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Saint Carolo, patroness of poor traps

Thanks, Carolo, for giving me the example, the strength and the courage of coming out to Santo Tomas spreading my wings and flying freely. I would’ve been a frustrated and sad caterpillar without your reference. Thanks for overtaking the party noises with your hoarse voice. Thanks to you, Saint Carola, patroness of the crossdressers of the people. I’m a free butterfly now.

I, Matilda
El Carmen Alley, Santo Tomas, La Pintana, August 2021

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They didn’t accept me in the village for being gay. So I decided to go to the city. But I had no money, and I didn’t know anyone there. I thank Saint Sebastian who send good people on my path. They give me food and shelter. Although I had to devote myself to prostitution for several years, thanks to that I managed to do surgery and also paid my studies. Now I lead a quiet life, I had a good job and enjoy my identity as a woman.

Saint Sebastian, I thank you because I’m alright now after that tremendous beating a client gave me when he realized that I’m not a woman. He dragged me naked out of the hotel and whacked me. In that mortal danger, I implored you begging to save my life.

Armando “La Paola”
Tlalpan, Mexico City, May 12, 2000

I’m infinitely thankful to Saint Sebastian and dedicate him this retablo for the miracle that Ray moved to live with me, and I’m on cloud nine with him. When he was thinking to go abroad, I though I’d never see him again. I implored you, because we love each other, and he decided to stay here. I will support him in everything because he understands me and I understand him. We are happy and live for each other.

Mexico City, February 14, 1968

Now I’m really happy, Saint Charbel, because after having done sex change operation I’ll be whom I always wanted to be.


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I thank Jesus because I’ve become the most popular transsexual with the most followers on YouTube.

Tina Eriksson. Oslo, 2018

I’m very happy that Roberto let me live in this apartment showing me how much he loves me, although having discovered that I’m not a woman but gay. We live very happy without hiding our relationship. I asked a lot Saint Sebastian, saint whom I’m devoted to. He understands us and I will live eternally grateful to him.

The Dove — Mexico City, 1990

Daniel C. brings this humble exvoto to Saint Bruno with his deep gratitude for nobody found out about this grave mistake he committed at his last drinking spree. He went in a motel to spend the night with a chick he met in a bar few hours before. The next morning he woke up and saw with great horror that it was a guy, and he ran out of here.

Mexicali, Baja California

Marvelous Heart, thank you because all the surgeries I went through came out very well. I’m happy and living my dream because that’s who I am and all I’m going to do is for love.

Julio / July
Condesa, Mexico City — June 20, 2015

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Saint Sebastian, I dedicate you this [retablo] because my doggies El Canelo and La Negra (Cinnamon and Blackie) saved me from being stabbed by don Pedro’s son who got drunk and found out that I’m not a woman. I’m thankful for this miracle and ask you to look after my doggies, don’t let nothing happen to them.

Mexico City, June 12, 2012

Armando gives thanks to Saint Sebastian for going well after getting his wiener cut off and now lives happily with Antonio who is the love of his life.

Polanco, Mexico City — February 14, 2001

I give thanks to Saint Sebastian for giving me the opportunity to realize my fantasy.

J.A.R. — Condesa, Mexico City, 2012

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Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you for letting me coming through this dangerous sex change surgery. Now I look like a real woman.

Pablo R. “Ivette”, Mexico City
December 12, 2009

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