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Maria Sandra Villegas thanks the Virgin of Juquila with this retablo because the orange juice point she inherited from her late husband is having great success, although sometimes causes envy.

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I bring my gratitude to the Virgin of Juquila because I sold my chili crop at the market square in Tepeaca.

Rufino Cruz

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I wholeheartedly thank the Virgin of Juquila with the present retablo for the good sales of my clay pots and casseroles. I go to sell them at the market every weekend, and people buy them a lot.

Josefa Rodriguez, Oaxaca

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On her way to the market, Carmen Sanchez received a bullet from a drunkard who sot her in the belly without any reason. Finding herself in danger of dying, she entrusted herself to Juan Deigo so that he would deliver her from death. Now she gives thanks for the received miracle.

Cuernavaca, Morelos, 1995

My Mother, I was dreaming about a man from my book for 10 days. He was dark and evil, he scared me, but he was handsome. I wanted him in my bed. A man from the market reminded me about this man, so I started to desire him. I prayed to you to help me with it, since I didn’t want to wallow in my desires. May you be blessed Mother because you sent me your love and power to overcome this desire.

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I thank the Virgin of San Juan for the miracle of having a good harvest and that I was able to buy donkeys to carry my goods to the market. I dedicate this retablo in gratitude.

Juvencio Mendez P. — Chiconcuac, Mexico, 1937

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Adela Gutierrez was selling her goods at the market when a nasty old lady kidnapped her baby. Señora thanks the Holy Child of Atocha because people helped her to apprehend the kidnapper and return the baby.

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Our family had financial problems but the Virgin of the Solitude inspired me to sell the flowers from my garden at the market. Now I’m happy because I cover our expenses by growing and selling flowers which I enjoy greatly.

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Rodrigo Menendez was selling bananas at the market, and one day one of his customers was bitten by a viper that jumped out of the fruits. He thanks Saint Francis of Assisi for this snake turned out to be non-venomous because the health control was going to throw him in jail.

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The morning of May 25 1964, I went to the market to buy meat and sausages. On my way back I was attacked by dogs. They grabbed my meat and started to eat it. I was afraid I’d be fired from my job as a cook if I came back without meat. I prayed the Holy Virgin, and she scared the dogs away. I picked up the meat, although it was slightly bitten, and cooked it marvelously at home.

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When my husband got very ill and I didn’t know where to find money to take him to the hospital, the Virgin of Guadalupe gave me the inspiration to cut all the flowers in my garden and go sell them at the tianguis market. I sold them all and look my Juan to the doctor, and he was cured promptly.

I went to work to the capital to earn some money to support my little children. It was hard to stay away from them, and the city life was very difficult. With all my heart, I thank the Virgin of the Solitude with this retablo because I came back to my home town and opened a fruit and vegetable stand. The things are going well, and I can support my family.

Abundia Zapata — Chignahuapan, Puebla

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Señora Malena hit her head at the market. When she gained her consciousness she found out all the inhabitants turned into skeletons. <…> She thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for <…> everything was back to normal.