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Federico Guzman brings this retablo to Saint Peter in order to thank him for winning the surfing competition.

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I thank Saint Michael the Archangel with the present retablo for I won the prize and the first place at the town rodeo when I tamed a very angry bull that was famous for throwing everyone who tried to ride him.

Felipe Castillo ~ Tamazula, Durango

I dedicate this retablo to Saint Peter because he helped me to win the fight with a sailfish which cost me a lot of work and for which I received a big reward.

Nabor Rodruguez ~ Colima

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The national soccer team thanks the Holy Child Football player with all their hearts because he has heard their prayers and they won a ticket to the world championship. They were at the point of watching it on tv at home but at the end they got through by the skin of their teeth. Now they are very happy to go there.

Mexico, 2013

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With this humble exvoto I ask the Holy Child Football player so that everything would go well for our national team at the world championship in Russia. So that we wouldn’t end up with penalties, and Ochoa would take everything, and Chicharito wouldn’t fail us, and they wouldn’t penalize us—like in case with Robben when there was no foul—and so we would stay at least till the fifth game to bring some joy to our very devastated Mexico.

Cuahutémoc Márquez \ México

The boys Juan and Pedro Ramirez thank Saint Maroun for having won the high diving championship in pairs.

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I wholeheartedly thank Saint James the Apostle because after having tried on several occasions before I finally won the first place at the national championship of bass fishing. For such a miracle, I humbly dedicate this retablo.

Guillermo Carrasco
Tamaulipas, Mexico

I thank the Holy Child Doctor of the Sick for granting me with health so I could back to boxing. A Canadian boxer knocked me down very strongly and I was told I wouldn’t be able to box ever again. And then we met at the ring once again, only this time I won the championship. I dedicate the present ex-voto with all my heart.

Juan “The Falcon” Mendez
Toluca, 1977

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Ramiro Castillo participated in the last regional duck hunting competition. From the bottom of his heart, he thanks Saint Patrick with this humble retablo because thanks to his excellent skills and his experience with a riffle he took the first place. He promises to come back the next year and defend his championship.

Tlaxcala, Mexico

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Day before his fight, Ruperto Rivero got sick with a diarrhea. Since no remedy could help him, he implored the Virgin of Guadalupe. Ruperto recovered and won the fight. He thanks for that.

Mexico, 1948

The wrestlers Emperor Dragon and Blue Wizzard dedicate this humble retablo to the Virgin of Zapopan for winning the wrestling couples championship that belonged to the pair of tough wrestlers Diabolic Jr. and Black Scorpion Jr. It was a very important fight of their careers.

Zapopan, Jalisco

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The girl Bernarda Carrion brings this retablo thanking Saint John Bosco a lot for granting her the favor of winning the 100-meter freestyle competition.

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I was participating in a powerlifting competition, and, trying to hard, I farted during my attempt. I made myself a laughing stock before the judges. From the bottom of my heart, I thank the Holy Child of Atocha because despite this incident I took the second place. With the money I won, I could help my parents to open their shop.

Rufino Valdez, Yucatan