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I eternally thank Divine Luis Mariano, a strict hoarder from Franklin district, who every week surprises with some treasures at his place at the Pedro Lagos fair. Blessed with the gift of word, he knows what to sell and how; an absolute master of the language of the streets, a gentleman with ladies and a rabid dog with those who cross him. Thanks, Divine Luis Mariano, for selling me a voice recorder that inspired me and that I used as musical instrument to make my first disc which Luis Mariano participated in, with his voice while playing bowling.

I, Exdj, thank through this exvoto
Franklin district, Santiago, 2020

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Saint Carolo, patroness of poor traps

Thanks, Carolo, for giving me the example, the strength and the courage of coming out to Santo Tomas spreading my wings and flying freely. I would’ve been a frustrated and sad caterpillar without your reference. Thanks for overtaking the party noises with your hoarse voice. Thanks to you, Saint Carola, patroness of the crossdressers of the people. I’m a free butterfly now.

I, Matilda
El Carmen Alley, Santo Tomas, La Pintana, August 2021

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— You know Silvia, this is Zalo’s doggy, it appeared on the news.

This retablo is going to be dedicated to those two neighbors who were spending their evening smoking near the grocery store and saw my dog Rocky who had been lost for seven days when I got my seven toes amputated as an effect of diabetes. I thank CHV (Chilean Television) for recording the exact moment of the epiphany. Thanks God!

Zalo Reyes, October 2010
Conchali, Santiago, Chile

I, Elias, give thanks because I lived in depression and sin. I ended up at the cemetery where I came to visit my dead aunt Nola and uncle Naldo. That day I cried, I cut my arms, I crawled on the graves and start drinking. At that moment, I begged them to help me to quit my vices. Suddenly serpents came out of my chest. Since that day I felt relieved after 8 years of addiction. Now I’m a new person. Thanks for the favor, aunt Nolfa and uncle Naldo.

I, Elias Olea
San Bernardo, Stgo, July 2021

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I give thanks to the Supreme Patron of the electromagnetism, Saint Michael Faraday, because I, Samuel, after my second Sinovac shot, have remained with the power of magnet. Without this feature, I couldn’t bring joy to the kids who come to me with their forks and put them on my body. And the audios from WhatsApp come directly to my head.

Samuel L. Quilicura, 2021

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The fall of 2004, like every other fall, my brother and I went to the corner of the alley to pick up walnuts from don Lucho’s tree. We hit the tree with stones, and the walnuts were falling down. One day in April that year, I was looking up to see falling walnuts, and a stone hit me in the face. All my face was in blood. While I was crying, my brother and a fatso were dying laughing and clapped imitating the sound of the impact. I have this bump left by the stone till this day. I also have tattoos and a wound in my heart. I thank the life because without this scars I wouldn’t be who I am.

I, Punkychico, La Granja, Zona Sur, 2004

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The city I live in is destroyed. The people walk over the ground and burning tires. Doesn’t matter who did it, it is what we’ve got. One night I had a dream that Saint Rose hugged me while I was crying and told me: “The most beautiful barricades are on my chest, you shall be for fuel to the fire and the one who will take it, but you have to follow the message on the walls which lead you to the south.” I thank Saint Rose and Girl of Carmel for looking after the workers and the artists, neighbors, my friends from Neozona and all those who take mini-bus on your avenue.

June 2021, 27 1/2 Santa Rosa
Jayson Hernandez, Granja Sur

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I, Fabian, went to buy 2 stellas, 2 santa emilianas and a six-pack of becker. When I left the liquor shop, my bag got broken and the bottles fell down on the ground in the presence of the people. That’s how God works. I give infinite thanks to Robert Powell for this miracle. I picked up the bottles and went to tell my father about it.

Av. La Serena, Good Friday 2021

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I’d like to thank Saint Emerald who has protected me and didn’t let me die during the quarantine because I didn’t listen anyone and kept going out on the street to sell my products—I deal with an artificial butter from India. With my earnings, I went to secret parties. No neighbor reported us, no police came over, so I could always get laid with the most flexible bodies of my neighborhood and didn’t catch an AIDS. I never wore my mask because I was always confident in Saint Emerald. I kissed people during the 210th [Independence celebration] and in the subway. I didn’t wear gloves or condoms, and the empty city seemed given entirely to my solitude and hangover. Also, I’d like to thank for all the protection given me by the saints because I didn’t follow the protocol and secretly crossed sanitary cordons, and I have never—never—got COVID. I didn’t receive any paycheck, but this day Saint Emerald gave me a candy on the street.

Ultrazone, August 2020

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