Saint Nicholas of Bari

San Nicolas

Luisa Ramos was modeling for an adult magazine, climbing on a tree. But the branch broke off, and she fell down. She thanks Saint Nicholas for she only broke her arm and will be back to her usual activities soon.

I dedicate this exvoto to Saint Nicholas of Bari for the 65th anniversary of the movie “Creature from the Black Lagoon”. This masterpiece changed the way I was thinking about the cinema, with its beautiful landscapes, excellent performance and marvelous underwater cinematography.

Raul Tapia, Mexico

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Thank you for the miracle performed June 17, 1979. You St. Nicholas dislodged the bacon I was choking on before my father could perform an emergency tracheotomy with his pen.

October 1921

Luis Chavez found himself in bed with an internal illness. Seeing him deadly suffering, his wife and mother implored Saint Nicholas of Bari, and he sent him relief.


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I dedicate this retablo to Saint Nicholas because we bought a property just before the quarantine began. When there is nowhere to go we kept us sane breaking our backs every weekend in our beloved “quarantine garden”.

Napa Valley, California, 2020

Boy Arnulfo Fernandez fell into a pit full of snakes. His mother thanks Saint Nicholas for nothing bad happened.

Tehuacan, 1945

With this retablo, I thank Saint Nicholas and the Russian ambassador in Nepal because at the end the evacuation flight was free of charge and I saved 400 euros.

Aidar Bekchintaev

I dedicate this retablo to Saint Nicholas of Bari for the talent that the actor Bruce Davidson has. When I was a child I saw the movie “Willard”. As a result, I have a deadly fear of rats. I hope Bruce doesn’t suffer from the same fear after having shot this horrifying but marvelous movie.

Cesar Lopez — Mexico City

I thank Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker for helping me to go to the “Globus” store without being caught by the police.

Lesnikov Dima, Korolyov, Moscow region

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I love dancing Argentinian tango and practiced very hard for a tango competition. At the same time I have a stage fright during competitions. I thank Saint Nicholas with this retablo that I had a very talented tang partner to practice for a few months, my tango skills improved and the competition got canceled.

San Francisco, 2020

Antonio and Angelica were fucking in the river when a crocodile attacked them. They implored Saint Nicholas of Bari whom they thank, with this retablo, for saving their lives, although Antonio lost a big toe.

I had very bad luck in love and didn’t have a girl. One day I was looking through my grandfather’s things and I found his lotion “Siete Machos”. I remembered my grandfather telling me how it worked for him since he had a great success with women. I applied the lotion, but to my bad luck it only attracted old ladies and women over 40. I thank Saint Nicholas of Bari because the effect of the lotion finally has gone away. Otherwise, they didn’t even let me walk on the street.

Jorge Estrada ~ Villahermosa, Tabasco

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The girl Maruja Perez was afraid of spiders. She entrusted herself to Saint Nicholas and overcame this fear. Now when she founds a spider in her room she has no fear. She’s infinitely grateful for that.