he was coming to me. I’m thanking the Virgin of San Juan for my cousin moved back to her town and my boyfriend never payed her attention. I’m feel myself calm and happy now.

Azucena Godínez
Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala

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We moved to a new place. The land was barren and fruitless. There were no plants, no flowers which I loved so much. I tried to plant something but the soil was so dry nothing was growing. But one day wonderful peacocks came out of nowhere. They had colorful plumage, and some time later a grass and an apple tree grew up on the spot where they started to live. That’s how our petrified garden became a blooming paradise. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for this amazing miracle.

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The new neighbor had an enormous and angry dog that scared my cats. I was afraid that one day it could kill one of them. I prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan, and thanks to her the neighbor didn’t last long and found a better house on the other side of the town. So my cats were saved from this beast.

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My neighbor had a giant monstrous cat. It could eat an entire chicken at once. My kitty was scared to go outside. I prayed the Virgin of Guadalupe so that she would help us in this difficult situation. Thanks to the Virgin’s miracle the neighbor moved away and took her cat with her. Now my kitty can walk outside.

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My son brought me to live with him in the city. I felt very disturbed over there, and I asked the Virgin to help me to feel at ease [...]

I married my beloved Aurelio and right after the wedding we went in his town on his horse. I loved him very much. Nevertheless, I was sad to leave my home town and my family. But then I saw my dog Canelo following us. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for this miracle because when I saw the dog I could tie my old and my new lives together for a moment.

Our new neighbor had an enormous and angry dog that scared my cats. I was afraid that one day it could kill one of them. Thanks to my prayers to Saint Anthony the neighbor found another house on the other side of the town and moved there. Finally my cats were saved from this beast. I thank the saint patron.

My husband bought a little house in a place far away from the civilization. The place was very beautiful, with a lot of wild animals. But the bad things started when it turned out that the monkeys wanted to become our friends. They became a real plague. They stole the clothes when I did my laundry, they pulled our hair, took our food, they were everywhere, and soon enough my children became to behave like the monkeys. I thank the Virgin of the Solitude because my husband got another job and we had to move to Jalapa. Here I even have a washing machine and no monkeys.