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Thank you, White Girl, for hearing my prayers and not letting my tacos stand to perish. I also thank the firemen squad for helping the people and for holding on during their job.

El Pelotas

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I was very desperate when I was fired from my job. I didn’t know how to feed my family. Then I got an idea to sell tacos at night outside my house. I asked Saint Charbel for help, and thanks to his divine assistance the things are going very well. My tacos have become very famous in the neighborhood.

Jasinto Ruiz \ Mexico City

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I went to the town to sell my fruit when suddenly I was surrounded by many birds. They wanted to peck and eat the fruits. They were so many, I was afraid there would be nothing left for sale. I invoked the Virgin of Zapopan, and she came to help me. I don’t know how she scared the birds, but they immediately flew away with a lot of noise and never came back to attack my fruits which I sold afterwards at a very good price.

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My brother Eduardo Davila was working at a building construction and fell off the roof. I saw him falling and entrusted him to God to save his life, in spite of falling from up high. But he continued to fall and broke his neck and fell on the lady who was selling tacos, and she lost the use of her legs after the blow.

Gulliermo Davila, August 16, 1974

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One day my husband Jose went to the United States to work, and I never heard again from him. I open a fruit shop to support my children, and the things went good thanks to Saint Anthony. The Saint made me another miracle as well. On October 15, 1964, after three years of absence, I received a postcard from my Jose who told me that he was coming back.

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I’m infinitely grateful to the Holy Virgin of Juquila for protecting me each time I go to the town to well my birds. In this manner I support y family, and I dedicate her this humble retablo.

Zeferino Lopez, Teziutlan, Puebla

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Chavelita Robledo became a widow. In order to cover the funeral spendings, she began selling hojaldras pastries at the cemetery. The things went very well, and she thanks the Virgin of Juquila with the present retablo for such good luck.

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I’d like to thank Saint Emerald who has protected me and didn’t let me die during the quarantine because I didn’t listen anyone and kept going out on the street to sell my products—I deal with an artificial butter from India. With my earnings, I went to secret parties. No neighbor reported us, no police came over, so I could always get laid with the most flexible bodies of my neighborhood and didn’t catch an AIDS. I never wore my mask because I was always confident in Saint Emerald. I kissed people during the 210th [Independence celebration] and in the subway. I didn’t wear gloves or condoms, and the empty city seemed given entirely to my solitude and hangover. Also, I’d like to thank for all the protection given me by the saints because I didn’t follow the protocol and secretly crossed sanitary cordons, and I have never—never—got COVID. I didn’t receive any paycheck, but this day Saint Emerald gave me a candy on the street.

Ultrazone, August 2020

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Maria Sandra Villegas thanks the Virgin of Juquila with this retablo because the orange juice point she inherited from her late husband is having great success, although sometimes causes envy.

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Manuel Rincon thanks Saint Martin the Cavalryman with all his heart because he inherited his grad-father’s secret meat recipe which he could use in his small taqueria. It gave a great taste to his tacos, and the clients enjoyed it very much. He dedicates this retablo for such a miracle.

Mexico City

I wholeheartedly thank the Virgin of Juquila with the present retablo for the good sales of my clay pots and casseroles. I go to sell them at the market every weekend, and people buy them a lot.

Josefa Rodriguez, Oaxaca

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Bad thing happened with a boy Juanito Sanchez. He was working at this sandwich place and he was hit by a car that nailed him to the kiosk. Seeing that tragedy, his mom implored you, Virgin of Guadalupe, so that you’d save him from this tragedy.


I didn’t expect to inherit small corn fields after one of my distant uncle’s death. But my mother gave me an idea to sell sweet corn on the streets. I thank Saint Martin the Cavalryman because the sales are going well and I’m much better as a vendor than as a farmer.

Felipe Carrion ~ Iztapalapa, Mexico City