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April 21, Blue Demon won the wrestling championship title in a fight. Thanks, Holy Virgin.


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Since it’s February, I wholeheartedly thank the Virgin of Gaudalupe for giving me the opportunity to enjoy and be entertained by the most beautiful sport in the world. I dedicate this retablo to the greatest figures in the wrestling—El Santo, Blue Demon, Mil Mascaras.

Ruben Mica, Mexico City, 2019

I thank the Holy Heart of Jesus for giving me tenacity and strength to win over my opponent in the fight for the national title. Also, I thank for letting me and Broncas come out safe from the fight to go on with the most beautiful sport.

Blue Demon, Toreo, 1977

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Thanks, Virgin of Guadalupe, for we are the greatest wrestling idols.

Santo and Blue Demon

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I recur to the magic art of a shaman to get luck in my fights.

Blue Demon, 1975

Thank you, Virgin, for saving me from a stroke because of the wrestling.

Blue Demon, 11 Dec. 1970

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Thank you, Holy Virgin of Guadalupe, because my left ankle that I injured in Tijuana got healed.

Blue Demon

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I wholeheartedly thank because my prayers were heard by the Virgin of Guadalupe and I met my idol the great Blue Demon. I give my faith.

Arena Coliseo
June 4, 1982, Juan

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December 18, 1972, in Monterrey, I was fighting for the national championship. After two falls, I was feeling I couldn’t do it. But my faith in the Holy Heart gave me strength to win over my opponent. I wholeheartedly thank with this retablo.

Blue Demon, 1973

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April 27, 1956, in Colonia Doctores, the new Arena Mexico, considered the Cathedral of lucha libre wrestling, was inaugurated. Among the stars were El Santo and El Medico Asesino (Medic Killer) who were the most notable wrestlers in the TV reports. Together they won over the Blue Demon and Rolando Vera. It was the first time I went to the wrestling.

Delfino Hernandez

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Juanito Corona dedicates this retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe because El Santo won over Blue Demon at the Arena Mexico. Beside that, El Santo pared for my legs surgery for which I eternally thankful.

Juanito from Tijuana

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Since my childhood I loved the wrestling. My idols were El Santo, Blue Demon, Mil Mascaras. I dreamed that the I grow up I become a professional wrestler. I thank Saint Jude Thaddeus with this humble retablo because now, with many efforts and dedication, I’ve become a professional fighter. My idols will always be my source of inspiration.


Jasinto Ramirez, a wrestling fan to the bone, brings this retablo to Saint Pancras thanking him because he met in person El Santo and Blue Demon at the Constantino cinema’s arena in Puebla.


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