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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for giving me tenacity and spirit to win the national championship by taking over the great Caveman in three falls matches at the Arena Coliseo in beautiful Guadalajara.

I give thanks, Lightning from Jalisco, 1959

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for her benevolent grace so that I was crowned as the heavyweight champion winning over the great Tinieblas (Darkness) at the tournament.

Canek, Mayan Prince, 1982

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December 18, 1972, in Monterrey, I was fighting for the national championship. After two falls, I was feeling I couldn’t do it. But my faith in the Holy Heart gave me strength to win over my opponent. I wholeheartedly thank with this retablo.

Blue Demon, 1973

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I thank the Virgin of San Juan for helping me to get the international championship in the United States, in front of a big audience. I lifted high the name of Mexico and won all my rivals who fought bravely but at the end I was the indisputable winner. I testify that.

Mil Mascaras, 1975

I felt my strength giving out and my body weakening in a tough fight for the title against the Demon of Tampico. I immediately implored Saint Martin de Porres to help me, and I recovered to beat my opponent, and I won the championship. I give thanks.

Lightning from Jalisco, 1969

Thank you, Virgin of San Juan, for my son Kid Terranovo won the national boxing championship.

His parents
Mexico City, January 7, 1972

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I thank the Virgin from Tepeyac for giving me peace and pride of accepting my defeat from the great El Santo and came off in one piece to try to recover the championship belt. I testify my eternal gratitude.

Rodolfo Galindo the Caveman, 1957

El Santo thanks the Virgin for the miracle of winning the wrestling championship.

April 21, 1968

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The Diamantes brothers thank Saint John Bosco for letting them to win the couple championship. Now they start to earn big money and strike terror into their rivals.

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Historical Sunday it was for the wrestling. Thanks to his jumps the wrestler Holy Mask won over the Little Phantom and became the first ever champion among little people according to the World Wrestling Committee. The audience at the Arena Mexico was roaring which isn’t easy to achieve. March 10, 1992. I thank Saint Jude Thaddeus.


Marcelo “El Torito” Dominguez thanks Saint Charbel for having won the boxing championship in light heavyweight. The saint has been giving him his divine help since the beginning of his career in the Tepito neighborhood. He brings this humble retablo for that.

Mexico City

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I wholeheartedly thank Saint James the Apostle because after having tried on several occasions before I finally won the first place at the national championship of bass fishing. For such a miracle, I humbly dedicate this retablo.

Guillermo Carrasco
Tamaulipas, Mexico

I thank the Holy Child Doctor of the Sick for granting me with health so I could back to boxing. A Canadian boxer knocked me down very strongly and I was told I wouldn’t be able to box ever again. And then we met at the ring once again, only this time I won the championship. I dedicate the present ex-voto with all my heart.

Juan “The Falcon” Mendez
Toluca, 1977

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