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I considered myself the ladies man of the neighborhood, and I enjoyed flirting with the girls passing by the street. But the other day I was fooling around with a blond, she turned around, and, to my great surprise, I saw that she was a man. I thank Saint Sebastian because this embarrassing moment didn’t affect my reputation. I promise to be more respectful with the women.

Calixto Gallardo \ Toluca, State of Mexico

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Virgin of San Juan, I thank you for giving me the courage to come through the surgery. Now I look exactly as I feel myself inside—a complete woman.

Fernando “La Paloma”
Tacubaya, Mexico City, March 14, 2000

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One night, after leaving work I went to a bar with my colleagues and drank nonstop. There I met a stunning woman whom I invited to a hotel. I was very excited for being able to score her. I give infinite thanks to Saint Sebastian because, although I was pretty drunk, I realized—before spending a night together—that it was a man dressed like a woman. I promise to be more careful when I’m having fun.

Adrian Gutierrez \ Tijuana, Baja California

Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you for getting well through this dangerous sex-changing surgery. Although I was born as a man but always felt as a woman inside. Now I’ve became one. With my parents’ support, it doesn’t matter what people say.

Alejandro “La Jasmin”
Condesa, Mexico City
December 12, 2013

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Saint Sebastian, may you be blessed because Jesus forgave me for not saying him that I’m a transsexual. He is back, even we would never have children.

Pedro «The Charisma»
Mexico City — November 28, 1995

I dedicate this retablo in gratitude to Saint Benedict for giving me courage to decide to inject hormones. And now I have very soft skin, nice tits and very sweet voice so I could conquer all guys in Oaxaca.

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Lalo thanks the Virgin because he got tits.

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Saint Sebastian, thank you because my father finally understood and accepted my sexuality. He let me live my life and blessed me.I understand him since I’m his only son, but it’s not my fault that I was born as I am. It’s my fate and I couldn’t do anything.

Polanco, Mexico City
June 7, 1980

Marito Reyes is happy to be homosexual and thanks the Virgin.

November 21, 2012

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29-years old Karla The Indian, a transsexual show performer, thanks the Virgin.

Tepito, Mexico, 2008

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I, Roberto Pilar, thank the Souls in the Purgatory for help. I was a faggot since childhood. I loved dolls, I dressed up as a girl. But my father used to beat me for that. Later I was dating a doctor named Butcher. Thanks to the Souls, I ran away from my home and now live as a woman. I dedicate this exvoto.

Mexico City, Tlalpan
January 11, 1970

Thanks to Saint Sebastian because Pancho came back to me although we won’t have children.

Jose Luis
Paloma, Mexico City — February 22, 1960

Viva the homosexuality! Gay, male prostitute, happy. Viva Pedro Reyes! Thanks to the Virgin.

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