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On her way to Zacatlan to sell flowers, Gregoria Lopez got her rear-end bitten by her donkey. It got inflamed. Since no remedy would help her, she prayed the Child of Atocha, and it got healed. She thanks for that with this retablo. 1917.

I’m infinitely grateful to the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe for helping me every day with so many clients who buy my tamales. I didn’t have a job and by a chance found my mother’s recipe of tamales with mole, pickled peppers and sweet green sauce. And the people of the town like the taste of it.

Carmelo Lopez \ Atlixco, Puebla

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Don Casiano Perez brings this retablo to Saint Jude Thaddeus with eternal devotion because thanks to his divine help balloons sales in the town park go very well. Apart of supporting his family in this way, he also brings joy to the children.

Zacatecas, Mexico

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My daughter Evarista was very sad because her 15th birthday was coming and we lacked money to celebrate it. I entrusted myself to Saint Jude Thaddeus, and he helped me. The carnitas sales went very well, and I could organize a party with a big feast for the neighborhood. I thank for that.

Gaudencia Cruz

Rosario and Lurdes decided to go out of the town and sell tamale and atole to all coming guests during the town fair. The sales were going well. At night they bagged to pack when they saw a rider approaching them. When he came closer they saw that he had no head. In fear they prayed the Virgin of Zapopan, and thanks to her the ghost didn’t notice them and passed by without causing any harm to them.

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When my husband got very ill and I didn’t know where to find money to take him to the hospital, the Virgin of Guadalupe gave me the inspiration to cut all the flowers in my garden and go sell them at the tianguis market. I sold them all and look my Juan to the doctor, and he was cured promptly.

Raymundo Garcia used to sell tortoise eggs illegally until they put the snatch on him. Now he’s out of the prison and promises to Saint Peter to dedicate himself to legal things.

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Every time I went to sell the flowers to the town square, a very happy young man used to pass by and salute me. I liked him a lot. I dedicate this retablo to Saint Anthony because that man finally decided to ask me to court me and now we are couple—my Aurelio and I.

Remedios Pascual, Zacatecas

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June 25, 1965, Emelia Ramirez went to sell some embroidered blankets. When she cane to the patio of a big house she was immediately attacked by loads of furious geese. They tried to bite her, and, fearing that they might bite her baby, she prayed Saint Quiteria. The saint helped her to escape to the street with only two bites on her legs but none to the baby, for which she dedicates this retablo.

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I sell donuts at the Herceg Novi beach. Everybody have loved my donuts for many years. I thank the Virgin Mary because, the last year, Petar came to the beach and he loved not just my donuts but myself. Now we are happy together.

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because I’ve been able to support my kids by selling fruits. They don’t lack food and can study.

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I didn’t expect to inherit corn fields after one of my distant uncle’s death. But my mother gave me an idea to sell sweet corn on the streets. I thank the Virgin of Juquila because the sales are going well and I’m much better as a vendor than as a farmer.

Felipe Carrion
Iztapalapa, Mexico City

Socorro Aguilar dedicates this humble retablo to Saint Isidor Labourer because she’s doing well selling her flowers to the tourists who pass in Xochimilco by trajineras boats. She makes their day with beauty and colors.

Xochimilco, Mexico