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It was very hard for me to live in the country because I felt that I was different but my family and friends didn’t understand me. I thank Saint Marta for giving me courage to go to the city and there I could develop my personality. Now I’m a successful stylist, and I’m proud of my sexual preferences.

Inocencio Pascual ~ Michoacan, Mexico

San Sebastian, I offer you this retablo, because Veronica moved to live with me. We will be thankful to you for our happiness, and now we can live without hiding our relationship.


Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City

February 14, 1987

I was so devastated by my relationship with my family and friends, I moved to Guadalajara. Since I didn’t study, I couldn’t find a job. So I went to prostitute myself, and I like this job.

Tonala, Jalisco
Jose Pichardo, 1987

I had to move to live in Europe for many years because of work, and I couldn’t return to Mexico. I thank the Virgin of the Solitude with this retablo because thanks to the classic Mexican movies which I took with me I felt closer to my roots. Especially the movie “Maria Candelaria”. It was my grandparent’s favorite and I watched it with them when I was little.

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Two handsome men moved in our building. But then we found out that they turn into horrible vampires at night and fly out of the window to sate their thirst with young girls. My boyfriend and I thank the Virgin of San Juan for we aren’t two juicy chicks.

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Every time I had to sell my bread on the street, a very angry dog jumped on me. It barked and chased me for few blocks not letting me deliver the bread to my clients. With all my faith, I asked the Holy Child of Atocha for help, and few days later the owners of this dog changed the house and took the dog with them. Now I can work in peace.

Gelasio Duarte ~ Pachuca, Hidalgo

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Thanks, Virgin, because after having walked till my friend’s feet bled he finally found a house near the central station where we two could live. In this way he saved me from the house of the narcos where I had lived for a year and he saved himself from the love he had lost in the house where he had lived with his dog before.

Thanks, Saint Sebastian, because Juan has moved to live with me.

Abel Tinoco

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Some martians moved in the house near us. I was scared, but then, after knowing them better, I saw that they are very nice and generous persons. They get along very well with our family. I thank the Virgin of San Juan for such wonderful neighbors.

Eugenia Sandoval came home and found out that her roommate was a witch. She thanks Saint James with this retablo because she found another boarding house to move in.

We live far from the town, and my little son had no kids in the neighborhood to play with. One day he told me he got a friend. I thought it was an imaginary friend, but then I saw, to my surprise and fear, that it was a big nagual whom he played with. The creature looked friendly but any way I felt scared and prayed to the Virgin asking for help. The help came when the daughter of our close neighbor Don Romo came to live with him with her three children who made friendship with my son. The nagual got scared with so many people and didn’t approach my son again. Next year my son will go to school, and he’ll have many more friends.

Daniel Huerta was bored with the life in the city and moved to the sea. He thanks Saint Peter with this retablo for he found a beautiful beach and lives by fishing alone.

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May you be blessed Virgin of Guadalupe for the miracle that Luis moved to live with me. We love each other, although his family doesn’t accept our relationship. But we aren’t afraid to be who we are.

Acapulco, Luis & Jilberto, February 14, 1985