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The Gonzalez brothers were attacked in their own butcher shop but they were able to defend themselves, with Saint Jude’s help. They bring the present retablo for that, giving thanks and testifying about this great favor.

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I am thankful to the Blessed Genius who invented Bunnings. These Australian hardware stores have become de facto quee clubs for DIY queers, especially lesbians, to meet each other. On any given weekend the inner Melbourne Bunnings are teeming with cute bitches & masc sorts ogling the power tools, & handsome types lining up for their Bunnings sausages (not a euphemism). It really is homo heaven.

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I thank the Blessed souls for having heard me when I asked for help I needed when I opened my grocery shop. Now the business is growing, and thanks for delivering me from haters.

Sr. Martin Caporal
August 10, 1970, San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

I think the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe because I remembered to buy oil while at the groceries’ cashier. Because otherwise I would’ve returned home, and would’ve seen that I didn’t have oil, and I would’ve had to go out again.

October 23, 1988

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Moises Vargas thanks Saint Martin the Cavalryman with this retablo because his cowboy clothes shop has a great success and even Vicente Fernandez himself has bought from him.

The girl Patricia gives thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe because don Pepe the butcher managed to save her from dying when, leaving the butcher shop, she was attacked by a rabid dog. Here she thanks for the favor received.

October 25, 1985

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Young man B. L. used to get excited by touching the feet of the lady clients of the shoe shop where he worked. His bosses noticed it and fired him. He thanks Saint James with the present retablo because he has overcome this obsession with professional help.

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I thank Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker for helping me to go to the “Globus” store without being caught by the police.

Lesnikov Dima, Korolyov, Moscow region

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Señora Nayeli thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for her husband Daniel didn’t lose his arm when he cut himself with the knife while working in the butcher shop. She brings this retablo in gratitude.

October 17, 1985
Tacubaya, Mexico City

The company I worked for many years got rid of me because of my age. I didn’t know how to occupy myself or how to support myself since I wasn’t married. Then I had an idea to use my savings to open a sex shop. I thank Saint Martin the Cavalryman for my shop had a great success. I don’t care what the people say or think—it’s an honest job.

Josefina Castillo — Puebla, Mexico

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Super butcher shop “The happy piglet”
Home delivery

I testimony of my gratitude I dedicate this retablo to Saint Martin the Cavalryman thanking him for the good clients of my butcher shop. The people praise me for the quality of my meat, and I can provide good quality of living for my family.

Fortino Islas \ Puebla

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The Tapia bothers, Aquilino and Sabino, wholeheartedly thank Saint Martin the Cavalryman for opening their own bakery. For many years they worked as bakers and dreamt to open their own shop one day. With the saint’s divine help, after many years of hard work, they made their dream come true, for which they humbly thank with this simple retablo.

Toluca, State of Mexico

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The night of May 30, 1949, some guys robbed don Carmelo Medina’s shop taking advantage of his wife being alone. The robbers took all the money they’d earned last month and also grabbed some bottles with expensive liquor. Thanks to the Holy Virgin, the gendarme Natividad was having a meal in the tavern of Lupita who has big eyes and very delicious tacos. He caught the bad guys because they didn’t notice him standing in the shadows. Don Carmelo thanks the Virgin of San Juan.

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